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Chapter 8 Full of Guests

Annie, Xiaofei, Ni Sen and Xia Jie’s usually good friends are here. Her parents also sent her a birthday gift from Beijing, and called her to bless her. The cousin Dong Min, who lives outside, also brought the pair of lively and lovely twins.

The festive atmosphere is very strong, Xia Jie also hired a chef temporarily, they prepared a rich birthday dinner for her.

This year’s birthday party is special. Xia Jie is going to be held in the garden behind the villa, where the venue is large, with flowers and trees, and the environmental facilities are very good, so you can let your friends play as much as you want.

After a busy pass, everything is finally ready. The chef told Xia Jie that they were all ready and ready to start.

Xiao Ran was late, and Xia Jie looked out several times. She specifically told him that it was a formal invitation, so I hope he can come.

The time passed slowly, and the sisters and friends who had been chatting and laughing were quiet.

Ni Sen saw him and came over and said, “Let’s start first, everyone is waiting.”

Xia Jie said euphemistically: “There is another person who hasn’t arrived. Please wait patiently.”

Annie was also anxious. , Said to Xia Jie: “That person will not miss the appointment?”

“He will definitely come!” She believed he would come as scheduled.

Although Xia Jie said so, she still secretly thought: Xiao Ran, you will not really miss the appointment, this is the first time I officially invited you! And there are so many friends here watching, if he really does not come, she will be very disappointed.

Waiting for a long time will always make people feel a little unquiet. Xia Jie will look at the time from time to time.

“Hi, good evening!” Just as everyone was waiting anxiously, he suddenly heard someone greet everyone outside.

Hearing the sound, everyone turned to focus in one direction. At the gate, Xiao Ran was in formal attire, holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand, standing there pretty.

Xia Jie looked at it, somewhat overjoyed, and walked over and said, “Finally waiting for you to come.”

Xiao Ran apologized and said: “I’m sorry, something was delayed there, so I came a little late.”

“It doesn’t matter, I think everyone here will forgive you.” Xia Jie smiled.

“Happy birthday!” Xiao Ran gave flowers to Xia Jie.

“Thank you!” Xia Jie said with a smile.

She took the flowers and took a look. There is a card on it, there is a short line of blessings on the card: I hope that every day you have is beautiful! There is a beautiful little box behind the card. Looking through the glass, there is a beautiful workmanship inlaid with natural amethyst Silver bracelet.

Xia Jie accepted Xiao Ran’s gift, filled with joy, and said, “Come in!”

Xiao Ran followed Xia Jie.

“Let me introduce you!” Xia Jie brought him to the crowd and said, “This is my friend Xiao Ran!” The

friends all looked at Xiao Ran, and Annie whispered in Xia Jie’s ear: “I said Who are we all waiting for? It turned out to be a beautiful man who attracted countless young girls. It seems that he is very

unusual for you!” Xia Jie said with a smile: “Don’t be careful.”

Annie said: “Do not Deny it.”

Xia Jie smiled without explaining anything.

A few quiet conversations between the two were heard by Ni Sen standing behind him. He listened to his ears, but silently remembered them.

Xiao Fei started to be confused, and said to Xiao Ran with a little mischief: “People who come late, wait for a punishment, let us all wait so long!”

Xiao Ran apologized and said: “I’m sorry It’s because I’m delaying everyone’s precious time.”

Xiao Fei said: “Now don’t need to say anything, you’ll know it later.” Xiao Ran listened, puzzled for a moment, he didn’t know that the girl who met for the first time was behind him. What are you prepared for?

Xia Jie saw and persuaded Xiao Fei: “Don’t embarrass him, he is really busy working.”

Xiao Fei was unmoved and said, “Don’t plead for him, it’s useless for me.”

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