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Rebirth, She is Master Bai Yueguang


Rebirth, she is Master Bai Yueguang
Associated Names: 重生之她是霸总白月光
Genres: novel, romance, president
Year: 2018
Status: ongoing

Before rebirth, he was domineering and paranoid to her, but she hated him for fear of hurting him, she was what he wanted. At the moment of death, she realized how much this man loved her. After rebirth, Ye Fan just wanted to protect Li Sichen and live freely. One day, Li Sichen proudly took her to the highest point of the imperial capital and said: “As long as you sign, the entire emperor belongs to you.” Ye Fan was amused, hugging his neck and said: “Intimidating, tempting and tempting. Li Sichen black face: “I am proposing to you.” “Oh!” “Oh what, what do you mean?” “No need to ask.” “You don’t want to?” The man violently. Ye Fan mysteriously took out a small red book and said, “I have always carried my hukou book!” Li Sichen snorted in satisfaction and nodded proudly.

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