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Chapter 2 (ITALY Rhapsody)

Well, I was really comfortable in this sleep.

Hideji Takahashi hugged the soft pillow and rolled over comfortably. Standing 168 centimeters tall, he shrank in the corner of the hotel bed, like a sleepy koala.

He stretched, did not open his eyes, his face wrinkled unhappily at the thought of last night. It’s all to blame for the inexplicable old woman who turned his nightmare into a nightmare.

Yesterday, when he was drinking and drinking with a beautiful woman, he suddenly had severe colic in his belly and chest–a kind of pain that was almost an organ displacement. Except for appendicitis, he had never had this kind of pain in his entire life. An angry experience!

What transformative medicine the mermaid princess drinks! “Tears of the Mermaid” is simply a laxative with a nice name!

It made him crawl back to the room at night, showing his ugliness and ruining his image in front of the beauties.

Huh? Hideji Takahashi moved his nose and smelled the usual faint fragrance one by one

Unexpectedly, the female guard was so caring and followed him into the room. She really deserves to be the protector of the country, and even foreign guests are treated so considerately! Seriously, his memory only lasted until the female guard helped him into the elevator, and then he rushed to the bed and passed out in pain.

Hideji Takahashi opened his eyes happily and happened to look into the unclosed wardrobe mirror in the corner of the bed.

A pair of snow-white jade legs are temptingly exposed on the dark red bed sheet. The skin on the legs is so smooth that no blemish can be found. It is as attractive as it is. Looking up along those beautiful legs, Hideji Takahashi felt a fiery impulse in her lower abdomen with dry mouth.

That female guard was wearing his underwear!

The sexual openness of the Nordic people really deserves its reputation! Takahashi Hideji turned his head in a happy mood to look at the beautiful figure of the female officer in the mirror-admiring beauty in this way is also a sensual enjoyment! Hideji Takahashi did not look back at her, but just enjoyed the strange pleasure of peeking through the mirror.

His eyes were smooth over her slender waist. When he held her waist last night, why didn’t he notice that her waist was so slim?

A beautiful strand of hair, soft and shiny enough to be comparable to silk, Takahashi was amazed at the black silk that was scattered on her snow-white chest and abdomen, but his eyes unconsciously looked at the pair of snow-white breasts hidden under the black silk——

Mom Mia!

He had never seen a woman with such a beautiful breast, with natural pink on the softness of the snow, and pink buds faintly seduce people among the green silks.

After he swallowed uncontrollably, his clear eyes were shining like stars. I didn’t have a chance to linger with her last night, and today he will definitely let her beg for mercy. This is related to his strong physical needs at this time and the self-esteem of the Yamato nation!

No, there is something wrong, a thought pierced into his impulsive thoughts, his face wrinkled into a ball of blonde beauty last night, why turned into black hair this morning?

Hideji Takahashi looked away from her beautiful breasts and looked at her face-beauty! The face under the long hair has a fragile beauty: Wei Zhang’s double humiliation is innocent and sexy, but… but this face looks too much like him!

Hideji Takahashi looked back at the beautiful woman in the mirror with eyes wide open in shock, he suddenly turned his head and stared at his big bed one by one.

Apart from him, there is no one else on the bed!

impossible! Hideji Takahashi shuddered.

He pursed his lips, and the beauty in the mirror also pursed her lips; he raised his hand, and the beauty in the mirror also raised his hand. Hideji Takahashi slapped himself slapped his hair, dizzy, and the face of the beautiful woman in the mirror also showed bright red five-fingerprints!

Hideji Takahashi blushed and rushed from the bed to the mirror, and pressed his face to the cold mirror, facing the face in the mirror that he had seen for more than 20 years——

That’s right, this is his face!

But how did he become a woman? Gao Qiao Xiuqia stared at her long hair and his breathtaking chest just now. Of course it is too beautiful to grow on others, but it is weird when it grows on him!

What breasts do men have!

The bad premonition made Takahashi Hideharu hurriedly lowered his head and pulled open his underwear. Over, over…

His “little brother” is missing!

Hideji Takahashi shook his head and staggered back. After tripping over the carpet, he fell to the ground and his plump chest swayed rhythmically.

Hideyo Takahashi touched his long legs without any hairy legs, and couldn’t believe that his hairy legs were missing!

“What’s going on?” Takahashi yelled, hitting the floor hard.

He stared at the body he was completely unfamiliar with, and even pulled off his long hair so hard that he almost bit his tongue in pain.

The pain let him know that all this is not a dream, he has really become a woman!

Tears of the mermaid! He really believes that the mermaid princess is not a fairy tale now. Hideji Takahashi lay weakly on the ground, but there was a light of resentment in his eyes.

Back then, the mermaid princess was willing to become a person! And he was just trying to get rid of his old mother-in-law, so he joked like he said “he likes women”, and he is most proud of his “male prowess”.

As a result, he became a woman!

This lesson is to warn him to “respect the old and the virtuous”, can’t you ignore the elderly just because the beautiful women are on the side? Hideji Takahashi pulled his long hair nervously, and he was going crazy!

He is going to kill that old witch!

Hideharu Takahashi hurriedly picked up a village shirt and buttoned it with his hands and feet, and found that the originally fitted village shirt was being tightened by a pair of plump breasts, making him want to have a nosebleed.

damn it! No one would drool over his figure!

When putting on the trousers, Hideharu Takahashi wanted to smash all the furniture in the room. The old witch didn’t leave him any masculine features. Everywhere in his body was the figure of the woman he was most attached to before.

“Buckling! Old witch!” His extremely elastic buttocks stuck in his jeans, no matter how he pulled it, he couldn’t squeeze it in!

Hideji Takahashi angrily took off his trousers, grabbed a knee-length coat and wrapped him tightly. Before leaving the house, he accidentally had a face-to-face with her in the mirror-to death, he actually took a windbreaker. Well-dressed Ana!

His cheeks flushed with anger, but he couldn’t say a word.

Hideji Takahashi pushed open the door anxiously, watching whether anyone saw him from the left or right. He feels like a monster! He put up his jacket to cover half of his face, and jogged up the stairs in a panic.

“Stop!” A muffled and very strict male voice stopped his actions.

Hideji Takahashi turned his head and was shocked to see the black-haired man who had “verified himself” in the car yesterday. He ran away, with beautiful hair reaching up to his waist. Flying behind his shoulders.

“You can’t escape.” The man behind Hideyo Takahashi said coldly.

When Hideji Takahashi heard the words, he hurriedly ran faster. Just kidding, if this man caught him, he wouldn’t have a chance to find the old witch to restore his manhood! When he is a man, the Mafia will recognize the wrong person, so after he becomes a woman, isn’t it bad luck?

While everyone was stunned, Hideji Takahashi rushed out of the hotel panting, his slender legs were already running, vaguely showing the boundless spring light.

Why is the woman’s physical strength so bad, he is almost out of breath! Hideji Takahashi stretched his head and breathed hard. The weight of his chest made him want to tear them off one by one if he could!

The statue of the mermaid princess is on the right! Hideji Takahashi kicked off his sandals and pressed his abdomen, which was painful from the strenuous exercise. He didn’t dare to stop and call a taxi, he raised the hem of the windbreaker desperately, hoping that he could run faster and farther…

On a steep red brick road suitable for pedestrians, a black stretch sedan suddenly stopped.

Hideji Takahashi’s face was pale and he wanted to run forward, but the gold-rimmed glasses had already veteranly threw him into the car again. Before he could catch his breath, he “again” sat face-to-face with the mafia boss——

The difference is that gold-rimmed glasses are also sitting aside this time.

“I said you can’t escape for too long.”

The sight of the black-haired man almost pierced a hole in her.

“let me go!”

Hideji Takahashi crossed the barriers of the gold-rimmed glasses, slammed the car window desperately, heartbroken as he watched the mermaid statue disappear into his sight.

“I want to get out of the car!” Takahashi, who was approaching madness, squeezed the handlebar hard, his long hair covered his shoulders, and the expression on his face was almost hysterical.

“You have no chance to escape.” The black-haired man glanced at the crazy woman before him indifferently and winked at the gold-rimmed glasses.

“What do you want to do?”

A handkerchief was pounded on Hideji Takahashi’s mouth, and the weird sweet scent hit the tip of his nose.

He felt dizzy, and at the last second of closing his eyes, he swore that he saw the sneer on the lips of the black-haired man—

“Go search her room and bring her back to Kabuli Island!” Looking blankly at the woman who threatened his divorce by running away with a man, Yuko Fujiwara!

His head hurts! Hideji Takahashi groaned and buried his head in the center of the pillow.

“Water…” He was thirsty.

“Madam, what do you want?” a gentle female voice asked caringly.

“……I want to drink……”

He felt a pair of soft maternal hands lift up his body, and the warm water moistened his thirsty throat in a timely manner.

“It’s delicious.”

Hideji Takahashi opened his eyes, and his face immediately changed.

This is where! Is he still in that nightmare yesterday?

He stared at the silver-white pajamas on his body and looked at the towering twin peaks on his chest in disbelief.

“Where is this?” Hideharu Takahashi squeezed the quilt tightly and looked at the room dominated by metallic cold tones-this kind of room should be placed in a magazine, not for people!

“You are at home!” Maria looked at her with a strange expression.

“I want to know which country this is? Which ghost place?” Takahashi Hideharu exclaimed.

“Italy’s Capri Island!” Maria replied in a puzzled manner. The wife has always spoken coldly. Why has it all changed today? Her voice today is so loud that even a cook is inferior to a three-pointer!


Hideyo Takahashi hugged his head, almost crying.

How could he be in Italy? From Denmark to Italy, at least through Germany and Switzerland in the middle, how could he have no impression at all! He only vaguely remembered that he would be fed pills as soon as he opened his eyes, and after taking Yaojiu, he has been in a deep sleep state!

The mafia actually drugged him, Takahashi’s face tightened and he braced himself.

“Madam, are you okay? Drink some more water.”

Maria held the cup to her lips again.

“thank you.”

Hideharu Takahashi drank the cup of water quickly. Only when your throat is normal can you curse loudly.

Maria pulled her apron, her blessed face wrinkled and her eyes flushed. Tai Tai actually told her “Thank you for shooting”!

“Are you okay?” Takahashi looked curiously at this chubby mother, one by one very traditional Italian woman.

“Maria, don’t be fooled by her appearance! Go down and get your meal first.”

This low voice came, and Hideharu Takahashi shuddered twice. He stared bitterly at the black-haired man with contempt at the door. Is there a mistake? As the mastermind of the kidnapper, he dared to show him his face!

Maria glared fiercely at the woman on the bed, and left the room angrily. This bad woman pretended to be mentally exhausted a month ago and ran away from her husband while seeking medical treatment!

“Hey! I don’t want to be alone with him.” Hideji Takahashi suddenly wanted to stand up, but his body limply refused to obey the command. He lay down on the edge of the bed embarrassedly, with cloud-like hair scattered on the silver sheets, the thin-strapped silk satin pajamas slipped to one side, falling out of the glittering snow shoulder on the right.

Hideji Takahashi stared at his looming chest, quickly pulled the shoulder straps back to their original position, and quickly wrapped himself in a quilt. Although it was not an organ that he was born with, the pair of breasts always grew on his body before being returned to the witch.

A hint of surprise flashed in the eyes of the black-haired man. She has never been a conservative person!

“You haven’t eaten for three days. Forgive you for not having the strength to escape.” The man half-forced Hideji Takahashi’s waist and threw her from the side of the bed back to the bed without mercy.

“Who are you?” Takahashi looked at this handsome face who had never escaped from Leng Shuang.

The black-haired man deliberately propped his hands on the sides of her cheeks, pushing her body into the soft silver bedding. She always hated him approaching her!

“My dear, I am your husband-Dario.” Dario gave her a sneer without a smile.

Hideji Takahashi glared at Dario, as if he had seen a ghost with long horns——

“He” has a husband!

Damn it! He likes to eat spaghetti, yes, but an Italian husband? !

Dario stared at the surprised woman with big eyes open in front of him, wondering how she could act such a simple and confused expression.

“You said…what’s the name of’I’?” Hideji Takahashi breathed carefully, trying very hard to find out the information that “her” should have. This man doesn’t seem to be annoying!

“Fujiwara Yuko.” Still pretending? Dario stared at her without blinking.

Hideji Takahashi bit his lower lip. Very good, at least as Japanese as him.

Hideharu Takahashi reached out and tried to push Dario’s shoulders away. He is not a woman, and being pressed on the bed by a man is ambiguous!

But then. No matter how hard his hands pushed his shoulders, Dario still had no plans to move, still tyrantly snatching the fresh air around him.

Wouldn’t Dario want to fulfill his husband and wife duties at this time, right? In shock, Hideji Takahashi sneezed several times. very scary! He lowered his head in a panic, and put his arms around the quilt hard—

Even he wanted to drool at himself now, let alone Fujiwara Yuko’s husband.

“I want to call.” Takahashi Hideji said hurriedly, distracting his attention, and don’t let other men dream about this body!

“Where did you hit?” Dario asked aggressively.

“I’ll call back to Japan to find…” Hideji Takahashi was shocked by a pair of burning eyes before he could speak.

“I won’t let you find him!” Dario said firmly.

It’s amazing. Is he even sure about who he is looking for? Hideharu Takahashi tilted his head and watched Dario stand up with an ugly expression.

“How do you know who I am looking for? Do you have anything to do with that sea witch?” Takahashi Hideji asked.

“I don’t know what you are talking about. Don’t try to change the subject! It is an undeniable fact that you eloped with that Japanese man.” Dario replied disdainfully.

Hideharu Takahashi groaned, almost wanting to set off a series of firecrackers for his good luck. As long as it is a man, there is no way to accept the fact that it is a cuckold, let alone an Italian with a strong sense of family.

“You misunderstood, I’m not your wife—” Takahashi Hideji tried to explain quietly.

Dario threw a photo frame in front of her, and Leng Ling said, “Can you deny that the person in the photo is not you?”

Hideji Takahashi looked at the beautiful woman with beautiful eyes in the photo in surprise. He actually saw himself wearing a white gauze, so disgusting!

Hideharu Takahashi’s cheek twitched, and all the goose bumps appeared. His mouth opened and he wanted to talk, but he couldn’t say a word in Dario’s eyes, so he had to lower his head and continue to study the women’s style in the film-no way, he was naturally afraid of evil people.

“Do you have anything to say?” Leng Jian shot two.

“The two of us are different! This woman has a mole on the corner of her lips!” Takahashi Hideji raised his head and poked the frame with his hands excitedly.

“The mole can be removed with a laser. You wanted to do this a long time ago! Besides, your Japanese man is a doctor, isn’t it?” The cold air around Dario was even more severe. She actually dared to remind him of her lover in front of him!

Hideji Takahashi pulled his hair. This time it’s really not human inside and out! In a desperate situation, he pulled Dario by the neckline and repeatedly asked: “I am always a little different from her! If you look at me carefully, don’t you really see the difference between me and her? Women are so rude!”

“I won’t be fooled by you again! Letting you run away once has already damaged my reputation.”

Dario saw the expression on her face that she wanted to clear away, and he squeezed her chin to prevent her from challenging his authority again.

A week ago, the personnel he sent to track down reported that she and the Japanese doctor were on their way to Denmark, but when he wanted to take her back to Kabuli Island by the way, he was accidentally in Copenhagen. The restaurant caught her walking in the corridor wearing only a man’s jacket and underwear.

Lascivious woman! If it wasn’t for the subordinates to collect more information about her affair, how could she have the opportunity to spend a whole month outside.

“What do you want?” Gao Qiao Xiuzhi began to mad. Did Dario think his jaw was made of iron? “Isn’t it bad luck enough to be caught by you once in Copenhagen? To tell you the truth, I am the man who was robbed by you in the cafe.”

“Really?” In order to escape, she could really tell any lies, but Dario’s eyes turned sharp. It seems that he has withered Yuko Fujiwara’s power. She actually knew that he had caught a boy by mistake. It seemed that he needed to reorganize Sforza’s security team!

“That’s right! I’m the crazier!” Hideji Takahashi pulled his hand away when he wasn’t paying attention. It hurts!

“Are you still a man like this?” Dario’s big palm easily pulled off the thin shoulder straps of her body, allowing the pair of snow-white twin peaks to be exposed.

“You are perverted! How can you take off people’s clothes at every turn?” Hideji Takahashi flushed his cheeks and quickly used it to cover his chest. What a shame!

“It looks like I really want to take you to the psychologist for treatment.” Dario shook his head vigorously, not letting himself be impressed by her shyness, “One will perform breast augmentation surgery when running away from home. A woman who has a psychological problem basically!” He looked at her obviously plump twin peaks contemptuously.

“You have a mental problem. Whether my breasts are real or fake is what matters to you! The ID card does not indicate the size of a man or the cup of a woman…Ah! ID cards-passports!”

Hideji Takahashi suddenly yelled, and said to Dario with a smug smile:

“Passport can prove my identity! You can send someone to my hotel to find it.”

“No passport, I searched it.” Dario overturned her statement. How hard she is to play a schizophrenic!

“It’s impossible to not have a passport!” There was confusion in Takahashi’s eyes. He always carries his passport with him!

“You only have men’s clothes in your room, no passports!”

Dario stared at her with a ferocious face, and said cruelly: “You should be glad I didn’t find the man’s passport in the room, otherwise he can’t live until now.”

Hideji Takahashi shuddered. Dario’s eyes are not joking!

It’s very dangerous that when he checked into the hotel, in order to avoid the harassment of the broker, the room was registered with a false name, otherwise the lunatic would find the passport of “Takahashi Hideo” in the room, and he would really kill him without blinking. Up him!

“I didn’t do anything with that man!” Hideji Takahashi stammered in order to save his life.

“To shut up.”

Dario raised his hand and slapped her severely. There is no love between them, but she should at least keep the promise of marriage!

“I’m not her!” Hideji Takahashi was shocked, covering his cheeks, eyes with tears in his eyes.

He actually hit someone!

“What evidence can you give? Say it!” He looked at her with a pitiful face, and his doubts were suddenly in his heart. This is not the reaction of Fujiwara Yuko at all. She is arrogant and will at least try to oppose it. Slap him, or break all the furniture in the room!

Hideji Takahashi looked at Dario with his eyes open, but his grievance was unspeakable!

What evidence can he present? Say the name “Takahashi Hideharu” and let him spend the rest of his life in the pursuit? After pondering for a long time, after seeing Dario’s face eased, he said softly, “Go find a Takahashi Hiroshi who lives in Kyoto, Japan, and let him prove my identity.”

“If you let me find out that you are doing a ghost again, I promise to make him die ugly!” Dario was satisfied to see her face pale and bit the humiliation.

“I just hope you give me a chance to prove my identity, please don’t hurt him.” Hideji Takahashi begged humblely, never wishing his father had any accidents.

Seeing that Dario was about to look away, Hideharu Takahashi’s hand immediately supported his face.

“Please-please do. Don’t stop looking for your wife.”

“If you let me hear you saying that you are not’Fujiwara Yuko’ again, I will immediately send you to a mental hospital so that you will never get out of it for the rest of your life, understand?” Dario grabbed her wrist. I was deeply displeased by her nonsense.

“Please, I’ll only say this time, please listen to what I just said, okay?” Takahashi’s eyes were shining from anxiety, staring at him deeply.

“I’ll send food to you so that you can replenish your energy! New wine will be on the market in a while. As the hostess of the Sforza family, there are several banquets you must attend.” Dario pushed away. She changed the subject.

Fujiwara Yuko’s flexible posture turned his flame into a restrained one-he was not used to getting angry with a gentle woman.

He pressed the call bell and asked Maria outside the door to walk in with the dining car.

Hideji Takahashi looked at his long black back and forced himself to be patient, at least until his father came here to prove his innocence. Of course, the best ending is that they found the genuine Fujiwara Yuko!

“Eating.” Maria scowled and pushed the dining car in front of her.

“Chi!” Hideji Takahashi stared at the beef liver on the plate, a food he dared not eat when he was in Rome!

“I’ll just drink some hot porridge.” Takahashi Hideji said hurriedly, looking at Maria with helpless eyes. She looked very loving.

“Eat it,” Dario said impatiently.

“I’d rather starve to death!” Takahashi Hideji’s mouth narrowed, like an awkward child.

“If you don’t eat this plate today, you’ll just wait for three days without food.” Dario threatened him, and forced the fork into her hand.

Hideji Takahashi’s eyes widened, and he inserted a spoonful of salad very aggrievedly, and the food was so large that he knew he was hungry. In Maria’s surprised and happy gaze, he ate the salad with good appetite, and then swallowed all the crispy toasted bread into his stomach. Then, when he drank the tomato soup, His entire face lit up!

“Drink well, drink well.” Hideji Takahashi scooped the soup into his mouth spoon by spoon.

“Okay, you can finally accept tomatoes! This soup is very nutritious,” Maria said with satisfaction.

Dario looked at how Fujiwara Yuko was drinking soup seriously. Maria often complains that she doesn’t like to eat other foods except meat. Is she really hungry? Still pretending again?

Dario watched her every move calmly.

“Maria, can I have some more soup?” Takahashi showed his brightest smile. The agent said his smile can fascinate women from five to fifty-five years old.

“There is still a big pot downstairs, I’ll bring it to you.” Maria grinned as he said.

“Eat the beef liver.” As soon as Dario spoke, she saw her face collapse.

“Maria, I just want to drink soup and bread, okay?” Hideharu Takahashi began to play his only child’s instinct to behave like a baby, looking at Maria wistfully.

“Yes! Drinking more soup is good for your health.”

Maria’s words were interrupted by Dario with a stern look–

“The beef liver is made by Maria specially for you. Eat it! Do you know how worried she was when you disappeared that day?”

Dario crossed a piece of beef liver, pinched her jaw, and forced her to swallow the beef liver.

“I don’t want…” As soon as the beef liver came out, the nausea came up from Takahashi Hideji’s stomach. Hideji Takahashi held his breath, not daring to let the smell of beef liver spread in his mouth.

“I count to three. If you don’t swallow the beef liver into your stomach, the Takahashi you just mentioned will lose a finger tomorrow!” Dario threatened without changing his face, without a look in his eyes. Popularity.

Maria stood by the dining car trembling, and finally knew why outsiders said the young master was cold-blooded.

Hideji Takahashi’s sad tears slid down his cheeks~

Why did Dario keep oppressing him again and again? He wiped away his tears angrily, not wanting to show weakness in front of Dario, he moved his lips, and tried to swallow the beef liver into his stomach.

“Evil!” The beef liver slid down his throat, and he vomited it all out with a wow.

“Don’t eat it! Don’t eat it!” Although she didn’t understand too much why she hated her favorite dish so much, Maria still kindly patted her on the back: Dario stared at that cup of water and drank desperately. He dropped the words: “Maria, you are not allowed to give her any food before she finishes this plate of beef liver!”

After he finished speaking, he faced the pair of eyes mixed with fear and resentment one by one, he wanted to see how long she could still pretend!

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