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Bankrupt Sisters Season 4 Episode 7

It’s coming to Christmas soon, and the time when Max and Caroline’s small cake business made money every year came again. Max designed different creative cupcakes for different people and wrote a creative message on the small cake. Max took advantage of Christmas and lied to the guests that their life was very tragic, so they got more tips. Caroline wants to use this money on a custom small cake T-shirt, because Max’s small cake T-shirt is very popular; Max said that he would use the money to buy Christmas gifts for everyone. At this time, the aunt came, and he gave each employee a homemade hand-cross stitch art, which also embroidered the impression of the aunt.

Max and Caroline only took forty dollars to go to the “rich area” Manhattan to buy gifts for everyone. On the way, they met Caroline’s “Children’s Bank”. Caroline was ready to go in for a free hot cocoa and then apply. A loan of $15,000. Max disagreed, because they couldn’t afford to borrow money from the bank. Caroline tried hard to convince Max that she would use the money from the loan to make more hot T-shirts. In order to prove that their T-shirts are valuable, Caroline took Max into a high-end clothing store. Deni”.

Caroline recommended a small cake T-shirt to the store manager and wanted to sell it in his store, but the store manager looked down on their T-shirt. Caroline put a small cake T-shirt on the model when the store manager was absent, and the wealthy wife who was just shopping was fancy, and ten of them were set in one breath. The store manager saw a good sales volume and ordered 30 T-shirts from Caroline. There is no manufacturer who is willing to do this for such a large number of T-shirts that are so urgent. So they thought of the aunt who would embroider the cross stitch. With the help of Auntie, they successfully completed 30 T-shirts and sold them very well.

Max and Caroline, who made the money, went to the bank again, and this time they made up their minds to lend. The miracle was that they borrowed $100,000, and Max’s T-shirt was placed in the window.

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