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Chapter 20 Old Friends Reunion

Xiao Ran walked outside the stadium, a group of people were training, he just glanced at it, and didn’t care too much, walked on his own.

“Boom–Boom–Boom–” I saw a basketball jumping towards Xiao Ran and jumping all the way to him. He stretched out his hand and took it in his hand, looking up to see several young men in jerseys approaching him.

Isn’t the man walking in the front wearing sportswear and sunglasses not his classmate Zhang Yuan? They haven’t seen them for years!

“Xiao Ran!” Zhang Yuan greeted him.

“Zhang Yuan!” Xiao Ran stepped forward and gave Zhang Yuan a slap in the palm with a long-lost hug.

Both of them had deep feelings for the time in college, and now it is a miracle to be able to meet them by accident on the road like them.

Actually speaking of Zhang Yuan and Xiao Ran, there is still a story in the university: Zhang Yuan was originally born in the Northeast, and is a famous thorn in the school. Anyone can see it on the bar, and teachers and classmates regard him as a saboteur, of course He also did not accept Xiao Ran. Later, for unknown reasons, the two had a dispute, and they had a duel, and Xiao Ran won. Since then, he has been obedient, not only has he no longer made trouble, he has become a very good friend with Xiao Ran.

Xiao Ran looked at Zhang Yuan, still the angular face. His body was sturdy and his eyes were sharp, but his skin color became darker. This may be related to his frequent outdoor training, but he is now stronger.

“I haven’t seen you in a few years, are you okay?” Zhang Yuan asked.

“It’s not bad at the moment. I have a store myself, and I will take some other business when I have spare time. In short, I don’t have to worry about

doing nothing.” “It’s good, you can develop as you want.”

Xiao Ran nodded . , Asked: “How are you doing now?”

“Well, it’s okay.” Zhang Yuan left hand pulled the sleeve of his right hand, said: “After playing a few games, the results are good, they asked me to be a coach, and now they are taking them Prepare for this year’s Games.”

“Is this your dream?”

Zhang Yuan nodded. Then he looked at Xiao Ran, and suddenly he felt: “Hah, you said that your physique has never been stronger than me. Why did I just fight to win you?”

Xiao Ran said with a smile: “That must be I used the right move.”

“I really want to fight you again.”

“Okay, make an appointment!”

Zhang Yuan listened and laughed twice, saying, “I’m just kidding you, I just miss that. Duan Shiguang.”

Xiao Ran asked when he heard Zhang Yuan say here: “Which one do you like when you were at school, married to her?”

Zhang Yuan listened, his expression was slightly low, “Don’t mention it, it’s gone !” …..

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