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Chapter 1 Encounter Journey

High-rise buildings are lined up on this land, spacious and clean roads have been extended forward, and camphor trees grow on both sides of the road. Vehicles shuttle back and forth on the avenue. This is a beautiful and prosperous southern city.

Several teenagers wearing peaked caps, backpacks, and roller skating crossed the road at a rapid speed and disappeared into the crowd instantly.

Tourists from different regions are enjoying the beautiful scenery of the city with various joys in this spring season.

People who come and go, if you are tired of walking, find a place to sit down, drink a sip, take a break, and then move on.

Those young people seem to be never tireless, their energy is vigorous, their hearts are in the heat, and they will never stay for a place, even for a little while.

Xia Jie is wearing a popular style today. Light red long-sleeved chiffon shirt, with a pleated skirt on the bottom of the navy blue pattern case, stepped on the colorful beads sandals, a beautiful dress, and his tall body, complementing that beautiful appearance.

On this holiday, she and several colleagues of her company came to this beautiful southern city for a happy trip. She entrusted Xiaofei to arrange the entire trip, and she was only a member of her companion.

A group of people came to the largest amusement park in the city. Next, they want to experience a thrilling project-roller coaster.

Looking at the roller coaster in front of him, and the long and twisted steel dragon in the air, Xia Jie was a little afraid. She is still going to ride it for the first time. Although she has not experienced it herself, she knows that she is not adapted to certain extreme activities.

“Let’s go!” Xiao Fei seems interested in this kind of activity. She has already bought admission tickets for her peers.

“Otherwise, you go, I will look elsewhere.” Xia Jie said euphemistically.

“You have to listen to me today, no one is allowed to fall behind!” Xiao Fei seemed to give her an order.

“I can’t…”

“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, you don’t come, we all feel bored when we play…” Several other colleagues also urged Xia Jie to go together.

“Oh, you don’t have to be naughty. Come on, everyone else is watching!” Xiao Fei dragged Xia Jie up, pressed her next to herself, sat in the foremost seat, and buckled the safety guard. She couldn’t help it.

The whole train ran on a high-altitude iron frame, and after going around a curved section, the roller coaster began to accelerate.

After running for a while, he suddenly swooped down from the ramp to the lowest position, and then suddenly lifted up, followed by a large inner ring, the speed was getting faster and faster, and the sharp wind was blowing beside the ear.

When accelerating, Xia Jie couldn’t help but nervously open her eyes.

The roller coaster drove outward, and the whole city was slanting upside down in front of the eyes, turning over and over again, which felt like the whole person was about to be thrown away from the seat, making people’s blood flow and heartbeat faster.

Only for a moment, I rushed towards the inner circuit, which feels slightly better than the outer circuit, at least it feels that its strength is downward…

When people are feeling this thrilling stimulus and screaming, Xia Jie ‘S hand grasped the protective frame hard, and his heart was tightly held together. There was a feeling of turning the river in his stomach.

Xia Jie reluctantly insisted on the whole process. Finally, the roller coaster slowly slowed down and slid slowly to a flat place. When the roller coaster stopped, she opened the guard anxiously and walked pale.

Although the whole process was only a few minutes, it made her feel like she had passed the test of life and death. She was naturally afraid of this extreme entertainment.

She took a sloping footstep and walked to a secluded corner, resting her hand on the fence and crouching down. Feeling convulsions in the stomach, a sour taste surged upwards, wave after wave hit, but I couldn’t vomit but couldn’t vomit, it was extremely uncomfortable, but this has never been felt.

Xiao Fei and her colleagues have already moved on to the next item, where they still enjoy their passion and completely ignore Xia Jie.

She squatted for a few minutes, felt her legs numb, and tried to stand up, but felt dizzy and unsteady.

What’s wrong? I really didn’t expect myself to be impatient, wouldn’t it be a joke? She rubbed her forehead gently with her hand and tried again, still the same as before.

Xia Jie fell into a dilemma and felt a cold.

“Would you like to help?” Fortunately, a man’s voice rang behind her.

Xia Jie turned around and saw a young man standing there, waiting for her response. She looked at each other slightly and nodded her head gently. “I can’t stand up, please help me.” The

young man reached out to her, and she reached out to him, holding both hands, she felt the other side Strength and warmth.

“You sit here and take a break.” He helped her sit down in a clean location, went to the convenience store next door to buy water for her, opened it and handed it to her.

She took it, rinsed her mouth, took two sips, and pressed down the sour taste, slowly, before she began to calm down.

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