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Bathing “King Sejong”

South Korean workers use high-pressure water to clean a bronze statue of King Sejong, the 15th-century Korean monarch (1419-50), during a major cleaning in Seoul to Received spring on April 18, 2016.

King Sejong has been called the “Great” for his success in making cultural advancements for the kingdom. and is regarded as the developer of the “Hangul” character in the Korean language that is still used today. And the development of this easy-to-understand font system has encouraged Koreans to be more literate.

He was also another Joseon monarch who heavily used his power to reduce the monarchy role of Buddhist monasteries. In 1424, he reduced the Buddhist sect from seven to two, and also ordered a limit on the number of temples and monks. the monks under his rule as well.

The elimination of his Buddhist influence was in favor of Confucian reform. until making Confucius become the norm of society At the same time, he is a Buddhist trying to balance the two schools of thought. and promote the practice of Buddhism in a context that does not interfere with the power of the kingdom.

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