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7 chic Christmas tree decoration ideas 2021 that are easy to find on Aliexpress

We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Who is looking for ideas to decorate the Christmas tree this year? We have Christmas tree decorations from Aliexpress for you to shop for Christmas tree decorations this festive season.

1. RGB Christmas decorations

Grown-up.. you can choose any color Christmas tree. Tired of the green Christmas tree!! Christmas decoration ideas The first one opens with an RGB Christmas tree decoration style. Let’s adjust the twinkling light according to the mobile application. It has all colors to choose from to mix with each other. Which color do you want? Choose any tone, there are over 16 million colors!!! let us adjust the light Can adjust any song Whether it’s a Christmas song, a love song or a dance song, all of them can turn on. Let’s just say that Christmas is as you wish, I’m sure many people will like it.

Starting price: 8.54 USD

2. Pink Christmas tree decoration

The next Christmas tree decoration idea is to suggest styling it in pink. Let’s do it with a sparkling pink Christmas tree. Decorate it in the middle of the house, in the middle of the room. No matter how many times I turn to look at it, I have to exclaim, “Oh my, this is amazing. ” There is only one decorated Christmas tree and it is enough to eat. Definitely like pink lovers. and will make it more full, then find a doll to arrange Focusing on covering pink, red, white, and light brown tones, I guarantee that this Christmas will be sweeter than ever with a style that is pink.

Starting price: 10.05 USD

3. Decorate the Christmas tree, luxurious and sparkling.

I don’t want to buy more Christmas trees! Appease people who have an original green Christmas tree at home? With the idea of ​​decorating a green Christmas tree wrapped with a ribbon of LED lights. Awesome like a wedding ribbon bow. Create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Safe with low voltage, only 4.5 volts, no matter how long you open it, you don’t have to be afraid of being hot. It will be used to decorating the living room, decorate the garden, decorate in the office hall area, it looks neat, elegant, looks expensive.

Starting price: 4.10 USD

4. Decorate the Christmas tree so that every area has only us.

The Christmas tree is decorated to let you know who’s house it is. With a pendant frame to put your impressions all year round. Frame it and hang it on the Christmas tree. I guarantee that it’s different and unique. There are many frames to choose from, including the bright red frame. cute round santa claus photo frame A small bell-shaped frame followed by a circle frame like a Christmas tree decoration ball. and leaf frames are also available. This item is very suitable for DIY people.

Starting price: 1.85 USD

5. Decorate your Christmas tree with a love letter.

Ideas for decorating a Christmas tree like someone who loves but doesn’t show it. I don’t let you know. Then choose a Santa letter item to decorate the tree and write a tiny little card that tells the heart of our beloved family. Or would you like to thank anyone in particular? Addressing the envelope to that person, I assure you that this year’s Christmas heart will surely swell with love for the whole house.

Starting price: 2.44 USD

6. Decorate the Christmas tree with flowers.

A Celebration with full of happiness and smiles. Love flowers. Love flowers. Want a Christmas in full bloom. Suggest a style to start with There are flowers with glitter to choose from, red, silver, gold, blue, pink. The flower size is 13 cm in diameter, durable, can be used for many years, this year, any year, buy it and keep it well, it can be used for a long time.

Starting price: 0.97 USD

7. Dress up the Christmas tree with an angel.

Let’s add some fun. With tiny handmade Christmas Angels dolls, Christmas tree ornaments add a touch of cuteness to the Xmas Tree. Hang handmade Christmas dolls for Holiday Holiday Party Decor. There are 22 designs to choose from. All of them are cute. Dressed up for Tamutami’s house!!! Or to buy as gifts to friends, siblings or anyone in reach

Starting price: 2.53 USD’s.

Completed 7 Christmas Ideas Ready to decorate your home with a festive season of happiness, right?

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