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Vivendi History Information

The origin of Vivendi SA (Formerly Vivendi Universal SA)

Vivendi SA (formerly Vivendi Universal SA) is Euronext: VIV, Industry Mass media, a French multinational media group. Doing business about television, CINEMA, digital music, video games, music activities, movies, telecommunications, tickets and video hosting services. Founded in 1853, about 163 years ago. The headquarters is located at Paris, France The current personnel of the company are Arnaud de Puyfontaine (CEO), Stéphane Roussel (COO), Hervé Philippe (CFO).

Vivendi is a company that focuses on digital entertainment. Owns a French TV channel and film producer, Canal + Group, and Universal Music Group of Universal Music Group. Television and Movies: Canal + Group. Canal + Group is a leading pay-TV company in France. It is also an international distributor of film and television with StudioCanal. In November 2013, Vivendi became the largest French company owner in France. Video Games: Ubisoft & Gameloft

Vivendi (who previously owned Blizzard after Blizzard Activision) found new gaming locations has started investing in Ubisoft and Gameloft. Ubisoft and Gameloft’s siblings, Yves Guillemot and Michel Guillemot, respectively, see investment as an effort to Friendly occupation and are raising funds from within the family and from Canadian investors to oversee the company.

As of 8 June 2016, Vivendi has bought shares in Gameloft in the news since September 11. In 2016, Yves Guillemot expects to buy another 3.5% of Ubisoft’s shares to increase its 12.5% ​​stake in an attempt to suspend Vivendi’s ownership.Eve tried to charge other shareholders to prevent the sale of Vivendi’s shares. Village of Vivendi

Vivendi is comprised of a small group of digital-based companies and live entertainment. Vivendi Ticketing consists of the airline ticketing business in England and the United States, as well as the Digitick Group in France. Both businesses specialize in ticket distribution and distribution for entertainment, sports, and live cultural events, in addition to providing an operating platform for self-service ticketing. The process of selling Vivendi tickets is over 40 million every year.

This business is also an internal provider to other Vivendi businesses, especially the Universal Music Group that sells tickets and on behalf of artists. The MyBestPro group advises experts in the field. Various (Wengo, RDVmedicaux, Juritravail, Bordas, Devispresto)

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