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Why did the ancient woman’s private meeting lover bring a pillow

In ancient times, there were many stories of women with status and status who met their lovers privately. Among them, the more famous ones were Princess Gaoyang and Bianji, and they were finally discovered because Princess Gaoyang’s pillow was discovered in Bianji. led to the final death of the debate machine. And when it comes to pillows, it seems that in many stories, women will bring their own pillows when they meet their lovers privately. What is the meaning of this? Why bring such a big “token”?

The first is the scene where Cui Yingying meets Zhang Sheng at night in The Story of the West Chamber. At that time, Cui Yingying was carrying a pillow called “Mandarin Duck Pillow”, and when it was dark, she had Hongniang Zhangdeng accompany her to Zhang Sheng’s residence in the west wing. There is also a song lyric: “Mandarin duck pillow, emerald quilt, embarrassed to wear it and refuse to lift its head, bow shoes with narrow crested head, cloud temples hanging gold hairpins.”

The author then concludes that similar ancient novels and poems always appear in similar ancient novels and poems. In such a description, a woman and her lover have an affair, and they have to bring their own pillows. Even the descriptions of ladies and even royal princesses bringing their own pillows when they have an affair with their lover are often seen in historical materials.

In addition, there are Cao Zhi and Zhen Shi. The author wrote that Cao Zhi wrote poems in seven steps, which can be said to be unparalleled in the world, but he and his sister-in-law, Zhen Shi, love each other, and they like each other. However, the Zhen family is his elder brother Cao Pi’s concubine. This kind of relationship is both unethical and unreasonable, and it is also hindered by the power of Emperor Wei Wen, so the two never dared to cross the thunderous pool. As a result, Zhen Shi fell ill with lovesickness, died of depression, and turned into the god of Luoshui after his death. We can’t depend on each other in life, and we have to meet after death, so these two passionate men and women meet in a dream. Bright eyes are kind, Ling Bo takes a small step, Luo socks are dusty, like flying.

After the two had a lingering joy, Zhen Shi left the “Delicate Pillow” that he brought to Cao Zhi. When there was no one, Cao Zhi took out the jade-engraved gold belt pillow and stroked it. When he saw the pillow, it was like seeing a person. The delicate embroidery of the mandarin ducks was Zhen Shi’s painstaking work! It is the most romantic story in ancient love history. The historical novel “Golden Belt and Jade Pillow” by Hong Kong writer Dong Qianli tells this story.

There is also Gao Yang and the debate machine. The author believes that the most unlucky one is the monk Xuanzang Gaotu Bianji, who had an affair with Princess Gaoyang of the Tang Dynasty. Gao Yang was the most favored daughter of Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty. She married the son of Fang Xuanling, the prime minister of the current dynasty, and the wife of Sanqi Chang Shifang. The debate machine fell in love with each other for 8 years and gave birth to a son and a daughter. During their interaction, Gao Yang gave the debate machine numerous tokens of love, including a “Golden Golden Pillow” for the royal family. After they had an affair, they never thought that the pillow was stolen by an unknown thief, and was later caught by the government when the stolen goods were sold.

It was this divine pillow that made Gao Yang and Bian Ji’s incoherent love come to light in the world. Bian Ji was betrayed under the big willow tree in the West Market and executed by beheading.

This god pillow brought a fatal disaster to the debate machine. All the relics of Bianji were collected by Xuanzang in the special monk’s room of Daci’en Temple, so that his soul could continue to participate in the translation work. The monks who are monks in the same school say that when the moon and stars are few, they often hear the cry of the defense machine. But I don’t know, is he regretting his unparalleled love affair with Gao Yang, or is he regretting the unfinished scriptures to be translated?

A small pillow, the interpretation of countless romantic anecdotes, can not help but be filled with emotion. The author also analyzes why this situation occurs? There may be the following main reasons.

First of all, the mandarin duck pillow may be a practical thing for men and women in ancient times to have fun. It can be seen from Confucius’s “bend the humerus and pillow” that the ancients generally did not sleep without a pillow. However, in some special circumstances, such as when making love, when the two sides lie on their sides or lie on their backs, they find that they will be more comfortable with each other and be more happy and satisfied if they take a stone or wood to rest their heads on their heads. . So the pillow has become a tool for happiness, and even the pillow is equated with happiness.

So people sleep with pillows when they’re not having sex. Over time, sleeping with a pillow has become a habit, and even a newborn baby should be given a pillow; if he is not given a pillow, he will not be happy and seems to be abused. It can be seen that pillows are essential for cheaters, such as Zhang Sheng and Cui Yingying.

It may also be the fragrance of the body on the exquisite pillow, and the romance of ancient romantic talents and beauties. If the ancients were accustomed to sleeping with their pillows on their backs, they would have left their own body fragrance on them. Handkerchiefs sent by both parties will be discovered when they are used in public; underwear is too obscene in feudal society. And pillows are more private when used in the room, and it is the most romantic thing in the world to use the pillow on the head every day and smell the body fragrance every night? For example, Cao Zhi and Zhen Shi.

Or the golden treasure pillow is given to the child prodigy, and the ancient woman presents the love token of Ruyi Langjun. Because of their deep love, ancient women would give their beloved objects to Ruyi Langjun as a token of love. However, this visible token of love can sometimes bring unexpected disasters to the cheating men and women, and even kill them. Therefore, the Spring and Autumn Period on the Pillow records not only you and me, Qingqing and me, but also grievances and bloody killings. Such as Gao Yang and the debate machine.

Fourth, whether it is easy to have a good dream on the pillow of the mandarin duck, or leave a fragrance on the pillow and leave a testimony of love, but one thing is certain, that is, in ancient times, men and women must have hibiscus tents, mandarin duck pillows, peach blossoms, etc. And other essential supplies, and pillows are the most portable among them.

The examples of the three ancient celebrities mentioned above are true, and the analysis of the following four points is also very good. But in my opinion, ancient women cheating with their own pillows is only a partial phenomenon, not a general rule. First, we have not seen many similar records in ancient books, unofficial histories and literary and artistic works; second, is it not a burden to bring a pillow when going for an affair? Is there no pillow in the lover’s room? Is it necessary to give a lover a gift? Sending pillows? Based on the above, ancient women did not have to bring their own pillows for cheating.

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