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Super Pointer

Super Pointer
Other names: 超级控锋, Super Control Forward
Author: Love to eat the faint smile of salt and pepper crisp chicken nuggets
Genre: Sports
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing
Role: Mitrovic


Introduction: “In NBA history, there are only two people capable of playing five positions, that is, Irvin Johnson and Wei Zhiming.” “No, there is one other person who can play six positions!” “Who?” “Artest… …” Please recommend and support from friends passing by, thanks.

The 60th overall pick in the second round of the 2015 NBA Draft. A basketball player from Serbia, Luka Mitlovic was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers. Let us welcome this guy with warm applause…”

At the Barclays Center, Wei Zhiming opened his mouth. He looked at Luka Mitlovic with indescribable envy.

“Even if it is the last one in the second round, it is much better than losing.” As expected, Wei Zhiming was still uncomfortable. He is very eager to stand here, the sanctuary on the top of basketball.

With frustration, with loneliness, Wei Zhi

Chapter Lists:

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