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Chapter 6 The Mistress of the Castle

Three hours later, the car drove into a place like a virgin forest, Gu Anxia also woke up, she looked at the lush trees outside, showing a look of exclamation.

“Yu, is your family living in the mountains?”

Ouyang Yu chuckled. “Why? I’m afraid I will sell you?”

Gu Anxia wrinkled his nose. “You won’t!”

Ouyang Yu was amazed, but because of his heart This answer is inexplicably warm, I don’t remember anything, but I trust myself so wholeheartedly. This feeling is very strange to Ouyang Yu, and I have some expectations. If I have been trusted by this person for a lifetime, maybe it is a This is a good thing! At this moment, Ouyang Yu felt that he was lucky to be able to meet this kitten who fell into the sea unexpectedly.

Gu Anxia widened her eyes and looked out the window. Animals appeared from time to time in the jungle, rabbits, sika deer, and even small squirrels. She was lying on the window of the car excitedly, “Look, that squirrel is eating, good Cute!”

Ouyang Yu stared at her face and replied seriously, “It’s really cute!”

After another half an hour, a tall building appeared in front of Gu Anxia, looking from a distance, like breaking into A private kingdom.

While on the cruise ship, Gu Anxia guessed that Ouyang Yu’s worth might be very high, but she didn’t expect to see how narrow her previous assumptions were when she actually saw the castle, and thought that such a person had done for herself So many things, Gu Anxia’s heart is warm.

The car passed through the tall arch and drove straight in. Gu Anxia wondered: “Aren’t you at the door? Don’t you have to get off?”

This time the housekeeper Li Bo explained.

“Miss did not know, there is a ten-minute drive from here to the main castle, where lived are the maids and servants in the castle, they are usually responsible for the care of the entire castle and the maintenance of surrounding facilities.”

Ouyang Yu to Li Bo’s interest is very satisfactory. It seems that he listened to his own words and knew that treating cats should be different from other women.

Gu Anxia then secretly speechless, loss she had just thought this place in front of the tall edifice is about to check the results of these live in just a servant! Really hard to imagine, how the main castle towering gorgeous!

Gu Anxia bottom of my heart poured out a little Uneasy, can such Ouyang Yu really be her own support? She suddenly couldn’t believe it.

Ten minutes later, Gu Anxia finally arrived at the main castle and got off the bus. Gu Anxia was attracted by the beauty in front of her.

This is a European-style castle. The turquoise walls are covered with green vines, and white roses are inlaid. The outer wall of the castle is decorated into a secret garden. The glazed roof shines in the sun. The light, dreamy and beautiful, looking up, you can see the tall bell tower, the tall minaret has an extremely simple windmill, at this time it is rotating happily under the breeze.

“It’s so beautiful here!”

Ouyang Yu looked down at Gu Anxia’s surprised face. The tenderness in her eyes appeared quickly, but she quickly returned to peace. The deep people couldn’t see his heart clearly.

Ouyang Yu reached out and took Gu Anxia’s hand and led her all the way to the castle. At this moment, Gu Anxia felt like a princess stepping into the fairy tale world, being led by her beloved prince to a happy future, and came from the palm of her hand. The warmth soothed her emotions, leaving her previous uneasiness swept away.

Ouyang Yu’s footsteps were firm, and he took Gu Anxia into the castle. The maids and servants who had been waiting for a long time on both sides wore neatly dressed and respectfully stood on both sides to welcome Ouyang Yu’s return.

Ouyang Yu’s face was cold, and only a touch of tenderness in his eyes showed that he was in a good mood.

“Welcome the host to go home!”

Ouyang Yu slightly nodded, and embraced Gu Anxia in his arms, “From today, this is your mistress! You must respect her as much as I do! Understand?”


Ouyang Yu waved and motioned them retreat, Lee butler followed behind them stepped forward, respectfully asked, “Master, Dr Mike has come.”

“Well, let him go to medical waiting room, we went to later!”

Gu Anxia some do not He turned his head and asked: “Doctor? Is anyone uncomfortable?”

Ouyang Yu’s deep eyes stared at her eyes. “You need to do a full-body examination. Forgot to tell you, when you picked it up, you came out. Some accidents!”

Gu Anxia wondered. When she woke up, Ouyang Yu only told her that he had picked them up, but they were clearly on the sea at that time, could it be that she was picked up from the sea? But, she Why is it in the sea?

Gu Anxia shook her head, the blank in her mind made her helpless.

Seeing the confusion in Gu Anxia’s eyes, Ouyang Yu’s eyes were deep, her hands clasped her waist tightly, proclaiming her sovereignty, “Kitty, don’t think about it, when you’re with me, your I can only think of me in my head! Huh?”

Gu Anxia couldn’t help but blush, and this man would always pull himself out of confusion in his own way.

“Go, introduce Mike to you!”

Ouyang Yu hugged her through the long living room, from the side door to a room on the other side of the castle.

As soon as he walked in, Gu Anxia was startled. Where is the room here? It can be called a small hospital. The large room is neatly arranged with various advanced medical instruments. Many Gu Anxia have never heard of it. There is a physiotherapy bed in the middle of the room, which is used for examination.

A Western man in a white robe stood next to one of the machines, observing the data, and immediately turned around when he heard the door push.

“Wow! Oriental beauty!” When he

saw Gu Anxia, the Western man’s eyes flickered and flew towards her position, wanting to give her a big hug.

Ouyang Yu looking sank, neat skill to the care of his arms Anxia area, turned away a man’s embrace, at the same time, he warned of a slight snapped: “! Mike”

rushed to empty Mike helpless Shrugging, “Well, okay, Yu, old friend, do you want to be so cold!”

“I’m so sorry, I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about your face!”

This sentence made Mike’s eyes wide open instantly. Wow, Yu, will you tell a joke! Oh my god! Did this beauty change you?”

Ouyang Yu was silent, but her deep eyes were full of tenderness and a little pride, making Mike unavoidable to the one in front of him. The beauty of the East is so impressive that Ouyang Yu, who has always been indignant, can show such an expression. This little beauty is really not simple!

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