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Chapter 3 Succession

The entire house is decorated like a palace, from the ceiling to the ground, including all household items are ultra-modern, those that symbolize the rich are here.

Xia Jie installed an intelligent housekeeper system in her mobile phone. With it, she can easily manage everything in the entire house with just one finger.

After finishing breakfast, Xia Jie took a little care, took the briefcase, and operated the housekeeper system in the mobile phone while walking, turning off the lights, closing the windows and doors.

The car that picked her up arrived on time. She walked over, opened the door, and got on the car. The car started to drive towards the company.

In the morning, there was no obstruction, and I arrived at the company after a ten-minute drive. Xia Jie hadn’t got off the bus yet, and saw Xiaofei also arrived.

“Good morning!” Xiaofei came over and greeted Xia Jie.

“Good morning!” Xia Jie replied.

“Where have you been in those days?”

“Well, I went to the sea, Sanya, Haikou, and many other places.”

“It seems to be

doing well!” “You are not too!”

Xiao Fei smiled and smiled. Head, “I had a good time this time.”

“That’s fine.”

“But I still feel that the time is too short, and the meaning is still not enough.”

“Satiate it, the holiday is over, it’s time to take the heart out!”

“This is a bit “It’s hard…” The

two said as they walked into the office building. Colleagues greeted them constantly along the way.

It’s a brand new day, a busy day. After the morning meeting, the secretary put a dozen documents on Xia Jie’s desk and waited for her to review and sign.

She read the plan for this month, made a little arrangement in her heart, and officially entered the working state.

After returning to the company, Xia Jie was busy meeting customers and negotiating business every day, and advocated many powerful new decisions for the market. After a period of hard work, the company’s operating performance has been greatly improved, hitting a record high in the southeast region.

In order to express encouragement and awards, the headquarters sent people down to hold a grand celebration feast for her.

During the banquet, the company’s subordinates were competing to toast Xia Jie. A good sister smiled and asked her why she came back from the South and was completely like a different person. Did Xia Jie just laugh and did not answer.

After being busy for a while, it was another weekend holiday, and finally I was able to relax again.

Two days ago Anne called and said she was going back to China, she should come over! Xia Jie was thinking, heard a sound of footsteps, and saw Annie dragged the suitcase into the hall.

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