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Chapter 4 Comes by Contract

The weather has been clear for a while, and the outside of the store is covered with a fine layer of dust, which masks the original colors.

Mi Wei sprayed the wall with a water gun and did a full cleaning from top to bottom. After the water flowed through, the whole place was refreshed.

The storefront is not large, but the decoration is very novel. The three rows of display shelves in the middle are displayed with various styles of photography. On the back is a gallery, and the recently produced works by Xiao Ran are hung on the wall. On the right is a long table with some items for making frames. There are two writing desks, a laptop and a desktop computer at the entrance.

This art production room named “Three People” was run by Xiao Ran and Mi Wei and Xiao Mo together, mainly doing some image photography, design, and binding processing.

Since it is not very busy many times, in order not to waste a good time, Xiao Ran again found a friend Kang Yang to set up an advertising company. He finds his own company to do business, and Mi Wei and Xiao Mo will help when they are busy, so that they not only have to worry about nothing to do when they are free, but also get an extra income they want.

Some time ago, I saw a bid on the advertising business department of an enterprise on the Internet. I intentionally sent a plan invitation to Xiao Ran. The person in charge asked him to go to the interview today.

That’s a big company. It is said that the annual advertising costs will cost hundreds of millions. If you can cooperate with them, it will be very helpful for the development of their advertising career, so Xiao Ran is looking forward to discussing success with them.

Xiao Ran sorted out a document, put it in a briefcase, then caught it in his arms and walked out of it.

Mi Wei put down the water pistol in her hand and asked, “Are you going out?”

“Yes, there is a business to talk about today.”

“Are you coming back before noon?”

“Not coming back.”

She watched him passing by herself, The look is always infatuated.

Xiao Ran came to this company building according to the address to which the document belonged, found the front desk, and explained the intention. The front desk service lady told him the location of the office.

At this time, the company employees are at work, and they all seem to be walking hurriedly, and the elevator is crowded.

Xiao Ran came to the office, the door was open, the inside was clean, tidy, spacious and bright, and all the office equipment and its items were neatly arranged. At this time, there was only one fashionable young lady who was finishing the files on the desktop. She should be the assistant to the general manager, Xiao Ran thinks so. He knocked twice at the door.

The assistant turned around, looked at it, and asked with a smile: “Hello! What’s the matter?”

Xiao Ran said: “I accepted a cooperation plan from your company online, and I came to meet your person in charge.”

“Come talking about advertising projects?”

“Yes.” Xiao Ran came over and answered.

“Please sit down first.”

Xiao Ran sat down opposite her.

The assistant said: “Our person in charge is busy now, and may arrive later. Please wait a moment!”

“Okay!” The

assistant looked at Xiao Ran, pulled a document from the desktop, and got out of the office, Close the door gently.

Xiao Ran sat there and waited for more than ten minutes, feeling a little bored, so he stood up, stretched his arms, and passed the blank time. He was still thinking about who he was meeting with today!

There was a footstep outside, and as the door was gently pushed open, a person walked in.

Xiao Ran turned around, and suddenly felt bright in her eyes, screaming in surprise: “Xia Jie!” She remembered that she said she was a senior executive of a company, but she didn’t expect that the person she was meeting today was her. It was a bit unexpected.

For today’s Xia Jie, Xiao Ran felt familiar and a little strange. In the workplace, she seems extraordinary in temperament, which reveals a kind of smart and capable unique to female leaders, which is a completely different beauty from what she saw before.

“We meet again!” Xia Jie said with a smile.

“Honorable!” Xiao Ran was still thinking.

Xia Jie looked at him, “Feel a little surprised?”

“Yes, I really didn’t expect to see you.”

“I saw your information online some time ago.”

“Oh!” He nodded. “The access to modern information is so convenient, but thanks to the rapid development of network technology.”

“So, it is not too difficult to find someone.”

Xiao Ran nodded.

Xia Jie put the documents in his hand gently on the table, sat down opposite Xiao Ran, and said, “I’ve seen the cases you have done for other customers before, and they did a good job. Especially the advertising words, which are concise and unique, are very good New

idea .” “Thank you for choosing me!”

“Since some things have to be left to others to do, I think it would be better to leave it to someone I know! At least it will be more convenient when talking and handling things.”

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