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Chapter 2 Betrayal and Rescue

“Oh, sister, what are you doing so fiercely? Vincent isn’t here, but he’s…a little busy now, ah…Vinson is good or bad, why move at this time, my sister is still waiting to talk to you What!”

A familiar male voice finally sounded in Gu Anxia’s ear, “Gu Anxia, what do you want to say?”

Gu Anxia only felt that all her blood was boiling. She was so angry that she wished to tear the other side, but after the anger she had more It was sad and puzzled, “Why? You will be with Enron…”

“Of course because I love her!”

Gu Anxia breathed a suffocated, black eyes, and even forgot her present situation, she clenched her phone, ” I’m so good to you, you even betrayed me?”

“Oh… You’re wrong, I know Enron, but before you, strictly speaking, you are the third person, but what to do? The person who has the inheritance right of Gu is You!”

“So are you pursuing me just for Gu’s business?”

“Of course! Otherwise, who do you think would be with a woman who works all day long? But soon, Enron and I’s wish will come true, etc. As soon as you die, Gu family only has Enron left. You said, what would your dad, who is used to throwing hands at the shopkeeper, do?”

Gu Anxia thought she would be stunned, but in fact she was very calm. Her ruddy lips were bitten, but she felt no pain at all, only focusing on the answers she wanted to know.

“How do you know I’m going to die? Do you know that my plane has an accident?”

“Of course! I forgot to tell you, this is Enron and me’s work. Isn’t a plane accident the perfect ending of your life?”

Gu Anxia wanted to say something. The other party had hung up the phone, but the last laugh was like a note from hell.

Gu Anxia’s eyes widened and she was full of sorrow and anguish! The truth turned out to be this way! The person she loved and her beloved sister even stabbed her with a knife, piercing her heart and lungs, and the heart

fell in pain! The plane fell straight, In addition to waiting for death, Gu Anxia didn’t know what else she could do? But she was not reconciled! Not reconciled!

So, in the exclamation of the driver and Lint Zhu, Gu Anxia pushed open the hatch and jumped down!

This On the blue and vast sea, a luxurious cruise ship is holding a lively banquet. Men and women are holding wine glasses and enjoying this beautiful and relaxed time.

On the deck, a man leaned back obliquely. He had thick black hair, and a pair of deep eyes on his handsome and charming face. The sea breeze raised his shirt over his shoulder slightly, and his shape was perfect under his clothes. Many women on the cruise ship watched frequently. He is the host of this banquet, Ouyang Yu.

“Ah! What’s that!”

A scream broke the calm on the deck, and everyone looked in the direction of the man’s finger, only to see a private jet crash down towards the sea at a rapid rate.

“Look! Someone jumped down!”

Ouyang Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his lips were drawn with a very interesting arc. The opponent commanded: “Prepare for the speedboat! By the way, call the police!” A

few minutes later, a ship The small speedboat was put down next to the cruise ship, Ouyang Yu flew up, jumped down from the deck, and landed on the speedboat exactly, causing a shock to the people on board.

The speedboat was riding the wind and the waves, and soon arrived at the place where the plane crashed. Then, Ouyang Yu found a woman floating on the water. She had an extremely delicate face, and her long black hair scattered, setting off that face. More and more pale, Ouyang Yu couldn’t help blowing a whistle, it was a real thing!

Ouyang Yu reached out to pick up the woman, and the impact of the falling water made Gu Anxia’s consciousness a little unclear, only the fear of death and the unwillingness of his own experience made her beautiful eyes still have a little dignity, that is with anger Her despair is also unwilling to die from death! With

only one look, Ouyang Yu was shocked for a moment, and a pair of eye-catching eyes were fixed on the woman’s face, and a conquering body poured out of her body. Longing to come, like a leopard encountering prey,

he was so excited! He decided to save this woman!

“Did she wake up yet?” Ouyang Yu pushed open the door of the luxury room on the cruise ship and asked Gu Anxia’s condition . The woman who aroused his interest always made him feel inexplicable.

“Yes, she is very lucky. There are not many wounds on her body. Only the head may have some sequelae due to the impact. As for the reason why she did not wake up, it is probably because of this.”

“Take care of her! Wake up Notify me immediately!”

Ouyang Yu dropped these two sentences and turned and left. The medical staff secretly breathed a sigh of relief, but the heart of gossip ignited. She has been in Ouyang Group for several years. The president has never cared about any woman so much. This woman who was rescued by the president inadvertently is really lucky.

In contrast, the women who were thrown on the deck by Ouyang Yu were not so lucky, especially one of them, named Wu Na.

At this banquet, she came to Ouyang Yu. To be precise, one-third of the women on this boat came to Ouyang Yu, but only Na who made detailed plans and was fully prepared Na alone.

Speaking of this, Wu Na is regarded as the predecessor of the modeling industry. From the age of eighteen to the age of twenty-six, it took eight years to transform her from a green girl into a perfect goddess. She originally wanted to use this banquet to make Ouyang Yu interested in herself if she could become him Your lover could not have been better. I heard that Ouyang Yu was very generous with her bed partner.

Wu Na thought of this, and spread the long-prepared “fascination” in the red wine. She planned that as long as Ouyang Yu drank the wine, she would get everything she wanted!

However, she didn’t wait for Wu Na ‘S plan came true, and inexplicably dropped a plane, and Ouyang Yu, who has never been too fond of nosy business, even drove a speedboat to save people himself? Or a beautiful woman!

Wu Na hated her teeth! , She had to change her plan!


Pain, endless pain spread from all the limbs and legs, making Gu Anxia unable to speak out, her long eyelashes flickered twice, and then the beautiful eyes under the eyelashes slowly opened open.

There was a blank in my mind, and only Gu Anxia’s nerves were filled with the unbearable headache.

Where is this?

Everything around is very unfamiliar, luxuriously decorated rooms, bright crystal lights, as far as you can see, without the slightest shadow of Gu Anxia.

The medical staff on the side saw her wake up and happily notified Ouyang Yu.

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