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Bankrupt Sisters Season 4 Episode 5

Max and Caroline’s cake shop business is getting worse and worse, even if they are on the sign outside the door, “open until two in the morning.” On this day, Max was fed up in the early hours of the morning and gave Caroline the extra $14 he could earn every night. The next day, Caroline swindled Max to send a small cake. In fact, she participated in the Gordon Kaibo Cake Business Symposium, which was signed by Max. Max didn’t take it for granted and felt that it was just a commercial fight. Caroline succeeded in letting Max stay with the buffet and dessert at the conference.

At the conversation, Caroline introduced “Max’s homemade cakes”, but Max’s thoughts and ideas are quite different from Caroline. So the lecturer Gordon Kaipo asked the two sisters to go back and think about it: whether the two are drifting away or changing direction. And let them sell their commercial brands to him tomorrow. Back to the restaurant, Max and Caroline began to express their views, and the differences between the two on this road are getting bigger and bigger. Finally decided to sell the speech on the second day, no longer a partnership.

The next day, Max first confidently came to power, but immediately got the negation of all the students and Gordon Kay. And it is judged as a commercial brand that has “collapsed”. After Carolyn went to the stage to promote sales, it did not get everyone’s affirmation, and was smashed down by the students with “plush balls.” At this time, in order to protect Caroline, Max stood on the same front again, satirizing the people under the stage and angrily left.

Back in the small cake shop in the evening, Caroline showed Max the gift she was going to give to Max: Max’s personally designed “Max’s homemade cake shop” overalls – this is the design that Caroline looked down upon before. . So the two sisters returned to good. Continue to operate a small cake shop.

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