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What is Pseudonym?

賈琮 or 가종

The year of birth and death unknown , a figure of a generous horse. Sleeping dog.

In donggun flexible person is nominated to XIAOLIAN was hyeonryeong of gyeonghyeon is the 184 years the teachings when the cause of the garrison revolt in its part appointed the teachings of its eotneunde water because insurgent arriving at offices, both reaping tax He said that he became a thief because he had too many things to live on. When the family heard this, they informed the people and made their living easier, calling the scattered people to restore them from misery, and when the people were at peace with this, they sang praises to him.

The song’s content is as follows:

As the father and father came late, we were the first to rebel, but now that we see a clean and peaceful sight, we will not dare fall in love again.

While serving as the governor for three years, he rose to the top sexually in 13 neighboring provinces and became a courtier. So, when we reduced our company’s 2,000-seok green poles and selected honest and competent officials, he became a host. In the old rite, we had to bring a cart and put on a red veil to greet us at the border of the state. I have to listen and see what is right and what is wrong, but how can you put a veil to block me?” and ordered those who stood in the way to lift the veil.

People were looking at him, honor the presence of hidden provisional inclined managed in the past they were wrong with the argument itself abandoned government office, only zero field of in situ and waited for the provisional inclined without abandoning the government office only with the hwangchwi gwanjin site. After that, people followed Gajong, and when Yeongje died , General Hajin raised a vote and appointed Gajong as Doryo general, but he died while in office.

Name: Free times (黎維禬)
Myoho: Huyeo provisional inclined (後黎嘉宗)
Shiho: Tube subtle mastery and hwiyu Extremely poisonous mean Emperor (寬明敏達因果徽柔克仁篤義美皇帝)
Reign: 1672 to 1675 (20th emperor)

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