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Group pet cub belly black father

Group pet cub belly black father
Other names: 团宠崽崽腹黑爹
Author: Summer
Genre: Novel, Modern Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


In a paternity test, the father of the child in Chu Mingyue’s stomach became an anonymous person, and finally, he was chased by wealthy ladies! In order to raise children and seek a living, she gave birth to three children, but one of them was snatched away! Chu Mingyue’s life has gone from ordinary to the bloody road. In order to avoid the conspiracy of the scumbag, she entered the wrong room and finally saw a young man who looked exactly like her son! Chu Mingyue is holding the child and preparing to escape, but the man casts a net to chase marriage! “Woman, you are self-inflicted, it’s time to get married!”


Chapter 1 Child Father
Chapter 2 Proposal
Chapter 3 Hide from me?
Chapter 4 Strange Dialogue
Chapter 5 Finding Identity
Chapter 6 The True Colors of a Scumbag
Chapter 7 Looks Too Like
Chapter 8 Children
Chapter 9 Meeting with Parents

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