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Chapter 16 Borrowing Wine to Eliminate Worries

Ni Sen has encountered difficulties recently. He has been working on an important project for some time. Except for repeated grinding at the original level, the subsequent technical research has not made any progress at all.

In the face of numerous scientific and technological obstacles, he felt that he had fallen into a bottomless black hole, and the unsatisfactory things that had happened to him before made him angry and resentful.

Suddenly suffering, his emotions broke out in an instant, and he suddenly overturned all the experimental instruments on the table to the ground, seeming to vent all his inner dissatisfaction.

Hearing “crackling” bursts of reverberation, the surprised colleagues stopped and looked at him.

“The report you want.” It was at this time that a young female subordinate walked in untimely and sent a document to him.

“Who sent you!” Ni Sen said very unhappy.

“You let me send it, you forgot?” The subordinate said gently.

“Did I ask you to deliver it at this time?” He increased his tone.

“Yes.” The subordinate lowered his head.

If you change someone else, you should have retreated from the difficulties, but this subordinate is not very flexible.

Ni Sen glared at her and shouted: “Take it back and do it again!” The

subordinate still stood there. She thought that he didn’t even look at it, so he let himself do it again, and he was still not reconciled. This may be the first time she saw the world, and somehow interpreted the hearts of the people. She had no experience dealing with such problems in her work.

At this time, a colleague nearby stepped forward and whispered something in the ear of her subordinate, and took her hand away.

Ni Sen took off his coat, threw it hard at the workbench, and shouted to the person in front of him: “Go away, don’t block the road!” He strode out.

Some people outside heard the noise and wanted to see what happened, but when they saw Ni Sen’s complexion, they all avoided it.

“What are you looking at, what’s so good about?” Even Ni Nisen felt that it was an obstacle to the people coming on the face, and he couldn’t help but rush towards them.

He turned all work and life problems into anger and vented it to others. He didn’t care if others would accept it.

Mr. Zhao was dissatisfied when he saw these in the back. He didn’t know how long Ni Sen’s state would last, and he worried that it would affect the progress of the entire medical research project.

He had high expectations for Ni Sen, and once spared no effort to push him to the top, he paid huge financial resources for this, and almost all the capital flow of the entire scientific research project was provided by him.

The bar is really a good place. The lively atmosphere is full of people’s inner world. Even if you have more pain and more trouble, two or three glasses of wine will alleviate it.

Ni Sen asked for a glass of scotch whiskey, he took a sip, his hand was covering his forehead, his elbows were propped on the bar, and his face was still depressed.

“What’s wrong, broken relationship? Have problems at work? Have you lived a mess? Or…?” A girl asked Ni Sen a series of questions next to her.

Ni Sen is very annoyed at this moment, he hates others to disturb. He wanted to tell her to walk away, but when he turned to see her, he immediately stopped thinking.

“It’s you?” He thought about it for a moment, then remembered, “Your name: Xiaoyu!”

“Good memory!” Xiaoyu smiled.

Why did Ni Sen forget? Especially a pretty girl like her!

He remembers knowing her at a friend’s dinner, when she was accompanied by the girlfriend of another friend, and she had toasted him and said a few words to him during dinner.

“No work today?” Ni Sen took a sip of wine and asked.

“Don’t you come out too?” Xiaoyu glanced at him and said.

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