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Rebirth Demon Phoenix A Exploding Sky

Rebirth Demon Phoenix A Exploding Sky
Other names: 重生妖凰A炸天
Author: Tianbian Xiaoxiaobai Type: Ancient Romance
Genre: Novel, Ancient, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


She was born as an emperor from Jiuzhou, and she was born with a god-like bone, but her sister-in-law was crippled and pushed into Mingyuan to die; once reborn, she became a Feng family fool who was mercilessly tortured and thrown away by her distant cousin. Returning to Jiuzhou, whoever dares to block her path of revenge, she will meet the gods to kill the gods, and the demons and demons! But she never expected that the man who once stood on the peak of Jiuzhou was willing to abandon everything for her, and kept Mingyuan for many years, just to meet her again…Hall members: Your honor, the lady is sharpening the knife and intends to slaughter The Red Flame Beast came back to stew the soup and drink… A certain God of War: Go and tie the Red Flame Beast, and don’t hurt my little Huang’er. Hall members: Your honor, the lady pulled out the thunder beast…

Chapter Lists:

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