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Chapter 13 The Dark Night

The car deflected several times, and it was only after the wheels crossed the edge of the road that they were corrected back to the main road. Ni Sen held the steering wheel in his hand and had no intention of controlling the car.

His heart was full of confusion, and his many years of arduous pursuit of Xia Jie was rejected by her for different reasons every time.

He longed for Xia Jie and her love, but since Xiao Ran appeared, his chances of meeting her became less and less, the relationship became more and more distant, and the only hope was lost tonight.

Nothing, what is this? What a failure! Ni Sen felt very sad tonight. How can a person like him with strong self-esteem can bear such a serious emotional setback.

Thinking of this, I couldn’t help but feel very angry, and my emotions were completely out of control in an instant. I suddenly hit the steering wheel and rushed to the left lane.

This is a curved road, the lights on both sides of the road are not very bright, there is an obstacle in front, and the vehicles on the opposite side cannot be seen clearly, so there are often car accidents here.

And construction is underway during this time, and materials are piled everywhere along the way, driving at night is even more dangerous.

A warning sign was set up on the roadside, with a notice saying Danger! Prompt words such as letting traffic to move slowly and slowly, but Ni Sen at this time did not realize it at all.

“Woo…” Suddenly, two strong lights in front of me shot, and Ni Sen was unable to open his eyes. With a long horn blaring, with a harsh brake sound, an extra-long container truck ran black. The smoke came quickly.

Ni Sen was terrified and slammed in the direction, but unfortunately it was still half a minute late. He felt that people were shaking with his car, only to see sparks flashing from the front of the truck. A scorched smell of tires spread through the air, and the two cars staggered more than ten meters away, almost stopped at the same time.

Unlucky, really unlucky! It was almost two o’clock in the morning. When I came all the way, the ghost did not see one, but hit it. Ni Sen was sitting in the car, shocked with cold sweat, unable to recover for a long time.

A big-faced man jumped from the big truck, walked to Ni Sen’s body, stretched out his thick and large palm, and shot on the roof abruptly, shouting rudely: “Open the door, Come down!”

Finished, trouble. Ni Sen has never had an accident since driving. I hope that the first time I don’t encounter a person who is too dark, even if I say a few good words, accompany me, give me some money, I can easily take care of things. It’s okay.

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