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Chapter 7 Invitation of Beauty

Today the air is fresh and the sun is so nice. It shines warm and comfortable.

Mi Wei had already traveled to the advertising company by car, and according to Xiao Ran’s arrangement, Xiao Mo stayed at the shop today.

Xiao Ran and Xiao Mo went to the store together and took a copy of the material. He felt that it was too early, so he decided to walk to the advertising company. Anyway, it was not too far from here, so let’s exercise all along the way.

“Xiao Ran!” Xia Jie shouted when the car stopped slowly on the side of the road.

“Xia Jie!” Xiao Ran stopped.

“Have a birthday party at home tonight, can you come?”

“Your birthday?”


“Well,” Xiao Ran thought about it and nodded, “Yes. But, I might arrive later “

” It’s okay, I’ll wait for you.”


Xia Jie smiled, and the car slowly drove past.

Xiao Ran turned and walked away, looking at the front. Not far away, there was a flower shop called Polaris. The girl who sells flowers there is familiar to him, and is the sister of one of his classmates, small and exquisite, lively and cheerful.

Xiao Ran walked into the flower shop, and the girl who was selling flowers was cutting scissors with scissors. When he came, he stood up and smiled happily: “hi! Why are you free to patronize here?”

“I smell the smell of flowers Come, take a look.” Xiao Ran said.

“You are busy! Say, what’s the need?”

“My friend’s birthday, I want to order a bouquet of flowers.”


“That’s half right.” The

little girl heard him say it and flashed Shining Ling’s eyes said, “Just started dating girlfriend?”


“Well, I know what kind of flowers you are suitable for her, I will help you choose.”

“I will take it in the afternoon .” “

Forget it, anyway, I have time, send it to you!”

“Thank you!”

“You’re welcome!”

Xiao Ran thought about it again when he walked out of the flower shop. He remembered that there was a jewelry shop selling jewelry in the downtown avenue. He wanted to buy a jewelry in the past and give it to Xia Jie as a birthday gift at night. In the past, time will not be long.

After doing those things, Xiao Ran rushed to Kang Yang. Entering the work site, I saw Kang Yang, Mi Wei and several other people talking about work matters.

When Xiao Ran came over, Mi Wei said, “You can come late today.”

“I have never done less.” Xiao Ran said.

Kang Yang stepped forward and patted Xiao Ran’s shoulder, and said to him with a kind face: “You are just here, we are discussing a problem.”

“What is the problem?”

“You know that there are not many people who know technology here, and It’s not as good as you in terms of ability. Now you are short of manpower. I hope you can do more work in product supervision.”

“It seems that the previous planning arrangement did not have this link.”

“It’s what we all just remembered.”

Xiao Ran looked back. After seeing it, everyone around me stared at him and said, “You should discuss it?”

Kang Yang said with a smile: “It depends on your opinion.”

Xiao Ran listened, thinking, he had already shouldered much This job is enough for him every day, but now he knows the situation of this company best. So many people are counting on him, how can he refuse, “Forget it, I accept this job.” Then, laugh He smiled and said, “Who is the order I received? Even 24 hours a day without rest, I have to do it.”

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