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Chapter 2 Trip to the Blue Ocean

The morning wind blew through, bringing the smell of the sea.

In the sky, there are clouds of white clouds, one after another, drifting eastward, and the sunlight occasionally projected from the gap of the clouds, so that the ground was always sunny and dark, bright and dark.

This is a medium-sized yacht with a white hull that looks very new and should not be bought long before. It is a person who lives by the sea, bought it and rented it to those who are rich and enjoy traveling by sea.

Xiao Ran jumped onto the boat, packed away the things that were not needed, and then moved the items he had prepared.

Xia Jie was wearing a sunhat and carrying a backpack. She was dressed neatly. A t-shirt, a beige jeans, and a pair of flat shoes, she was obviously ready for this sea trip.

“Come on!” Xiao Ran said to Xia Jie.

Xia Jie came over and came to the ship, saw Xiao Ran was checking the machine, and asked, “Where did you get this ship?”

“It was rented from a local.”

Xia Jie thought, no wonder he said yes yesterday afternoon Things have to be done, it turned out to be for this.

Xiao Ran simply sorted it out, approached the console, rubbed his hands, and made a preparatory posture, “Prepare, we are going!”

Xia Jie asked with a smile: “Can you do it?”

“Of course, old Experts!” Although Xiao Ran said this on his lips, but once he started the engine and started to manipulate it, he didn’t get started.

The boats were parked on both sides, the gap was too small, the yacht hit the boat next to it, Xia Jie’s body flicked, took a step back, and grabbed the handrails by the side, “I said you wouldn’t let me fall into the sea? “

Sorry, you were shocked.” Xiao Ran said apologetically.

Xia Jie looked at Xiao Ran and asked, “Is there any problem?”

“No.” Xiao Ran said, looking at Xia Jie, “Actually, this is my first time.”

“I can see it.”

“However, you don’t have to be afraid , Soon it will be fine.”

Xia Jie said with a smile: “Look at the front, steer well! Old expert!”

The ship rolled over the water and left the shore, flying forward. The waves are getting longer and longer, the coastline is getting farther and farther away, the buildings on the land are starting to become small, gradually submerged by the sea level, and the ship enters the depths of the sea.

Xia Jie stood on the bow of the boat, her long black hair was dancing in the wind, and her clothes were blown fluttering. This kind of feeling made people feel happy and really refreshing.

Xiao Ran soon became familiar with the operation of the ship, and he performed very well. The sailing was very smooth, and the situation did not appear again.

At this time, the wind on the sea is getting stronger and stronger. The waves of the sea are higher than the waves. The boat is swaying with the sea. The first time I experience the impact of this wave, I really feel a little frightened.

Xiao Ran looked at Xia Jie and asked, “Are you nervous?”

“A little bit.”

“It’s okay, you’ll adapt.”


Xiao Ran looked at the endless sea and dreamed, “You said we have been going forward Where can I go?”

” Can I drive to the United States?” Xia Jie could not tell the direction.

“No, we are heading south.”

“Singapore, Malaysia, um, Australia?”


“You don’t really want to go there?”

“Now not!”

“…” The

two talked, Let the boat fly at a speed on the sea, and time also advances little by little.

The wind and waves are getting smaller and smaller, slowly returning to the original state. After several hours of chopping waves, he completely reached another world. The first time I experienced the sea, I felt its suffocating beauty.

In the blue water, fishes swam in and out; crabs and turtles crawled on the reef unhurriedly; aquatic plants twisted their branches with the waves, and beautiful corals were seen in some places. It is also a paradise for birds. Thousands of seabirds such as the black-necked tern, the dark-eyed township eye, and the boobies whistle and hover in the sea.

Standing at the front of the ship, looking into the distance, at the sea-sky junction, several large merchant ships passed over there by a huge wave.

Looking forward, there is a small corner in the flashing place of the wave, ah! It’s a small island…

The coconut trees planted at the beginning had grown very high, and the pieces of green became the most beautiful scenery on the island.

The tall wooden frame house built in the early years has been abandoned. The Haiphong Post is now a brand new concrete structure with white walls and a tall and broad front. It can be regarded as a landmark on this small piece of land.

The shop, which is half-covered by greenery, has an upright, striking sign. There are a few simple wooden houses scattered around it, and there are few fishermen living there. This is actually just their temporary residence, or a transit station for offshore operations, and their main home is still on the coastal continent.

Not far away, more than 100 workers are busy working on the expanding dock. There is a clean white sand beach in front. There are various beautiful shells lying on the sand, shining a little light under the sunlight. Three or four children were riding bicycles and circling happily around the island.

Xiao Ran stopped the boat on the shore, went to the island with Xia Jie, found a shade, sat down, drank some water, ate some food, and recharged his body.

An uncle fishing next to them looked at them, drinking beer and eating the fish in the lunch box.

Due to the intense sunlight at this time, Xiao Ran and Xia Jie decided to take a rest and spend a noon time on the island.

After taking a rest, Xiao Ran drove the boat and Xia Jie continued to move forward, but no longer had the speed to start as fast as possible. They still moved southward and slowly sailed into another sea area.

The sea water here is really clean, almost no impurities can be seen, perhaps under the sky, when the sea water is extremely blue.

Xiao Ran stopped the boat, looked at the blue sea, and said with great enthusiasm: “It’s a pity if you can’t experience the feeling of swimming in the sea when you come here.”

“Do you want to try it?”

“Yes.” He did In a posture to prepare for diving, “Otherwise, will you come together?”

“Oh, no.” Xia Jie quickly waved his hand: “I think I’d better stay on the boat.”

“Then you are optimistic about the fish hook, maybe you can catch dinner.”


Xiao Ran only took off his shoes, too lazy to take off his clothes, and took a deep breath.

“Be careful!” Xia Jie was a little worried.

“Don’t worry, it’s okay.”

He took off the life buoy and threw it into the water . He took a deep breath, jumped up, jumped into the water, and plunged into the sea, sinking, and the life buoy lingered on the water.

1 second… 3 seconds… 5 seconds…, dive… dive… dive again, after nearly a minute, Xiao Ran floated up, he wiped the water on his hair with his hand from front to back, and again Breathe fresh air in two breaths.

Xia Jie stood there and watched, at first he was a bit worried about him, but now it seems that he is familiar with water.

The two fishing rods on the ship’s side haven’t moved yet. Maybe the fish was scared away by him now. Don’t expect the fish to be hooked for a while or two.

Xiao Ran spread his body and swam in the sea water. He is skilled in swimming and exchanges different poses in the water.

For him, this is one of the best natural baths. At this moment, the sea gave him unlimited freedom. He swam for about half an hour before returning to the ship.

“How do you feel?” Xia Jie asked.

Xiao Ran changed clothes in the boat room and came out with wet hair. “Good, cool?”

“You seem to be born to live in water.”

“When I was a kid, I could only play in the small river in front of my house. When I grow up, I want a wider place. When I came here, I realized an unprecedented feeling, which is what I longed for.”

“So, this is also a wish to pay yourself!”

“To me Well, yes!” Xiao Ran’s tone was very certain.

Xia Jie listened and moved him in his heart. In modern life, how many people have buried their dreams for money, and he always keeps this wish and realizes it, which requires persistence and courage!

“Eh, look!” Xia Jie pointed at the rod with excitement.

“Oh, there is a fish on the hook.” Xiao Ran saw that the fishing rod was shaking, he walked over quickly, stabilized the fishing rod, and quickly rocked the fishing reel to retract the line. The front end of the fishing rod was pulled very curved.

The line tightened and tightened. The fish slowly emerged from the water. It kept beating and struggling. It seemed that it wanted to escape.

“What a big fish!” Xia Jie exclaimed in surprise.

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