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Chapter 6 Gallery

The heavy rain fell for a long time, and it was enough to stop.

After the rain, the entire city was washed and the sky became clear. The people outdoors returned to their original normal state.

Kang Yang and several people are walking towards the office.

Xiao Ran met and came across from the opposite side and asked, “How are the things we talked about yesterday prepared?”

“We are proceeding as planned, but the time is a little tight.” Kang Yang said.

Xiao Ran listened and thought for a while, “This is a small problem, it really is not enough, so we will send more people to meet the requirements of the other party and keep our credibility.”

“Well. Have you negotiated the price of the materials over there?”

“They are willing to sell it to us at the price we offered.”

“That’s fine.”

“Do you have any questions over there?”

“Relax, it’s all right.”

“Well, work hard together!”

“Good! “

Xiao Ran and Kang Yang went into the office while talking.

The workers in the workshop below started working on the machine and got busy.

Xiao Ran is moving the goods into the shop piece by piece from the small truck.

Mi Wei also came to help, she was holding a cardboard box, very difficult, obviously things were heavy.

“This is very heavy. I’ll get it. You move the other.” Xiao Ran came over and said.

“Okay.” Mi Wei’s physical strength was unbearable. Hearing and handed him the carton.

Xiao Ran took the carton easily and hugged towards the store.

The two spent a lot of time together to remove the items from the car, and they were all sweaty.

Mi Wei can’t wait to fall on the sofa, panting breathlessly.

Xiao Ran poured two glasses of water, handed Mi Wei a glass, and asked, “Are you okay?”

Mi Wei said: “I’m all tired and lying down.”

“Occasionally using a little force helps internal digestion, to the body have benefits.”

“This way, let your men digest it next time, I, please.”

Xiao Ran sat down and said, “Recently, the advertising company will be very busy, and you and Xiao Mo will have to help in the

future .” A frown, “I really don’t want to listen to this at this time, you let me rest for a while.”

“Tired is only temporary, just after this period.”

Mi Wei thought about it, sat up, and said seriously: “You have to raise my salary.”

Xiao Ran said seriously: “Of course, if you do well, the performance is outstanding, and there are bonuses.”

Mi Wei listened and laughed, “I remember the conditions you put forward every time, I accepted it.”

“Is it? That proves that the conditions are very good.”

Mi Wei looked at Xiao Ran and smiled again.

The car stopped in front of the “three-line art production studio”.

Xia Jie looked outside. Although the street was not very prosperous, it was quiet and tidy, giving a nice reflection.

Xiao Ran pushed the door open, walked out of it, and said with a smile: “Welcome!”

Xia Jie came down and asked, “This is where you started your business?”


Xia Jie walked into the store with Xiao Ran , “Just you alone?”

“Two colleagues went to the advertising company.”

She glanced at the store’s interior design, reached out to the gallery, and said to Xiao Ran: “Can I see it?”

Xiao Ran ordered Next, “Of course, this is your freedom.”

She walked slowly and admired the works in the gallery carefully.

There are many types of art in his works: sand sculptures on the beach; golden sunset on the horizon; endless fields; colorful landscapes; beautiful and innocent girls…

Xiao Ran uses different angles, different techniques to interpret different The image of people and things. In his lens, you can always see the difference.

Each of his works is unique, there is no so-called copy, maybe he thinks that only then can reflect the value of art.

Xia Jie wandered between the galleries, looked at, and exclaimed: “Very good!”

“It’s very meaningful to get your appreciation!” Xiao Ran said.

“I can’t believe this is perhaps the best I have ever seen!”

“It seems that I am worth the money.”

“You should open a personal exhibition for everyone to see.”

“This is exactly what I have I think, but I don’t think it’s time yet.”

Xiao Ran loves photography, he has loved it since he was a child, and he has talent in this area. His individual works have won the first place in the city exhibition for three consecutive times.

In order to get the best art resources, he always runs away from the world and goes to collect scenes all over the country to find new creative inspiration.

“Come with me and show you something different.” Xiao Ran said.

Xiao Ran opened a compartment, which was a bit dim. As soon as the light is on, it shows a different piece of work from the outside.

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