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My True Friend Episode 17

Luo Zuer , who lost his love, called Xiaoning and asked him to come out to relieve boredom. Xiaoning to Xi Shan lied to customer calls, go to the emergency talk with customers, happy feel good Xiaoning go out a little strange. Luo Zuer frustrated and drank a lot of stuffy wine, danced wildly in the ballroom, and was deceived by people. Xiaoning helped him and sent his grandfather back to his place of residence. Xi Shan feels that Fu Xiaoning is different. When Fu Xiaoning returns, he likes to argue with him. He feels very lost and wants to leave this place.

Cheng Barbara returned that day, orderly early breakfast with a view Barbara, and Barbara he would like a little later. When I saw that I was really satisfied with the breakfast, I went up to my arms and embraced it.

Shao Yong orange met a little girl who was crying on the plane. She was very annoyed. She had to list her own conditions and the conditions of her in order to expand her confidence.

Before Cheng Jinzhen entered the taxi, he saw the information sent by Shao Yong Orange to her, and let her wait for Shao Yong Orange. I really thought that Shao Xiao Orange had sent the wrong object.

Shao Peng orange knocking on white aunt at the door, white aunt very surprised, she told Shao Peng orange, Barbara has come home, and orderly in love with Barbara.
When Bai Ayi told Shao Jin Orange about the plan, he returned to China immediately after completing the project. When he proposed to the true marriage, Shao Xiao Orange stayed like a wooden chicken.

Well, at the airport, I really want to take care of my aunt, and I have to take care of myself. When I came home, I told Shao Yong that Orange was really his girlfriend. Shao Yong Orange thought that they were not suitable. He said that he did not know what he really wanted, but he wanted to be in fantasy or reality. Give a true and stable life.

Bai Ayi bought food and came back. When he met the well-being that had already arrived at home, Shao Yong Orange got up and said goodbye to Bai Yu. Aunt Bai sighed that if she was not her own son, she really felt that Shao Xiao Orange was very good. Aunt Bai said that Shao Yong’s orange is rushing to catch up.

The customer signed a contract with Shaohao Orange in the garden shop, and Shao Yong Orange left without saying goodbye. The store manager asked his colleague to call him and urged him to come back. The phone was turned off, and the manager felt that Shao Yong Orange did not keep the store rules. Hao Meimei proposed to help Shao Yong Orange to sign the contract. The manager feels that this is not done properly.

At this time, I really carried my luggage and went back to work in the store. The manager immediately asked Cheng Zhenzhen to sign the contract for Shao Yong Orange. Qianqian’s mother thought that only Tian’s name was on the purchase list. It’s not appropriate. Cheng Zhenzhen suggested that the names of both men and women should be signed on the contract. The man’s mother felt uncomfortable, and he bought more homes than the woman. Everyone started again. Disputes. Cheng Zhenzhen tried to persuade everyone to be quiet, and wanted a way to protect the interests of everyone. He proposed to write the names of six people in this room and indicate the proportion of capital contribution. Tian Gang feels that doing this seems too uninviting. Cheng Zhenzhen explained that in the event of a bumpy marriage, everyone can open the room, relive the hard work of their parents, review the hard work of buying a house, and cherish the marriage.

After Cheng Zhenzhen signed the contract, he immediately called Shao Xiao Orange to let him go back to work immediately, no matter what happened. Shao Lan, who was wandering at the station, felt very confused. Luo Zuer went to the garden shop to find Fu Xiaoning to buy a house. He liked to see this scene and couldn’t help but cry.

Fu Xiaoning took Luo Zuer to her favorite community to see the house. Fu Xiaoning repaired the water pipe to Qin Auntie in the community. Qin Ayi warmly greeted Xiaoning, and hi found Xiaoning not only professional, but also capable, and immediately took photos with him. Xishan saw photos of Xiaoning and Luo Zuer on the mobile phone and ran to the store sadly.

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