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Xiao Yu Liang

Xiao Yu Liang (Actor)
Other Name: 肖宇梁, Xiao Yu Liang, Rainco, D-Space

Nationality: Han, Chinese
January 23, 1995
  Actor and singer
Tianshui, Gansu, China
62 kg
Star sign: 
Chinese zodiac:
Talent Agency:
Linghe Culture
Minzu University of China (Department of Dance)
Official website:
Music group:

TV Drama Series:

  • Yin Yuan Da Ren Qing Liu Bu (2021) as Xu Yunchuan
  • When We Meet (2021) as Ma Zixuan
  • Ultimate Note (2020) as Zhang Qiling
  • Anti Fraud League (2019) as Mi Ruo
  • Smile Time (2019) as Qi Tai
  • Tomb of the Sea (2018) as Zhang Qiling

Xiao Yuliang was born in a family of martial arts. He took a martial arts class in elementary school. His father taught him many martial arts moves since he was a child. Later, he was sent to learn dance by his parents, and the piano sound of Dingdong and the rhythm of 1234 surrounded him during his youth. After growing up, Xiao Yuliang was admitted to the Dance Academy of Minzu University of China. During his college years, he often participated in various performances at the school. After graduating from graduate school, he decided to go as an actor, so he joined Liu Tianchi’s performance workshop, and he also set foot on it. The Road to Performing Arts.

On January 12, 2016, Xiao Yuliang joined the boy group ZERO-G and made his official debut. In 2017, his first personal TV series ” Fighter of the Destiny ” was broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV. In 2018, the modern adventure-themed TV series ” Sand Sea ” was broadcast on Tencent Video. In 2019, the suspenseful comedy ” Anti- Fraud World” starring Xiao Yuliang was broadcast on Tencent Video. In 2020, starred in the urban romantic drama “The Other You in the World “.

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