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Human Face and Animal Heart

Human Face and Animal Heart
Other names: 人面兽心
Author: Emile Zola
Genre: Masterpieces
Release: 2020
Status: Ongoing


La.Bête.humaine, also known as “A Beast in a Crest”, was published in 1890 and made into a movie in 1938.

“Human Face and Beast Heart” is a more narrative and readable volume in the “Lugon-Makar Family” series, which is similar to detective novels or public case works. The purpose of Zola writing this novel is to prove his point: “Everything comes from impulse, love and money. From love to jealousy.” Zola wants to use genetics to explain the homicide phenomenon in the book. reason.

This novel reflects the psychological disorders caused by the rapid development of science and technology. After the publication of “Human Face and Beast Heart”, the critics have different opinions. Some people say that this is an epic of ancient times, while others say that it is a portrayal of real life. The story of “Human Face and Beast Heart” has twists and turns. After its publication, it was very popular among readers. Five thousand five thousand copies were printed that year. By 1972, the total number of prints had reached 6680 million copies…

Emile Zola (1840-1902), a famous French naturalist novelist and theorist, and founder of the naturalistic literary school leader. An important French critical realist writer in the second half of the 19th century, whose naturalistic literary theory was regarded as an integral part of the 19th century critical realist literary heritage.

From 28 to 54 years old, Zola worked diligently for 26 years and finally finished his masterpiece “The Natural History and Social History of the Lugon-Maca Family”, including 20 novels and more than 1,000 characters, among which are famous There are “Small Hotel”, “Sprout”, “Nana”, “Money” and so on.

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