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Chapter 1332 (the rest of my life)

Lin Yan tasted a few other dishes, and they tasted very good, no less than the chef of Pei’s family.

“Uncle Pei, you can try it too.” Pei Li looked at Pei Yucheng on the side and deliberately spoke.

After so long, Pei Li finally gained the upper hand, and his mood suddenly improved a lot.

Pei Yucheng ate without changing his face, “Not bad.”

After dinner, in Pei Yucheng’s study.

Cheng Mo went over to deliver the report as usual, and saw his boss wearing glasses, reading something intently.

Originally, he didn’t pay much attention to it, thinking it was a file, but when he came closer, the colorful book

turned out to be a big thick cookbook… Cheng Mo was suddenly agitated, and his heart silently squeezed Lin Yan’s sweat. .

…… The game is about to come, Lin Yan tried to sort out his emotions and forced himself to fall asleep and take a good rest.

After lying in bed for half an hour, I finally felt some sleepiness, but I still slept very restlessly.

She had a nightmare. In the dream, she seemed to have encountered very terrible things. Her best friends and brothers… In order to protect her, they fell one by one in front of her, but she was helpless…

Soon the picture changed, she actually dreamed Pei Yu city, however, Pei Yu City dream and reality Pei Yu city was like two completely opposite people, Pei Yu City dream gloomy, oppressive, paranoid, jealous very heavy, is like a madman ……

Lin smoke is This nightmare woke up, but when I woke up, I found that my body suddenly couldn’t move, and my consciousness seemed to be sealed in the depths of my mind…

Feeling this familiar feeling, Lin Yan’s consciousness tentatively spoke in his mind: ” Pei Yucheng…?”

A few seconds later, Pei Yucheng spoke with Lin Yan’s body, “Sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

“Usually I can control my consciousness, and your mental power is getting stronger and stronger, and my consciousness is not so easy to attach. You. But today, your emotions seem to be a little unstable, and your mental power is exceptionally weak…” Pei Yucheng explained.

Lin Yan is not sure how long Pei Yucheng’s consciousness has been here, and her mind has always been the latest thing, so she tentatively asked: “Um…do you know what happened to me recently?”

Pei Yucheng didn’t. Denied, “Do you know something about your mother? I’m sorry.”

Reading consciousness is not something he can control by himself. As soon as his consciousness goes online, he will automatically read Lin Yan’s consciousness.

What Pei Yucheng didn’t say, and the remaining dreams…in

Lin Yan’s dream…the one who frightened Lin Yan so much that she was afraid in the dream…

“You know it’s nothing, I didn’t want to hide it. You… just don’t think there is any need to trouble you with these things.” Lin Yan said.

Pei Yucheng sighed slightly: “Your business, how can it be troublesome.”

In fact, Pei Yucheng knew very well in his heart that although Lin Yan has accepted his existence now, she still can’t really get close to him. After encountering things, she will look for him. Wang Jingyang never thought of talking to him.

Sure enough, people are greedy. The more they get, the less satisfied…

At this time, Lin Yan’s cell phone rang, and a message popped up, showing that it was sent by Xiao Ji on the screen.

Seeing this name, Pei Yucheng raised his eyebrows slightly, but this was Lin Yan’s private information, so he naturally wouldn’t look at it.

But Lin Yan, who was sealed in the small black room, was embarrassed at this moment, but she hadn’t forgotten that the last time Pei Yucheng and Xiao Jina were comparable to the way of meeting in the Shura field.

At that time, the guy Xiao Ji was in front of Pei Yucheng, not to say that he was her boyfriend, Wang Jingyang, the guy also helped him to abuse, so that Pei Yucheng almost misunderstood.

Who knows what earth-shattering nonsense that Xiao Ji will say this time when he sends a message, he happened to hit Pei Yucheng when he was possessed…

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