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Chapter 18 Under Pressure

The few people sitting in the office of the institute are partners in the business with Mr. Zhao. They talked about some issues together, and there were some discords in the words of the conversation. Obviously, the progress of the new drugs developed by the team led by Ni Sen was not satisfied.

Some of them questioned Mr. Zhao, where did they put their money, what did they do, and who did they raise? Some people even asked Mr. Zhao in front of him whether the money was not invested in the research, but because he had swallowed it himself. Why hasn’t the expected results been realized yet?

Mr. Zhao first struggled according to reason. Finally, when someone said that he was embezzling funds, he would inevitably get angry and quarreled with those partners.

While Ni Sheng was busy, he came in. He walked directly to Mr. Zhao and clapped his hands on his desk angrily. He asked angrily: “Why did we suspend our project?”

Mr. Zhao glanced at Ni Sen and asked, “When do you think this project is?” Can it be completed?”

“Our project is not real estate, this is a new type of biopharmaceutical technology, how can we easily achieve achievements without ten or eight years?”

“Ten years and eight years? Some things even take twenty years, but we wait No.”

Ni Sen pointed angrily at the outside of the building. “I have put pressure on everyone to speed up the research progress. Do you have to force my people to jump off the building?”

“Can this solve the problem?” Mr. Zhao meant that if jumping off the building could solve the problem, he might not mind. He subsequently rejected this idea, and the words “No!” popped out of his mouth. “

We are experiencing unprecedented difficulties. It takes time.”

“Don’t think that some problems will never be solved. Time is limited.”

” No, you can’t do this.” Ni Sen seems to be telling Mr. Zhao because he doesn’t want to end his efforts and perseverance for years.

“Recently, your performance has been poor. If you cannot get rid of this situation, I will consider permanently stopping the injection of funds for this project.”

“Is this a threat?”

“This is not a threat. I am a businessman. For projects that have no progress and a waste of time, we will not always throw money in!” Mr. Zhao’s tone increased a little, and he seemed to intentionally emphasize the importance of the problem.

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