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Bankrupt Sisters Season 4 Episode 4

Another day, Max and Caroline are ready to open their doors after prayer. Just after everything is ready, “opening the window” has a girl wearing a weird, knit graffiti. She is “knitning a sweater” for a bicycle, which is a long-abandoned bicycle parked at the door of a “Max’s homemade cake shop.” Max and Caroline thought the behavior was very stupid, sneer at her and let her leave.

In the conversation, Caroline was inspired by Max and thought of the idea that the cake was “delivered to the door”, but Max seemed not interested. Caroline carefully dressed up the abandoned bicycle at the door, but Max refused to go to the bicycle for delivery, and Caroline had to personally send the cake. But soon she came back because she was sweating too much. So the next day I changed to Max to go for a takeaway.

When they opened the next day, they found that their “gate” (window) was sealed by the “Knitting Weirdo” Gina Wei with a knitted spider web. After Max went out to deliver the small cake, Caroline found that she had forgotten the delivery note in the cake shop. On the way to give Max a delivery note, I saw Max moving the delivery bike into the trunk of a car. At this time, Caroline knew that Max had been reluctant to deliver because he would not ride a bicycle.

In the evening, Caroline couldn’t wait to teach Max to ride a bicycle because her sports sweating was very serious. Max explained this to her reasons for not riding a bicycle–when I was a child, I witnessed the tragedy of “the teeth passed through my face” when my friend was riding a bicycle. But in the end, after Carolyn’s persuasion and the temptation of “cocoa”, Max decided to learn to ride a bicycle.

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