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Jade Bone Yao and Adapted Series

“Jade Bone Distance” is adapted from the prequel “Zhu Yan” of Cang Yue’s fantasy novel “Mirror” series .

“Zhu Yan” is a prequel to the “Mirror” series. It is divided into “Zhu Yan·Shang” and “Zhu Yan·Xia”, which tells the emotional entanglement between Jiuyi Mountain’s great priest Shiying and the princess Zhu Yan of the Chi clan, and two people Under the fate of the Kongsang Dynasty, the fate of the Kongsang dynasty is going to be known and not admitting fate. It is also one of the few warmths that Sumo had when he was a child.

“Ju Yan” is a prequel to the “Mirror” series, which tells the emotional entanglement between Shiying, the great priest of Jiuyi Mountain, the Prince of the Kongsang Dynasty and the princess of the Chi Clan. The destiny of the Kongsang dynasty changed along with their destiny, including the little shark who changed the fate of the entire Kongsang after Zhu Yan adopted Sumo. Under the tactics, personal emotions and destiny are controlled, then the person who changed his fate against the sky will suffer unimaginable suffering.

Zhu Yan
The princess of the Chi clan, the only daughter of the Chi King, and Shiying’s apprentice. She has a kind and headstrong personality, a typical desert woman. His first love was Shi Ying, the man who was Yuren, but after being told by Da Si’s command, he found that he liked Master Shi Ying. He personally killed Master Shiying, and then resurrected him with the Star Soul Blood Oath. Because of the threat of the life of his family, Shiying left Shiying and accepted Bai Fenglin’s engagement. Emperor Xingzun bestowed “Hou Tu” on her, and finally married Shi Ying to become the regent’s wife. After his death, he was buried with Shiying in the Valley of the Kings. Bai Ying’s mother is a direct descendant of her and Shiying. Because she was asked by Yuji to take care of Somo, she treated Somo sincerely, and kept thinking about Somo’s whereabouts, until he died.

Time shadow
The great priest of Jiuyi Mountain, Prince Kongsang. Father Beimian Emperor Yuan Jun, mother Bai Yan Queen, Normal University Si Ming Yuan Jue, and his disciple/wife Zhu Yan. Resolute, high-minded, calm and decisive. She has never been loved and valued by her father. When she was a child, she was sent to Jiuyishan to practice because of Da Siming’s prophecy “you can’t see any woman before the age of eighteen”, but she saw that Zhu Yan did not kill her. I love Zhu Yan deeply, and I fell in love with Zhu Yan from the first sight. When Zhu Yan was thirteen years old, Zhu Yan was sent down to Jiuyi Mountain, and he gave Zhu Yan the betrothal gift of Kongsang emperors to marry the queen-jade bone. Later, he personally killed Yuren Zhiyuan, leading to a battle between the master and apprentice, and he was voluntarily killed by Zhu Yan.

After being resurrected by Zhu Yan with star soul blood, he took off his robes and returned to the court to become the crown prince. Later, because of Zhu Yan, he gave up the position of emperor and became the regent. Weapon jade slip.

The little sharks who have the blood of the Sea Emperor are alert, cold, suspicious, and full of hostility and distrust towards everything. Mother Yu Ji swallowed a pearl that emerged from the bottom of the sea and had him. Hidden in his abdomen is his younger brother Suno, who has not been completely swallowed in the mother’s womb; there are dark spots on his back, and whenever he encounters the ancient jade of dragon blood given to Zhu Yan by Yuan, he will get hot. He has deep feelings for Zhu Yan and calls him “elder sister”.

When the Restoration Army took him back to Biluohai, he still wanted to find Zhu Yan. The three elders of the National Restoration Army set up an illusion in order to make him forget Zhu Yan, and finally left Yecheng sadly.

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