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Bankrupt Sisters Season 4 Episode 6

The two sisters had no money to prepare to rent their apartment on Benb, but their environment was not good, so the two made up some “small” lies and created a perfect apartment… I didn’t expect three people to sign up. To rent their apartment: a man who wants to commit suicide, a couple who want to rekindle love, a group of female models.

Sophie is ready to go to Fumont for a holiday, so the two are going to rent the apartment to the group of female models, and the two moved to Sufi. In order to welcome them, Caroline carefully cleaned the apartment. In Max’s and Caroline’s view, the female models that are coming are just a poor figure, looking for a place to steal snacks. Who knows that after they arrive, they are a group of real models, they are Victoria’s secret underwear models. Unexpectedly, the beautiful women especially appreciated that they lived in the “Four Seasons Hotel”, where they can experience different living environments. When the two sisters were preparing to sleep in Sophie’s apartment, they heard the laughter from their apartment. The original model was opening the PARTY in the “horse shed” and invited them to join.

On a new day, the secret model came to the restaurant where Max and Caroline worked, and they discussed to invite more friends to open PARTY at night. At night, because PARTY’s music was too noisy, Carlos went downstairs to find the model of the model, but the result was rejected by the model’s guards, because Caroline was not on the invitation list. After the model Lily let Caroline go downstairs, it is because the toilet and kitchen hoses are broken. Although Max’s apartment and description did not match, the secret model paid the rent and gave Max a series of lingerie she had dreamed of, giving Caroline a pair of angel wings props.

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