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Chapter 11 Reveals the Fierce Light

The tall house, the wide space, and one person’s night seemed very silent.

Xia Jie worked for a day during the day and took part in a social entertainment at night. After eating, it was almost ten before returning to the residence.

A few days ago, friends from abroad sent her a lot of items, which were all there. She had to tidy up.

It took her nearly two hours to sort out those things. After being busy, it was almost twelve, and she felt a little sleepy. But she still didn’t do something, and she couldn’t rest now, so she woke up with a cup of coffee.

I just took a sip and suddenly heard the doorbell ring, then put down the cup in my hand and walked over to see Ni Sen on the electronic screen. So the finger touched the switch, and the door slowly opened, allowing Ni Sen to enter.

Ni Sen is here, Xia Jie is a little surprised, not knowing why he came so late, he seems to be very worried.

“Are you here?” Xia Jie said with a smile.

Ni Sen “huh” gave a deep face, did not speak, walked into the hall, did not sit down, just stood there with his back on his back.

Xia Jie looked at it and asked, “Is it so late, is there anything wrong?”

Ni Sen remained silent.

Xia Jie couldn’t guess him. Seeing that he was feeling weak, he said, “Coffee, would you like a cup?”

“Come on.” Ni Sen finally spoke.

“Do you want to add sugar?”

“Add sugar, a small amount.”

“Okay.” Xia Jie turned to make coffee for him.

Xia Jie took out a cup and took out coffee and sugar to open it.

Ni Sen looked back and looked at Xia Jie. He was attracted by the woman in front of him, and he usually laughed and acted every time, including the way she now stirs coffee with a spoon. Her beauty and her temperament are irreplaceable.

He looked at her silently for a while, and suddenly said, “Some things, I want to talk to you.”

“What’s the matter? Say it!” Xia Jie said while stirring the coffee carefully.

Ni Sen said meaningfully: “As of today, we have known each other for eight years.”

“Yeah, for eight years, you remember clearly.”

“We are very busy at work and rarely have time to talk about things between us. In fact, I always wanted to find an opportunity to tell you, between you and me A relationship should be established.”

“We have always been friends.”

“No, I feel more than friendship for you, I have fallen in love with you, don’t you know?” The words that have been hidden for a long time are spoken.

In fact, he wanted to say something like this, but he didn’t find the right time. But the main reason is that he wanted a separate space for him and her alone, but he has always been unable to meet her recently.

Xia Jie’s coffee stirring slowed down and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t accept your love.” She politely refused.

“Why?” Ni Sen asked.

Xia Jie did not answer.

Ni Sen asked again: “Is there someone in your heart already?”


“Why can’t you accept me? Do you know that I’ve been waiting for you all the time? For your sake, I never mind anyone. “

Sorry, emotions cannot be exchanged on equal terms. You are not the person I am looking for.”

“Who are you looking for ? Tell me.”

“No one, I don’t want to talk about emotional things for the time being. “

” Did you look at him? Xiao Ran?” Ni Sen increased his tone of voice.

“No, please don’t think about it.”

“Xiao Ran, is it, is it?” Ni Sen asked Xia Jie directly.

“We will talk about these things later.”

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