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chapter 2 Gaming?

After returning to the counter, Tong Nian gritted his teeth and worked hard while registering the food he had just taken one by one, and then began to add, subtract, and deduct money.

Jiyou Soymilk’s hand trembled vigorously to the fifty-dollar bill, and was shocked by her eyes, and then retracted her hand: “I was afraid that you might be deceived by someone, so I tried to test whether he was a poor man. My family opened an Internet cafe, I know too much about this kind of men who come to play games for the night. Most of the lives are unsatisfactory. At most, this uncle’s skin is a little better,” he said. He also looked at the man’s back from afar, and said in disbelief, “It’s just like that. A little bit…”

Tong Nian continued to calculate.

“Don’t ignore me, squid chicory? Giant squid? Big room? Big fish? Small squid? Small squid?” Jiyou changed all kinds of second-dimension titles. I help you, help you.”

“Really?” Tong Nian raised his head immediately, his eyes and brows all smiles.

“Send him a package for a week? Said it was a lottery draw? Hey, package nights won’t work. It’s free for a week, so he can think of it at any time and come,” Soymilk said, holding the bleeding heart.

Tong Nian’s aura appeared: “Good idea!” Then he glanced quietly at it, “Go.”

“Me again?” Ji You dumbfounded.

“And…” Tong Nian thought for a while, lowered his voice, and told him, “You tell him that it is a lottery on the spot. Just use WeChat to scan the QR code of the Internet cafe, you can draw the lottery. Take out the original MLM agency you were After brainwashing, I did the skill of a MLM for two months.”

“…We have no public WeChat in Internet cafes.”

Tong Nian looked down at his cell phone, struggling to change his WeChat name after 2.5 seconds, and handed over his cell phone: “Use my WeChat.” On her mobile phone, her WeChat account changed abruptly: fate tonight.

This is the sign hanging outside the Internet cafe-“Tonight, Internet Cafe”

Soymilk was so impressed that, uneasy, clutching the phone to deceive.

As a result… late that night, two big things happened on her WeChat account. One is the addition of a man named “Gn”, and her WeChat fan base has completely exploded. Her fans didn’t believe her “cold room” swimming fish, but she suddenly changed her name to “Tonight’s Fate”… Chicory must have been stolen!

Her heart was dripping with blood silently, and she was stolen. She didn’t reply to any news and stared at the account she just added with a smirk.

It’s too easy to come true but it’s unreal…

I watched the dark avatar without knowing what the screenshot was for half a minute before I was careful and opened the circle of friends.


Except for forwarding game news, nothing? For a day-turning singer who can only play Lianliankan, and has repeatedly fought and defeated, these are simply heavenly books.

What’s more depressing is… “Soymilk, are you game scum?”

“Yeah!” Soymilk smiled, without any sense of shame, “It’s scum, the first scum in history!”

Forget it, find someone who knows what to do tomorrow TT…

At two o’clock in the morning, soy milk dozed off sleepy.

In the Internet cafe, everyone is wearing headphones and is very quiet. Only a middle-aged uncle is having a video chat, and he is online dating happily… And she is also holding her chin and is sleepy. The pencil in her hand is scribbling on the paper. As a singer, her drawing skills are still shallow, and she can’t make the back figure very handsome.

Have the opportunity to practice well.

She meditated silently.

Suddenly, the man stood up.

She straightened her back straight and pressed the paper quietly under her arm.

The man picked up his coat and came over. Her heartbeat was so fast that she could only look down, looking at his khaki casual trousers and black shoes, one step, two steps, three steps, walking towards herself…

No, no, fast, breathe. Tong Nian, be strong, have a normal expression, and don’t shake your eyes!

One? Why did you go out directly?

“You…you… isn’t it a night?” She watched him walk out the door and hurriedly said, “Just, it’s just past two o’clock.” Keep busy looking at the clock, yes, two o’clock, what are you doing so early? …

Gun stopped and turned around.

His hair on his forehead was a little messy. It should be when he was sleepy just now, and he just touched it with his hands, but his eyes were very clear, and he even had a power to penetrate the heart. At this moment, I don’t know whether it is because of tiredness or too lazy to cope with it. His expression is a little dull, making people unable to see the emotion of the next second.

“It’s two o’clock?” It seemed that he was aware of the time. He raised his eyebrows and said to himself: “Isn’t it too late?”

“Okay, okay,” one? I’m talking about Shenma…she immediately recovered her scattered consciousness, and spoke out the rehearsal countless times, “This is your change, congratulations on winning, and welcome to come again next time.”

Twelve pennies were placed in front of him, obviously discounted again.

“Next time? Are you there every night?”


He is…

Tong Nian’s heart ignited a small flame of hope, sultry, and instantly turned the whole person red.

The little girl’s performance fell into his eyes and she had to start self-examination. Did she put pressure on others? He glanced at the “boyfriend” of the girl who slept dark in the corner.

His next sentence was originally “Little girl is not safe to watch Internet cafes at night”, but looking at the girl’s present expression, should he be regarded as an “unsafe” bad guy?

As a result, Gun cleared his throat and tried to make him look innocent and harmless. He told her with a condescending smile and a smile: “Don’t be afraid, I will ask casually.”

Having finished speaking, he didn’t even take the money and pushed the door away.

and many more……

I… don’t mind… you ask… ah…

She looked at the door, which was still shaking and not completely closed, and the whole person was submerged by the frustrated tide.

Early in the morning, Gun was woken up by the sound of conversation and footsteps outside the door and sat up from the sofa. Then, he bowed his head again, trying to wake himself up completely. I only slept for half an hour… It was a headache.

It seems… this morning is rock climbing? He found this consciousness indistinctly, and then he stood up a little bit slow, touched the door handle, pressed it, opened the door, and walked out.

At the same time, he took a piece of candy from his pants pocket, peeled it, bit his teeth, and walked slowly, eating slowly.

In front of them, the big boys walking around, all wearing uniform outdoor sportswear in clubs, red and white style, to be honest, a little ugly. But there is no way, it is the color specified by the sponsor.

He was still awake at three points and seven at night, and his beautiful face clearly read: Do not disturb idlers.

It’s a pity that some people still don’t know each other…

“Eh? Boss? Where did you go last night?”

“Something?” The eye opened reluctantly, glancing at the voice.

“No…” The other person bit his lip and turned to escape.

“Say something,” he grabbed the opponent, leaning his body lazily up, and a shallow pear vortex still appeared on his face, “I won’t eat you again, eh?”

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