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Chapter 7 Check

Gu Anxia looked at the interaction between them and suddenly laughed, saw Mike staring at her, and quickly apologized, “Sorry, I just think your relationship seems to be good! Very interesting!”

Mike rolled his eyes, “Oh , Beautiful lady, in fact, my relationship with Yu is not good at all. He hates me very much, but I think he hates my profession…”


Ouyang Yu suddenly said, looking at it with warning Mike glanced, and Mike shut his mouth in a timely manner, okay, okay, when he saw people who were pleasing to the eye, he couldn’t help but say more, and almost forgot some taboos.

Gu Anxia looked at Ouyang Yu doubtfully, but she couldn’t help but look at Ouyang Yu, “You should do the inspection!”

Gu Anxia nodded, and Mike quickly changed from a word to a professional doctor and began to do a comprehensive job for her The inspection focused on her head. He heard that Gu Anxia’s head had been impacted and caused amnesia, but the specific situation was only known after the inspection.

Half an hour later, after all the inspections were completed, Mike walked out with the checklist.

“How’s the situation?”

Gu Anxia asked nervously, and Ouyang Yu stood behind her, clasping her hands on her shoulders, signaling her not to be nervous.

“The body has no more problems. As for the amnesia, it is really because the brain is shocked, which leads to temporary confusion or loss of memory caused by meningeal concussion. It can only rely on self-cultivation for the time being.

Only after a second examination, Gu Anxia lowered her eyes and suddenly lost. “That is to say, when to restore memory is not necessarily?”

“Yes, even as a professional doctor, I can’t guarantee it!”

“I know, thank you!” Gu Anxia pulled out a smile, but the smile was inevitable bitter, in fact, she still wanted to know her origin!

Ouyang Yu looked at her lost face, a slight pain in her eyes, Reaching out and rubbing her hair, he rushed to Mike and

said, ” Take out a recovery plan as soon as possible! I don’t want to hear these useless topics!” After finishing the speech, Ouyang Yu did not stay much and left Gu Anxia directly, watching

Looking at the back of his stride, Mike shook his head helplessly, “This tyrant! Is so merciless to old friends!” After leaving the medical room, Gu Anxia’s mood was significantly lowered, and even this gorgeous castle could not cause her Interested, Ouyang Yu’s eyes became a little more complicated.

At dinner.

The magnificent candlesticks were filled with candles symbolizing sentiment. During the candlelight swaying, the maids placed two sets of exquisite sterling silver tableware in front of Ouyang Yu and Gu Anxia. Afterwards, a series of delicious dishes were served on the table.

Gu Anxia was obviously a little absent-minded, knowing her memory and not knowing when to recover. She was like this, her eyes were empty, her delicate brows were slightly curled, and the knife and fork in her hand were poking at the dinner plate. The steaks here have no appetite.

All this naturally fell in Ouyang Yu’s eyes. He frowned slightly and put down the knife in his hand. “Kittens, dinner doesn’t suit your taste? Kittens?”

Gu Anxia recovered and saw Ouyang Yulue With a worried and questioning look, he quickly replied: “No, no, I just… dinner is delicious!”

Gu Anxia said, as if to verify his own words, he was busy preparing to cut steaks, but bowed his head but found it in the dinner plate Her steak had long been disfigured by her, and she suddenly blushed awkwardly and her head lowered.

From the moment she met Ouyang Yu, she felt that she was not like herself, always inexplicably ugly, and always so useless, so she was anxious to know her past, at least, if one day Ouyang Yu rejected her, she There is another way out, she is really selfish? Selfish and ugly.

Seeing Gu Anxia start to lose his mind again, Ouyang Yu’s eyes sank a little when she didn’t know the water mist pouring out slowly because of what she thought of.

Ouyang Yu suddenly got up, pulled away the chair, and walked directly to Gu Anxia’s side, reached for her dinner plate, and handed it to the maid who was waiting.

“Change one!” The

maid trained to take the terrible steak, and after a while, she replaced it with a brand new one.

Gu Anxia looked up at Ouyang Yu, pursed her lips, then apologized, “I’m sorry…”

Ouyang Yu reached out and caught her chin, letting her face her eyes, and asked seriously, “The kitten , No appetite?”

Gu Anxia nodded hesitantly, “Sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

Ouyang Yu stared at her eyes, a deep distress in her deep eyes, and then he let go of his hand and took Gu Anxia’s hand After taking the tableware, he overbearingly declared: “I feed you!”


Gu Anxia’s eyes widened, she didn’t mean that! Besides, she was not a three-year-old child.

However, Ouyang Yu had cut the steak into small pieces neatly, forkd a piece and handed it to Gu Anxia’s lips. “Open your mouth!”

Gu Anxia opened her mouth subconsciously. The deliciousness from the tip of her tongue made her feel better. Fen, raised his eyes to see Ouyang Yu’s focused eyes, his heart jumped, his ears reddish.

Gu Anxia was a little embarrassed. Although the maids stood around watching each other, she always felt a little embarrassed to make such intimate movements in front of so many people.

“I eat it myself…”

However, as soon as the refusal was spoken, Gu Anxia felt that Ouyang Yu’s expression was a little unpleasant. That irresistible look made her swallow the words together with the delicious steak.

It wasn’t until the steak was completely eaten by Gu Anxia that Ouyang Yu stopped his movements, wiped her mouth with a handkerchief, and returned to her seat.

All this fell into the eyes of the servants around, blinded their dog eyes, and warned themselves in their hearts one by one, watching the master’s spoiled posture, must not offend the future hostess!

Li Guanjia surprise I can not help but delight, he grew up watching young master, young master has not laid down all these years, he also followed worried, but now look like this, the lady clearly is undoubtedly the future soul mate!

Gu Anxia this time the Some embarrassed sitting on the chair motionless, because she accidentally ate it!

But the previous low mood also dissipated with today’s embarrassment, Gu Anxia’s heart warmed, although this person is a bit overbearing, but sincere to her Well, all the intimacy hidden under the domineering behavior makes Gu Anxia feel happy. Thinking of this, she can’t help but show a little sweet smile.

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