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Chapter 19 Mutual Support

Life is quiet and beautiful, even without any decoration, even if it seems plain and unremarkable? Just because there is love, one person holds the heart of another person, wherever he goes from now on, staying warm and common!

Since Xiao Ran came, Xia Jie has never felt lonely again. She loves this two-person world very much now. In order to get along more, she changed some of her previous living habits and pushed away many unnecessary entertainment.

She came home at this moment and saw Xiao Ran leaning on the door. She seemed to be thinking about something. She came to him and asked, “What are you thinking about when you come back so early?”

Xiao Ran raised her head and said thoughtfully: ” In the past few days, business has been reduced, working hours have become more relaxed, and it will be early to return.”

“Appropriate leisure is good for yourself.”

“Youth is young, you are energetic, and you must be courageous. If you spend this good time. , I will feel that life is meaningless.”

Xia Jie smiled and said: “Worried about not being able to take orders?”

“The two followed me and placed their hopes on me. I have a responsibility to take them with me.”

“Don’t worry too much This is just a small problem.”

“Small problems have to be solved.”

Xia Jie heard it and thought for a while, “I’ll take a person tomorrow, will you see me.”

“Your friend?”

“Also, we I have only had business dealings.”


“He designed the house for middle and high-level people. I think you might use your products.”

“This is the best.”

“I hope I can help you .” !

desolate smile made a thank you gesture

a deep sense of scent floated, is a kind of tempting flavors.

Xia Jie said: “ah, I want to smell something. “

I have learned a few new dishes. I came back early today, so I just tried them.” “Xiao Ran has prepared dinner for Xia Jie.

Xia Jie smiled and said: “Look what a grand dinner my master chef prepared for me?” “

Xiao Ran said: “Let’s go!”

She ate less at noon and was a little hungry. Xia Jie felt like she was at the moment and went to the restaurant with Xiao Ran.

Xia Jie contacted a client for Xiao Ran, and took the person to the place where Xiao Ran worked, and visited his works.

That man was named Ding Haoming, a relatively quiet middle-aged man, in his early thirties.

“These works are not worse than those of the artists?” Xia Jie said to Hao Ming who was enjoying the works.

Hao Ming looked at Xia Jie and said with a smile: “It’s always wrong to look at it with your eyes.”

“But you can’t be embarrassed because of me, he must meet your standards.”

“Even if not Because of these, I have to admit that this is the best.”

“I heard you say that, I was overjoyed.”

Hao Ming smiled and praised Xiao Ran: “You did a good job.”

“Thank you! “It

might be better if you can accept some suggestions, because the product specifications we need differ from some of your existing ones, I hope you can make some modifications for us according to our requirements, but not to harm you Benefit is the premise.”

“All your suggestions will be satisfied, we are based on the customer’s standards.”

Hao Ming listened to Xiao Ran’s answer and nodded in satisfaction, “So, you put all the products Create a graphic document and upload it to our company. At that time, our people will place an order directly according to the needs of the operation.”

“This is no problem.”

“Our next project is still some time away from the construction period. I will notify you later.”


With Xia Jie’s help, things were settled smoothly.

Xia Jie walked in front of desolate, said: “! This time you do not have to worry about the desolate looked Xia Jie, said: “! You who have honored us the way, there is nothing to worry about it,”

the two men knowing Smile.

Mi Wei has been following Xia Jie for a long time. Since she came here today, Mi Wei’s eyes have been turning around her. The reason why she is like this is mostly because of Xiao Ran.

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