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Fei Niu has room: I was selling lo-mei in ancient times

Fei Niu has room: I was selling lo-mei in ancient times
Other names: 肥妞有空间:我在古代卖卤味
Author: Temporary Mark
Genre: Novel, Ancient, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Lin Yiyi was about to retire a second ago. The villas are all bought. The last task is to copy the legendary piece of jade pendant. Hey, how can this jade pendant shine? It’s over. Daoguang sucked it in! Alas, Lin Yi looked at the fat girl reflected on the water, so depressed, my villa, my money, and my good figure! Lin Yi pinched his fleshy belly one by one, even if the fat could be reduced, the money could be earned, and the villa could be built. Hey, the handsome guy in front of you, you look like my grandfather, don’t go, I heard that he is a pig slayer. I’m going to sell lo mei

Role: Yun Shuyao, Li’s

Chapter Lists:

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