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Contract sweet wife: mistakenly provoked high-priced husband

Contract sweet wife: mistakenly provoked high-priced husband
Other names: 契约甜妻:误惹天价老公
Author: Wen Shi
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Qiao Xiao is a bad life, her stepmother is vicious, her father doesn’t care, and her stepsister bullies her everywhere. At the end of the road, he said to her: “Marry me, I will support you!” Whoever dares to move her will bully her back ten times a hundred times! It is rumored that Gu Shaoting, the president of the Empire, is cold-hearted and unkind. Qiao Xiao said: It’s all fake! After marriage, he became a loyal dog husband, nicknamed “Doting Wife”, but in fact, he became braver and braver. Five years ago, she accidentally provoke him. Five years later, he approached strongly: “I have received all the certificates, and still want to pretend not to know?”


1. Three hundred yuan, you are worth the price!
2. The vicious stepmother
3. The coming-of-age gift from her father
4. The man at the top of the pyramid
5. Qiao’s daughter
6. Poor little quail
7. Fancy her
8. This money is credited to my account
9. Hilltop villas gathered by the rich and powerful
10. Are you seduce me?
11. Stay away from this man
12. Humiliation at the reception
13. Stunning the audience
14. Gu Shaoting’s Pillow
15. Miss Qiao, still need to go out to work?
16. Qiao Yan’s calculations
17. Don’t play tricks with me
18. Mr. Gu, when I beg you, okay?
19. Joe’s baby
20. She is pregnant?
21. That’s how you want to keep your distance from me?
22. Marry into a wealthy family
23. Grand birthday party
24. Qiao Xiao, just feel wronged
25. She is the babysitter of our Qiao family
26. I only listen to my women, are you?
27. She is the illegitimate daughter of the Qiao family
28. The reality of the adult world
29. Qiao Xiao, follow me
30. Novice designer
31. Don’t deceive others too much
32. I heard that I am your boyfriend?
33. The President’s Woman
34. Make people fascinated
35. Strong kiss in the hallway
36. Qiao Xiao, are you hiding from me?
37. His Heart
38. President’s Little Follower
39. Who moved you?
40. A Seamless Game
41. It’s not your turn to intervene in my business
42. If I really want to protect, what will I do?
43. How do you want to repay me?
44. Making wedding dresses for others
45. Fuck up on golden thighs
46. ​​Breathtaking beauty
47. Are you taking elective courses here in the evening?
48. Are you still afraid of people running away?
49. Mother’s Whereabouts
50. The Secret of Stepmother Hu Jing
51. The President is here
52. Provoke
53. Not seeing for a few days, thinking like crazy
54. Hidden underground clubhouse
55. Difficult Lord
56. The little woman in the arms of the president
57. Helped you, just want to escape?
58. Tonight, follow me
59. Accidental overnight stay
60. Don’t try to challenge my endurance
61. Egoshi’s Entanglement
62. As always, he fell in love with her at first sight
63. Why, still show me the same affection?
64. No talent, can only fight face
65. So handsome man
66. Qiao Xiao, come here
67. Broken the peach blossoms around me, I look an eye-catching
68. Man Like a Devil
69. Tearing Step Sister White Lotus
70. Gu Shaoting, wait for me
71. Lend me some money, okay?
72. Qiao Xiao, take the initiative to come up
73. Take that kind of photo for her
74. His arms are strong and domineering
75. I want your explanation
76. He really mad at her this time
77. I love you, not your money
78. Qiao Xiao, you brought this to your door.
79. Qiao Xiao, I will be responsible for you
80. Did you do something to Qiao Yan?
81. Being led by Gu Shaoting to meet the parents
82. It was an old friend
83. Want to take her to the hotel?
84. Qiao Xiao, do you look down on me?
85. I will kill you myself
86. I can’t afford to provoke him
87. Hooking up with people again?
88. Drive out of the house
89. Just so confident
90. Blame you for being too vicious
91. Do you like Gu Shaoting?
92. Chaoqin Muchu’s Big Tail Wolf
93. Gu Shaoting asked her to kneel back and beg him
94. Offend Gu Shaoting
95. Push her to give away
96. There is only one lonely courage left
97. The Rules of Accompanying Wine
98. Breaking People’s Hearts
99. Qiao Xiao, is this your attitude towards asking for help?
100. The child stays and we get married
101. Tools for childbirth
102. Who do you say is a wild man?
103. What a man likes
104. Call a Husband
105. There is a woman beside him?
106. Nameless Marriage
107. Stay away from my woman
108. Do your duty as Mrs. Gu Jiashao
109. It turns out that the person he loves in his heart is her
110. Blame me for being naive
111. It’s Gu Shaoting’s Face
112. How much affection does he have for her?
113. Sorry, this is my husband
114. The calculation is on my head
115. Mrs. Gu Shao who has never been put on the table
116. Give 50 million if you say it, without blinking your eyes
117. Really affectionate
118. Qiao Xiao, explain
119. I was touched by you
120. I want you to stay with me forever
121. I come to feed you
122. Don’t test a man’s endurance
123. Does it hurt?
124. My husband is a backer
125. Take good personal care
126. Who told you that I like her?
127. Give my mother back to me
128. Do you want me to feed you?
129. What point is worthy of Mrs. Gu Shao’s position
130. Gu Family’s Rich and Abandoned Wife
131. Uninfluenced bitterness
132. Drill into Gu Shaoting’s body
133. Being kicked out of Gu’s house
134. She wants them to pay for it!
135. Today, she is dazzling red
136. When the lovers meet, they are extremely jealous!
137. Don’t get involved with this kind of woman
138. The Man Who Drives Her Crazy
139. Greedy and Hot
140. The protagonist storm on the show
141. President Gu’s dinner invitation
142. Qiao Xiao, it’s really you!
143. Qiao Xiao, let’s retell the past
144. Broken her great marriage
145. A familiar little lover
146. Dipped in peach blossoms
147. Never forget about her
148. The best revenge, the most beautiful bloom
149. Flowers bloom on the Mosque and return slowly
150. Don’t make me angry, you know the consequences
151. Miss Qiao’s definition of a friend
152. Unexpected Visitors
153. Sorrowed
154. Furious Pet
155. Gorgeous Temptation
156. Don’t mention the past to me!
157. Wife Chasing Crematorium
158. I can’t find North by her playing
159. Are you trying to help her?
160. The person he wants is you
161. His Property
162. Does Mr. Gu still miss his ex-wife?
163. Are you complaining about me?
164. Little Wild Cat
165. Only interested in you
166. I hurt you if I hurt you
167. Look at how cute you are now
168. I want you to take me away!
169. All are difficult masters
170. Why, Cheng Sanshao intends for adult beauty?
171. Just buy a pleasure
172. This is the wedding dress? !
173. Flirting in front of me
174. Is she pregnant?
175. Do you regret marrying me?
176. This is your willingness!
177. Ever wanted to pretend to marry you
178. Give me a chance, let’s start again
179. The Hidden Little Wolf Dog
180. Cheng Yihan’s Tenderness
181. Try to please him
182. Why, don’t you like it?
183. Did you go to Gu Shaoting?
184. Will you still have feelings for him when I am?
185. President Gu’s powerful aura
186. Mr. Gu and Miss Qiao
187. Marry me, really feel so wronged?
188. Hear the sound of heartache
189. I regret it, Qiao Xiao
190. Whose handwriting is this?
191. That’s how you want to get rid of me?
192. The inside story of the breakup five years ago
193. Follow me, I will take you back
194. You provoke me and want to run?
195. Little liar, let you go this time
196. I didn’t say anything, who would dare to move you?
197. Want to be here, engrave my name
198. Behave badly
199. Blame me for loving you too much
200. If you mess up again, believe it or not, I’ll go straight…
201. Gu Shaoting and Cheng Yihan’s head-on confrontation
202. Qiao Xiao, you are mine
203. I am happy to pet a woman, can you control it?
204. Do you know why Gu Shaoting looks down on you?
205. The Lin Family Cousin’s Secret
206. Secret Buried in Time
207. Miss Qiao, the president is looking for you
208. Qiao Xiao, let’s get married again
209. Isn’t he my old lover?
210. I come to take my woman back
211. The President is here!
212. Knock the waist for her
213. Love you to death
214. Don’t say, are you jealous?
215. Cheng Yihan, don’t move him!
216. I want you to stay with me forever
217. Devil’s Contract
218. Qiao Xiao, are you playing with me?
219. Didn’t Mr. Gu take the bait?
220. Marry me
221. I really want to imprison you
222. After having fun, come back as soon as possible
223. Golden House Cangjiao
224. His favor
225. After the game, we get married
226. Are you really willing to marry?
227. Gu Shaoting, you rascal! ! !
228. Do you give it or not?
229. Since it is so fun, I will try it with you next time?
230. He Can’t Move Me
231. Keep the child
232. Like a pug
233. Dare to play like this
234. X’s appearance
235. Trapped in Cheng Yihan’s arms
236. Qiao Xiao, I’m serious
237. I do love you madly in love
238. Hold her down
239. He is not a simple character
240. Gu Shaoting’s Secret
241. What kind of relationship is they unexpectedly? !
242. Called a girl, and let her go and watch? !
243. I Don’t Bully You
244. Turn the two men around
245. Gu Shaoting, do you really love me?
246. Now, I will tell you the truth!
247. The truth that has been covered in dust for many years is finally revealed
248. Good or bad
249. This is your attitude towards asking for help?
250. The White Lotus Relying on a Man
251. It’s over! It’s all over!
252. What qualifications do you have to say this sentence?
253. Who gives you the courage to move my people?
254. Don’t you think it’s too late to say this?
255. It seems that I want to marry!
256. This… clearly has ulterior motives!
257. Gu Shaoting, you did it on purpose!
258. I look forward to seeing the moment you win the championship
259. Is she there with you?
260. My little baby doesn’t welcome me back?
261. Qiao Xiao, are you rejecting me?
262. Tell Gu Shaoting, Qiao Xiao I want it!
263. Gu Shaoting, I hope you will not regret it in the future!
264. See where you want to go?
265. It is impossible for that child to survive!
266. Do you dare to move Cheng Yihan’s person?
267. Gu Shaoting is here? !
268. It seems that the Cheng family really intends to turn the sky over?
269. I’ll Take You Home
270. Be the Most Beautiful Bride
271. The true face of Lin’s cousin
272. Going to a feast in the world
273. The child’s miscarriage is not an accident at all
274. Gu Shaoting’s Promise
275. Hiring
276. You give me stay here obediently
277. Gu always puts the woman on the tip of his heart
278. Do you think I will let her go?
279. Is that person an enemy or a friend?
280. Qiao Xiao, are you retaliating against me?
281. Completely planted in your hands
282. Qiao Xiao, help!
283. Cheng Yihan’s Gift
284. Can’t you see it? I’m proposing to you
285. The Most Poisonous Woman’s Heart
286. The abyss is staring at you
287. Why, afraid that I would eat you?
288. Proposal gift, do you like it?
289. I never like to give people opportunities
290. Playing with Men’s Skills
291. The relationship between you is very close
292. Tolerant and restrained possessiveness
293. Waiting for Gu Shaoting to receive the goods
294. You are worth so much money
295. He doesn’t want to live, just dead
296. Ten minutes, send people over
297. I just don’t want those people to dirty your hands
298. I Support You
299. Anxious to stay and fly with him?
300. Learned from Gu Shaoting
301. Are you going to be hooked?
302. Unexpected attention
303. If I let you go, who will let me go again?
304. When the eyeballs are in love
305. Now play denial directly with me?
306. Get a certificate and get married!
307. Cheng Yihan’s Weak Underbelly
308. Want to talk
309. Qiao Xiao’s Counterattack
310. Gu Shaoting, a beast in clothing! ! !
311. The truth about Cheng Yihan’s loss of control
312. Gu Shaoting’s Beat
313. Mysterious Wound
314. You say something friend to try?
315. What trick do you want to play?
316. Is it worth his infatuation with you?
317. The Unattainable Him
318. Why, look at the old lover so you can’t look away?
319. What Qiao Xiao said is what I meant
320. Being famous is not as good as meeting
321. Jiang Yue’s home court
322. I’m willing to marry him
323. Don’t even give Shao Jiang the face?
324. Can’t eat her yet? !
325. Is she still complaining about me?
326. I gave you a gift, do you like it?
327. Where in life does not meet
328. Stimulus
329. As long as that person…regardless of the last name Gu!
330. La Cheng Yihan dismounts
331. Where did you recruit you?
332. Playing so crazy?
333. The Happy Field of Huadu Feast
334. Bewitching
335. Are you happy to watch?
336. The whole world holding him
337. But the old people’s heart is changeable
338. Go to President Gu to solve it
339. Countless pursuers around
340. Did Gu Shaoting love me five years ago?
341. Gu Shaoting has you in his heart
342. Meeting Cheng Yihan Again
343. The Charm Unstoppable Cheng Sanshao
344. Fearing the Palace by Pregnancy
345. Now, can you let me go?
346. Pick off the stars in the sky and give them to her
347. Self-directed and self-acted a good show
348. Gu Shaoting, why are you here?
349. Qiao Xiao, I’ll Be With You
350. From now on, you can only rely on me to protect you
351. I heard that you are missing a male companion to the banquet?
352. Three Men’s Movies
353. Yesterday’s Sins, Today’s Entanglement
354. My woman, still need to look at other people’s faces?
355. The Changing Night City
356. Love a person, but you can’t help yourself
357. The man behind the scenes is him!
358. The mysterious man in the airport
359. The Rumored Master Fu
360. Encountered True Love
361. He can’t marry you, I will marry you!
362. The Young Master Will Hurry Back Tomorrow
363. The mysterious wound on Qiao Yan’s body
364. For him, I am willing to die
365. Cheng Aoxue’s Revenge
366. Qiao Xiao, do you believe me?
367. Who is lying?
368. Eat You
369. Blame me for loving you too much
370. Love token
371. The man came back to find her
372. The Man on Ferrari
373. That’s the attitude toward me?
374. Qiao Xiao’s biological father
375. The game is in the game
376. Entanglement
377. Are you not modest at all?
378. President Gu dedicated to digging holes for his wife
379. Okay, I’ll let you fly
380. What does it mean to not offend me?
381. Night City Bar
382. If someone runs away, I will chop you off!
383. Red High Heels
384. Change this day into a color
385. In the Wind and Clouds, the Tiger and Wolf Battle
386. Has he ever loved her?
387. I hope you can save his life!
388. Sudden First Kiss
389. He dares to touch you, I will kill him!
390. Qiao Xiao, I don’t owe you anymore
391. Kill all
392. Spoiling you too much, making you lose your sense?
393. Love in the bones
394. Break free
395. Could it be that you are also stunned?
396. She is Cheng Yihan’s Person
397. Want me to spare his life, is he worthy?
398. Dare to run?
399. The Love That Takes Forever
400. Since you want to play, just play it real
401. Then I will meet him personally
402. Qiao Xiao, marry me
403. It is your blessing that he can see you!
404. Cheng Yihan, are you satisfied?
405. Obediently wait for me here
406. The company’s future boss, Qiao Xiao
407. Fill in the numbers on the check by yourself
408. Killed that woman
409. I just want you to stay with me forever
410. Only you, know all my secrets
411. Angels Landing on Earth
412. Miss Qiao, please
413. Splashing Riches
414. Cheng Yihan’s Wedding of the Century
415. Will you marry me?
416. Gu Shaoting, are you calculating me?
417. I’m here to pick you up, my bride
418. Five years ago, why did you leave me?
419. Let’s Divorce
420. Behind the scenes boss who disappeared out of thin air
421. The secret behind the necklace
422. I don’t care who you marry, only Qiao Xiao can’t!
423. If you want to marry her, wait for me to die!
424. She is the wife I believe
425. Gu family’s goddaughter
426. Cultivate the relationship between husband and wife in advance
427. Night City Investigation Trip
428. Fly away
429. The Rumored Fu Sichen
430. After the past years, it should be a good day and a beautiful scenery.
431. The Master is Back
432. Happy Friends
433. The Secret of the Fu Family
434. Fu Liang Controversy
435. Don’t blame the Fu family for being merciless!
436. Three days later, I will come to the night city to pick you up
437. One million, buy you a dinner
438. He doesn’t know what happened between me and Cheng Yihan?
439. Qiao Xiao, what is your weakness?
440. Life and death are only a few minutes away
441. Can’t wait, want to see you
442. Shaoting, spare her life
443. Qiao Xiao, are you afraid of me?
444. When will you lead President Gu away?
445. Just go straight up
446. Dazzled by beauty
447. Not Qin Runze, but Fu Sichen
448. Is he actually a traitor to the Fu family? !
449. You and I have no destiny, all depend on me to support
450. Bullying Laozi but not knowing the goods?
451. Waking iron households?
452. Kneel down, kowtow to admit mistakes
453. Are you worthy?
454. Who made the move?
455. Like a parent leading a child
456. Don’t worry, the soundproofing of the room is very good
457. My Xiaoxiao, is this trying to keep me?
458. Xiao Xiao, wait for me to come back
459. Let your husband give me a salary increase.
460. A little tempted
461. His Excessive Concern
462. It’s a pity not to debut
463. I’m used to it, do you have an opinion?
464. Dare to think of other men?
465. Qiao Xiao, what on earth are you plotting?
466. Who do you want to poison to death?
467. You are not qualified to question her!
468. He came for you
469. Are you afraid that you have forgotten Cheng Yihan a long time ago?
470. Did he not want her anymore?
471. Sorrowful Love
472. Ye Shenzhi, who is yours?
473. The illegitimate son of the Jingcheng Ye family
474. Gu Shaoting’s Woman
475. Who gave you the courage?
476. Fu Sichen, why are you doing this to me?
477. Fu Sichen, called Aunt!
478. He is married
479. Ye Family’s Palm Pearl
480. Eighty million, smile for Miss Qiao Xiao
481. Why, I scared you?
482. Little Junior Sister, Long Time No See
483. Ye Manluo’s Fiance
484. Miss Qiao is really fascinating
485. Mr. Gu is here!
486. Shaoting has always been generous
487. Do you dare to come to me?
488. I almost miss you!
489. Who is that woman?
490. We broke up
491. Dear, I only care about you
492. Did Cheng Yihan give the 80 million necklace?
493. Cheng Yihan knows how to cherish you better than Gu Shaoting
494. If you don’t break up, do you keep it for the New Year?
495. Don’t you hurry up?
496. Why are you still hiding here?
497. You know, the one I love the most is you
498. Made a special trip to hook up a man?
499. You are too cruel
500. I’m not so stingy
501. Lord’s place, are you also free to enter?
502. I finally found you, my little baby
503. Qiao Xiao, don’t force me to do it!
504. Qiao Xiao, you are really a disaster
505. Test whose sincerity
506. Does Miss Qiao like me?
507. Can Ye Shao see her?
508. Are you planning to get back together with Gu Shaoting?
509. The Secret of Ye Manzhi
510. Use this threat, I will be even more unable to resist
511. Qiao Xiao, I really want to die on you
512. Qiao Xiao’s Exclusive Driver
513. Why don’t you follow Cheng Yihan?
514. Goodbye Ye Shenzhi
515. Fu Sichen, come and drink with me
516. Qiao Xiao, who else do you want to harm?
517. The Nightmare Before the Dust
518. He said that God’s will is so
519. Xiao Xiao, I will take good care of you
520. Gu Shaoting, did you come to see me making a joke too?
521. Do you look down on me?
522. How can you talk to her like this?
523. Ye Family’s Shocking Secret
524. The lord of Jiangcheng is Gu Shaoting!
525. Check for Qiao Xiao
526. Drink less if the amount of alcohol is not good
527. Qiao Xiao, I forgot
528. Congratulations to you for a hundred years
529. Is there enough trouble?
530. What is the relationship? The relationship between brother-in-law and sister-in-law
531. The call is really affectionate
532. Don’t pester me
533. It turns out that she is Ye Qingyao.
534. Qiao Xiao, how are you thinking about it?
535. Qiao Xiao, are you the ghost behind your back?
536. A gift specially prepared for you, do you like it?
537. Are you really unhappy at all?
538. The Greatest Favor He Gives
539. Experience the joy of being a man
540. No idea to touch you at all
541. Qiao Xiao, what are you expecting?
542. Qiao Xiao, are you mocking me?
543. Qiao Xiao, you only belong to me
544. Try lying to me
545. Mysterious Underground Casino
546. Who has the courage to investigate him?
547. The person I like is you, do you know?
548. Go to the hospital for a full-body examination
549. Are you happy to see her every day?
550. Admire your demeanor
551. Do you think she flew on a branch and turned into a phoenix?
552. Will you let her go?
553. How true is it?
554. Remember, I am your man
555. Gu Shaoting, you are shameless!
556. You are my favorite man
557. I’m not interested in that kind of place
558. President Gu likes you
559. Want you to agree with your body
560. Unexpectedly to provoke her
561. Ye Zhennan, the old fox
562. Money can make ghosts push away
563. Qiao Xiao, how brave are you?
564. Next time, dare you?
565. Men’s play
566. Why don’t you run away now?
567. Kneel down and apologize!
568. Where there is light, there will be shadows
569. Like an extreme enjoyment
570. Will he be willing to let you go?
571. If you don’t love me, don’t provoke me
572. Gu Shaoting, have you changed your mind?
573. I tell you, I want to provoke
574. I adore your face when you were young
575. Why don’t you go to the capital to snatch people back?
576. Are you pregnant with Gu Shaoting’s child?
577. There was a car accident
578. The year I met you, I was crazy
579. From Heaven to Hell
580. The Flying Peach Blossom
581. She can’t hold it anymore
582. Sister Su is gone
583. Qiao Xiao, I have been waiting for you for a long time
584. Nothing to congratulate
585. Help me get out of here
586. Just waiting for me to go?
587. You are not qualified to bargain with me
588. Cheng Yihan, you are taking advantage of the fire!
589. Qiao Sheng’s whereabouts
590. Asking You for Remuneration
591. Cheng Yihan, can you let me go?
592. Women’s Heart Is Too Soft
593. I will help you realize all your dreams
594. I am tall or not, does it matter?
595. Be gentle, I hurt
596. Do you feed me?
597. The Sky and Earth Nets of the Night City
598. I accompany you to go with you
599. Gu Shaoting, I’m not going anymore
600. Gu Shaoting and Cheng Yihan’s head-on confrontation
601. Want to use him to take the lead?
602. Can’t wait to be so impatient?
603. Behind the scenes owner of No.1 Mansion
604. This time is heartbeat
605. Do you like her?
606. Qiao Xiao’s patron is Gu Shaoting
607. Get off the bus and get married!
608. His Abs
609. In the evening, I want to accompany my wife
610. Does it look good? Not as good as you
611. Cheng Aoxue Returning Suddenly
612. Gu Shaoting and I are already married
613. Is my Mrs. Gu jealous?
614. No need to be jealous
615. It’s good to be jealous, I like it
616. What do you say I can do?
617. What qualifications do you have to order me?
618. Wish to let her die
619. Let Gu Shaoting help her get justice
620. Boy, you are the joy of youth
621. Coincidence in Design Week
622. Does Mrs. Gu like to stare at men so much?
623. When will you divorce?
624. Fall in love with someone you shouldn’t love
625. A glimpse of the original shock
626. Red House’s Top Card
627. Don’t be shameless
628. Three Young Masters, I’m Wrong
629. People are really moved to death.
630. Do you think we can really cancel each other out?
631. Sorry, I hurt you
632. He Has Other Women
633. Looking for her to accompany the wine?
634. As long as Miss Qiao offers me three glasses of wine
635. Tell me, do you love him?
636. If something happens to her, we divorce
637. Is Cheng Yihan injured?
638. Does he have a way to survive?
639. Toast or not eat fine wine?
640. He Knows Ye Yalian’s Whereabouts
641. Ye Yalian’s Secret
642. What if I have to have general knowledge with him?
643. Don’t think I will never forget you
644. I want to see Cheng Yihan
645. Qiao Xiao, do you want me to let him go?
646. She is pregnant? !
647. Did he imprison her?
648. How is your relationship with the three young masters?
649. Are you willing to marry him?
650. The president is back!
651. Ending: I fell into hell, and I want to drag you down

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