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Chapter 5 Helping Hands in the Rain

Xiao Mo and Mi Wei are busy in the store, choosing the frames and frames from those materials, and then fitting and binding them to make those beautiful artworks. The two cooperated very well in their work. This is the experience of several people working together for many years.

Xiao Ran spent almost all of the past few days running outside to plan things, and did not return until noon. Just after entering the door, Xiao Mo asked, “How is the matter going?”

“Everything is going smoothly.” Xiao Ran walked over.

“Can we still go to Hangzhou at the scheduled time?”

“For the time being, let go of things over there. We must first concentrate on finishing this single advertising business.”

Xiao Mo listened, and said no more, and buried his head. Continue the work at hand. Among the three of them, Xiao Ran has always been the leader. What he said is what Xiao Mo and Mi Wei never violated his instructions.

“Who is this picture on? It’s so beautiful!” said Mi Wei, holding a pair of exquisitely printed drawing paper beside him.

Xiao Ran took the drawing paper from Mi Wei, looked at it carefully, and made a dumb mystery: “You will know her soon.”

“This is kept secret!”


“Oh, that’s not a pair Do you draw?” Mi Wei twitched her lips lightly.

“I don’t think so.” Xiao Ran walked over with the painting. “This one comes by myself.”

Mi Wei didn’t know why the painting was so important to him, and asked him to do it by himself. He was curious.

The door was pushed open, and from the outside came a man and a woman with two well-dressed middle-aged people. It looks like a couple.

Mi Wei saw him, put down his hand, and greeted

him with a grinning smile : “Two good, welcome to our shop!” The couple responded with a smile.

“What do you need?” The

man said: “We want to see it first and then make a decision.”

“Well, okay.”

The couple walked slowly.

“Our shop focuses on fashion art. We have a variety of different styles here, which can show you a different art world…” Mi Wei took the couple to the gallery and patiently gave them a detailed introduction.

Xiao Ran walked to the console with the frame, picked a pair of frames, and bound them carefully. He had to rush to deal with the matter here in the two free days, and then Kang Yang still had a lot of things to do.

The schedule is very tight. Xiao Ran and Kang Yang discuss and design together every day, pass the edited sample to Xia Jie for approval, and then pass it to the following people for production.

Because they have not received orders from large companies like Xia Jie before, and this time they have a lot of business, some aspects still lack some experience. Fortunately, Xiao Ran’s ability to solve problems is excellent, and he is a good player on this, so he didn’t encounter too many problems in his work.

Since Xia Jie and Xiao Ran signed the order, they assured him to do it. During the period, he rarely intervened. They were just busy with other things.

The city was overcast and the weather was unusually hot.

More than one o’clock in the afternoon, Xiao Ran went out by car and drove to a few miles. After a thunder, the torrential rain suddenly fell. After a while, the water on the ground converged into a stream of water.

There are few pedestrians on the street and the road, and there are fewer cars than usual.

The wheels crushed the splashing water, and the wipers oscillated back and forth, looking out through the window glass, a blur.

Under the bus stop in front of me, a man was standing there with his handbag in his hand, beckoning to the taxi. Xiao Ran vaguely judged Xia Jie from the side, so he said to the driver: “Please stop in front.”

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