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Chapter 10 Undercurrent Surging

Xiaofei drank too much last night. As soon as she went to work in the morning, she saw her head covering her head with a bitter face and came to the office. She was still thinking about what happened last night. She always felt that she should not lose so much. Misery, always thinking about how to solve the fan, but never realized that Xiao Ran won her in skill.

“What’s wrong?” Xia Jie asked while reviewing the materials in her hand.

“Headache.” Xiao Fei replied.

“Who made you drink so much? How will you!”

“That was when I met him, and I was poured out by another person.”

“So, no matter who you meet, remember to be careful, not everyone will hit you . the move “

.” I will, “said Xiao Fei, and then to Xia Jie said:” Oh, you know how we can about him? “

Xia Jie Xiao Fei looked down, smiled and said:” I feel I didn’t win, I was unwilling to lose, and wanted to do it again?”

“It’s a little bit, you see that I didn’t even guess one time in one night.

“Naive girl, don’t worry, you never want to win. he! “

You can’t beat my courage.” “

Xia Jie heard Xiao Fei’s words and saw her stubborn energy. I don’t know how to say it.

She couldn’t reveal the secrets of last night. They are all her friends. It may be bad to say it.

Xia Jie read it Looking at Xiao Fei’s complexion, it didn’t matter, saying: “Okay, don’t think about anything else, go to work. The case you handled two days ago hasn’t played yet! “Speaking, hand Xiao Fei the materials you have approved.

“Oh, my head!” “Xiaofei reluctantly received the information. Although she was a little sick, she knew that it was her own

responsibility and had to do it. The workers on the job site were busy rushing to make advertisements, and the outdoor workers were also nervous. The final installation work was carried out in sequence.

Xiao Ran and Kang Yang were running back and forth and were in charge of all matters. They often had almost no breathing time. The morale of the company was booming and entered the busiest period.

A large billboard stands in a prominent position on each road section, showing the public a new style of the enterprise to the public.

Xiao Ran led the team after a period of hard work, all advertising tasks all ended in advance.

Xia Jie sat at her desk and opened the screen on the computer, carefully reviewing it.

“How are you supposed to be satisfied with this cooperation?” Xiao Ran said while looking at her behind Xia Jie.

After reading Xia Jie, she closed the page and said to Xiao Ran with a positive tone: “It’s a very good job!”

“We won’t have your expectations.”

“I can’t think you can complete it in such a short time, beyond my expectations. “

“The company has a team with strong execution capabilities, so I have always believed that we can do it.”

Xia Jie thought about it and said: “Given your excellent performance, I can consider the next phase of business Continue to let you do it.”

“Then, I thank you in advance and look forward to the next cooperation!” The

two looked at each other and both smiled.

There is nothing wrong with the company, and time is free. Xia Jie wanted to go out, and Xiao Ran was also free, so the two had an appointment. She asked him to go down and wait for him outside. She got up to the dressing room and changed her clothes. Then she left the office and went out.

Xia Jie just entered the elevator, the phone rang, took it out, Ni Sen, opened the icon, and said: “Ni Sen.” The other side said: “Still busy?”


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