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The villain I raised is also very good today

The villain I raised is also very good today
Other names: 我养的反派今天也很乖
Author: Fairy Ben Fairy
Genre: Novel, Modern Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


The interstellar problem girl Bai Su was extremely guilty, and because of its research value, scientists worked hard to save her. But I don’t want to be stuffed into the holographic game world doing the task of “redeeming the villain”. When Bai Su knew that he was about to come into contact with some villains: darkening, sick, paranoid, and all sick villains, he walked 10,000 horses in his heart. Whoever has been like these brutal little villains will become so well-behaved, every world haunts her, saying to be her little cutie. Bai Su: “I can go to your little cutie, and get cured!” Villain: “You are my medicine, the medicine ran away, how to cure it?”

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Sister, I’ll Live for You
Chapter 2 Hidden Tasks, Why Can’t You Go to Heaven?
Chapter 3 I’m Your Person
Chapter 4 Saved the Villain
Chapter 5 What’s wrong with my face
Chapter 6 How about Killing Him?
Chapter 7 You NPC
Chapter 8 Who is the fool!
Chapter 9 Am I illiterate?
Chapter 10 Who is the Ugly Monster?

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