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The Tradition of Quick Crossing Wants to Kill God

The Tradition of Quick Crossing Wants to Kill God
Other names: 快穿之统子要弑神
Author: Fujitsu Acridine
Genre:  Modern Romance, Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing
Roles: Lu Yu, Zhang Gupu


1v1 Double Power
Yue Siyan was cursed by God…
God made it a ruler!
It is the most ferocious and “hungry” big beast from heaven to earth! Cub!
It was vicious, “hungry” and groaned. It looked at the blue sky with full fragrance, beautiful and delicious food. I don’t know what evil it wants to swallow the sky!
Just as it bit the corner of the sky, God suddenly opened his eyes and glanced at it.
It swallowed the sky with a fright…
“Hehe… I just want to grind my teeth, do you believe it, accidents… are all misunderstandings…”
God’s anger, God’s punishment, God’s fall
Did it kill the gods? !
God: When can I catch my wife!


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