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Chinese New Year Day Meaning

1. Chinese New Year (simplified Chinese: 春节; Traditional Chinese: 春節; Pinyin: Chūnjíe Chunjie) is the most important Chinese traditional holiday in China, also known as “Spring Festival” because the spring according to the Chinese calendar begins with Lee Chun Which is the first day of the solar calendar of the Chinese calendar year The day is also the end of the winter. Which is similar to Western festivals This festival begins on the 1st day of the 1st month (Chinese characters: 正月, Pinyin: Zhēngyuè) in the ancient Chinese calendar and ends on the 15th with the Lantern Festival. The night before Chinese New Year is the day in which Chinese families gather relatives for dinner every year, which is called Quasi (Chinese characters: 除夕, Pinyin: Chúxī) or “the shifting night” because the Chinese calendar is lunar solar. Chinese New Year is often called “Lunar New Year”

Chinese New Year is the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese calendar. The origins of the Chinese New Year have centuries of history and are important because of many legends and traditions. Chinese New Year is celebrated in many countries and territories where Chinese people live, such as mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, as well as in other Chinese communities. Chinese New Year is regarded as an important holiday for Chinese people and has influenced the celebration of the Lunar New Year celebrations of neighboring countries. Which includes Korea (Solon), Bhutan and Vietnam.

In China, local customs and traditions regarding the Chinese New Year are very diverse. People will pour their money to buy gifts. Decorations, food and clothing materials There is also a tradition that Every family will clean the house thoroughly. To sweep away bad luck with the hope of opening the way for good luck The windows and doors are decorated with red wrapping paper and are paired with the themes “lucky”, “happiness”, “wealth” and “long life” that are popular. The night before chinese new year Dinner is a feast with the family. The food will include pork, duck, chicken and sweet delicacies. The family will end the night with firecrackers. The next morning Children will greet their parents by blessing them for good health and happy New Year. And received a red packet That Chinese New Year tradition for reconciliation Forget sincerely and desire for peace and happiness for everyone. Although the ancient Chinese calendar does not use consecutive years of numbers outside of China, the Chinese year is usually counted since the reign of the Yellow Emperor. But since it has been determined that at least three years is the number 1 used by scholars today, it makes the year 2012 to be “Chinese Year” 4710, 4709 or 4649.

2. The Chinese festival marking the start of the new year, beginning on the second new moon after the winter solstice and ending on the full moon fifteen days later. It is marked by visits to family and friends, special meals, fireworks, and gift giving.

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