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Huo Ye, your sweet wife reborn is so hard to provoke

Huo Ye, your sweet wife reborn is so hard to provoke
Other names: 霍爷,你家重生甜妻超难惹
Author: Mao Ning
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Before rebirth, Ning Ran sprinkled blood on the wedding scene. After rebirth, she used to be a rumored ignorant little elder sister, she repeatedly slapped everyone in the ridiculous face. Bad grades, forced to drop out? Oh, it turned out to be directly admitted by a well-known international fashion design school. No talent, stuffy stuff? Oh, medical skills, martial arts, racing… only you can’t think of, nothing Ning Ran can’t do. Humph, what’s so great, there will be so many, not an old woman that nobody wants? Uncle Huo, a gentle scumbag, gently curled his lips and smiled, “My wife has been soft-tempered since she was a child, don’t bully her, but I will retaliate.

Chapter Lists:

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