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Christ Church College Detail

Christ Church College” is Big College Luxury and most famous. All of Oxford College’s colleges were built in 1525 by Thomas Wolsey, a pastor of the College. And noble aristocracy. The college also has been used as a filming location for movies such as Alice in Wonderland, the creation of the 19th-century mathematics tutor Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll), and Harry Potter (the film version of Hogwarts was partly based on Christ Church Hall).

But there have been many real-life alumni of historical importance: among them John Locke the philosopher (who was actually thrown out for his then-controversial opinions); William Penn, who founded Pennsylvania; W.E.Gladstone, four times Prime Minister (a splendid portrait of him by Millais hangs in the Hall); the poet W.H.Auden; Frederick Lindemann, scientific adviser to Churchill; and many others. Albert Einstein too was briefly given hospitality and membership of the college, when he fled to England from Nazi persecution.

Christ Church is one of the largest colleges of Oxford University which is strongly committed to teaching and research. A large body of academics teaches their students in tutorials, a system that enables undergraduates to work with experienced tutors in small groups. The subjects offered at Christ Church cover the whole spectrum, including Arts, Social Sciences, and Physical Sciences.

There is also a thriving and multi-disciplinary graduate community. Both undergraduates and graduates benefit from the college’s central location, its excellent library, and its beautiful setting, adjacent to Christ Church Meadow. Other facilities include the Picture Gallery (containing a rich collection of paintings and drawings), the Art Room, and the Music Room.

The college invests heavily in the support of its members, and there are generous grants available for financial assistance as well as for travel and for book purchases. Accommodation is available to undergraduates for the full length of their course.

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