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ITALY Rhapsody

ITALY Rhapsody
Other Name: ITALY狂情曲

Genre: novel, Ancient
Author: Yu Wanwan
Year: 2008
Chapter: N/A
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No way? There is also an Italian Mafia in Denmark? And it was him as a tourist. lady? They call him his wife? Did you make a mistake? His skin is soft and smooth; his body, although not tall, but not petite, he can’t be “misidentified” as a woman anyway, he must explain clearly… Explain? It seems unnecessary! Who told him to drink “Tears of the Mermaid”, so that the majesty that most proves that he is a man disappeared… Oh! This domineering and cold Italian man…he recognized him at all, regardless of whether she was a man or a woman…

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 (ITALY Rhapsody)

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