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Which countries that can we buy Citizenship?

Many people may be thinking that Can we really buy citizenship? … Yes, “nationality” in some countries we can buy. In international law there is no restriction that humans must hold only one nationality. But we can choose to change or have more than one nationality In each country, there are different procedures for applying for citizenship And one of them is Nationality payment methods. In this case, means investing the money in that country in the amount that is specified Until being able to request to buy citizenship However, the conditions for obtaining citizenship in each country will be different, for example, in some countries that do not grant citizenship directly We only provide permanent residency which we can live, buy a house and buy land for life. But still not having the same rights as citizens of that country, such as unable to vote in an election etc.

  • Austria – Europe – Nationality price: 25,729,100.23 United States Dollar
  • United Kingdom – Europe – Nationality price: 2,576,212.86 United States Dollar
  • New Zealand – Oceania – Nationality price: 1,915,645.46 United States Dollar
  • Malta – Europe – Nationality price: 1,152,690.11 United States Dollar
  • Turkey – Europe / Asia – Nationality price: 1,083,366.62 United States Dollar
  • Australia – Australia – Nationality price: 1,023,913.57 United States Dollar
  • Canada – North America – Nationality price: 594,530.46 United States Dollar
  • Spain – Europe – Nationality price: 561,500.99 United States Dollar
  • United States of America – North America – Nationality price: 495,442.05 United States Dollar
  • Greece – Europe – Nationality price: 277,447.55 United States Dollar
  • Cambodia – Asia – Nationality price: 247,721.02 United States Dollar
  • Vanuatu – Oceania – Nationality price: 244,418.08 United States Dollar
  • Saint Lucia – North America – Nationality price: 99,091.68 United States Dollar

From the above information that we have seen it can be seen that the nationality price in each country is different. Depending on many components, whether it is economic security. The reliability of passports of each country etc.

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