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Is the Mo Xie Sword, the go-getter really forged with human blood

Five of China’s top ten famous swords were cast by Master Ou Yezi, who was called “the father of sword casting” by later generations. Therefore, there is a famous saying that “getting ten good swords is not as good as getting one Ouye” (“The Spring and Autumn Period of Lu.”).

The five famous swords are Zhan Lu, Chunjun, Yuchang, Longyuan Gongbu, and Gan Jiang Moye. So what these five famous swords have in common is that Ou Yezi used human blood to process them.

The ancients believed that the spirit of human beings flows in the blood, which is the purest and noblest part of human beings, and it is also a manifestation that can best represent human beings.

Therefore, Ou Yezi is no exception to the original method of forging swords with blood, which can add aura to the sword and make it sharper and smoother. In addition, the sword itself is used to kill, so feeding the sword with blood can add to the viciousness of the sword.

However, Ou Yezi’s move led to the development of a more advanced alchemy process by mistake. In fact, the principle is very simple, that is, the human body will produce a large amount of carbon when exposed to high temperature, and carbon can just improve the hardness of the metal. And flexibility, in ancient times, this has been the pinnacle of a craft. But it is not really possible to use the flesh and blood of famous people or the blood of close relatives to achieve this process. Filling the furnace with livestock such as pigs, horses, cattle and sheep can achieve the same effect.

It seems that Ou Yezi became famous not only because of his superb alchemy skills, but also because of his accidental discovery of techniques that could improve metal craftsmanship.

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