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Chapter 1 (ITALY Rhapsody)

Yun, how could it be so white and soft! How could the sky be so blue and clear!

Hideji Takahashi opened his soft lips slightly, looking at the exotic surroundings belonging to Copenhagen. This Danish capital, one of the seven major European ports, is a city full of beauty and contradictions.

Emerging technology buildings are interlaced with elegant squares of the Middle Ages; on the green streets, a few colorful cars travel leisurely, and the rare good weather in winter makes the bicycles on the street just overtake the cars. quantity.

Copenhagen has a highly modern civilization, but the residents still follow the traditional way of living leisurely. Whenever he inadvertently meets the Danish eyes, they will always respond to him with a cordial smile one by one like the people of Tokyo. There is a big difference in the indifferent sunshine smile.

At the open-air cafe, Hideji Takahashi’s even more feminine face attracted a lot of attention, but he just continued to spread out on the chair, basking in his sunshine. Continue to smile at the pedestrians on the street. Anyway, no one knew him in this Nordic city!

Hideji Takahashi picked up the coffee, sniffed it, and put it back on the table with satisfaction. In fact, he likes to drink Japanese Sencha more than coffee. But the aroma of coffee always made him unable to help but order a cup!

I knew that this trick that threatened his agent Kiyoshi Lin Tian to resign could effectively get him a two-month holiday. He had put it into practice as early as a year ago when he debuted. A slim body that even women would envy.

You know, a successful cowboy also needs to travel at any time to increase his knowledge.


Hideharu Takahashi’s mind shifted as a young girl passed by

——There are so many beautiful men and women in Denmark that are staggering!

Quiet one by one

Suddenly, the voice of people talking next to Hideji Takahashi suddenly fell silent, joyous

The laughter also stopped abruptly. A couple at the next table began to lower their heads intently

Eating cake; while the three men on the left who laughed loudly, Xing took out their books.

Really reading.

What happened? Hideharu Takahashi gave up the smile thrown to him by the young girl

Suggesting, turning his head questioningly and looking at the group of four who walked from the cafe to the open-air cafe

A man in black.

The black-haired and black-eyed person should be Italian, right? But this group of people condensed,

Makes scalp numb.

Hideharu Takahashi very ostrich imitated his table behavior, pretending to be leisurely, bowed his head and took a sip

coffee. It’s bitter!

There are only two types of Italian men in his impression. The first one is because of one

An exaggerated human who screams and screams “Mamma Mia” after a good cup of coffee. This kind of

When people hear that he is a man, they will take the opportunity to rub his butt a few times. This kind of Roman pervert, he had encountered many of them a few days ago! As for the second type, he has only seen it in movies, and hopes that he won’t have the chance to encounter many of them!

As for the second type, he has only seen it in movies, and hopes that he won’t have the chance to encounter–

The cruel and quiet Italian mafia.

Hey, it’s over! They actually came towards him. Hideji Takahashi saw a group of crow-like colors coming towards him from the corner of his eye, and he stiffened, holding the coffee cup in his hand tightly.

He was only twenty-two years old and didn’t want to be buried in a foreign country.

“Mrs., Mrs. is waiting for you inside.” The man with gold rim glasses said in English, without any expression on his long face.

“You confessed to the wrong person.” Hideji Takahashi, who was relieved, replied in fluent English.

so close! In order for him to take over the Takahashi family’s business, his grandmother sent him to the United States to study for three years!

“Madam, please don’t joke with us.” Gold-rimmed glasses said sternly.

“I really don’t know you. And I’m a man, not a big man.” Noting the inappropriate name of a man, Hideji Takahashi referred to his short hair and a male outfit, and rolled his eyes impatiently. Except for his facial features a little more beautiful, and a 168 cm tall figure that is a little thinner, he looks like a woman in no way!

The four men in black glanced at each other, and they all had patience in their eyes.

Hideharu Takahashi turned his head and pretended to study his Danish travel guide seriously. Why don’t they go away yet!

“Mrs., Mr. is waiting for you inside!” Gold-rimmed glasses looked at her stubbornly, with no plans to leave.

“I’m not a wife!” Hideharu Takahashi protested, and immediately found out with horror that these men had surrounded him from front to back. “What do you want to do!”

“Sorry.” The gold-rimmed glasses gave a low voice.

Hideji Takahashi stared at the two brawny men in disbelief and stood next to him-his arms were being held up by the brawny, and his body was leaving the chair!

“What do you want to do!” Takahashi Hideji yelled, and was afraid to find that he was being dragged forward by them, and he couldn’t stop them with all his strength.

“Let go of me!” Hideji Takahashi struggled to find a way out between the four pairs of iron arms.

“Please cooperate, we don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’m a man! Don’t call my wife!” Takahashi yelled in horror. No “Help!” In panic, Takahashi Hideji suddenly released his maximum decibel.

“Don’t force us to do it, ma’am.” The gold-rimmed glasses frowned, took out the phone to say a few words in Italian respectfully, and waved to make the subordinates quicken the pace.

Hideji Takahashi’s body was suspended and flew off the ground-in fact, he was being carried on foot!

The horror made Takahashi Hideyo’s voice stuck in his throat, forgetting to play the role of screaming.

What is going on! Didn’t the travel guide say that Copenhagen is safe?

Didn’t the travel guide say that stealing a bicycle in Copenhagen is a terrible crime? Then why was he caught by the Italian Mafia in broad daylight?

, Help! Help! “Recovered, Hideharu Takahashi yelled desperately.

However, before his life-saving sound had time to shake the entire Copenhagen, a black elongated car drove in front of him. Before he could breathe, he was shocked to find that he was jammed in the car.

The car was speeding along the streets of Copenhagen. He-was kidnapped!

Hideji Takahashi stared at the black-haired man sitting across from him. who is he?

“Thinking that if you cut off your long hair, others can’t tell you?” The black-haired man spoke fluent English, and a trace of boredom flashed in his deep eyes.

What is this handsome Italian guy talking about? Hideji Takahashi stared at the man in front of him in a daze, but he hadn’t awakened from the shadow of being held hostage. If he was a woman, he would never mind being kidnapped by a man who even Michelangelo would admire.

But one by one he is a man!

“You admitted the wrong person.” Takahashi took a deep breath and tried to straighten his lack of strength.

“No one can leave without accident after insulting the Sforza family!” The man did not listen to the buzzing whispers in the audience.

“I said one by one you caught the wrong person.” Hideji Takahashi said with a hoarse throat from his thirsty.

The man frowned when he heard this voice, and he leaned back on the chair and looked at the small snow-white face and the slightly trembling red lips.

“I’m a man, and my voice is different from a woman.” Hideji Takahashi coughed lightly and tried to explain.

“A woman who is accustomed to good food and clothing will always change a bit after a month of fleeing.” The man drank to himself, staring at his prey like a falcon.

Hideji Takahashi swallowed. Does “he” look like this gangster woman?

“No matter how stupid you are, I can see that I am a man-I have a Adam’s apple!” Takahashi straightened his throat, trying his best to show his unobvious Adam’s apple.

“I hate others for not admitting it.” The man glanced at the slender throat and said coldly.

“I’m really a man!” Hideji Takahashi shouted hoarsely.

“Where is the evidence?”

“Evidence?” Hideharu Takahashi repeated incredulously. Does this kind of thing that anyone with eyes can understand still needs evidence?

The black-haired man sneered at her silently and pressed a button on the side of the armrest, causing a dark glass to rise between the back seat and the driver.

Hideharu Takahashi felt extremely difficult to breathe, even though there was enough space for four big men to lie flat!

“You…you…what do you want to do?” Takahashi stammered, and quickly shrank into the corner.

“Prove your mouthful of lies, prove that you never told the truth a day!” The man’s sharp eyes fixed on him, and the corners of his lips raised an interesting smile. He stretched out his hand to loosen his tie, his expression was absolutely ruthless.

Before Takahashi could have any thoughts, he was flattened on the seat by the man’s sturdy arms.

“What do you want to do! You are perverted!” Takahashi Hideji shuddered.

The black-haired man licked the wine stains from his lips with the tip of his tongue, and there was a cruel smile in his dark blue eyes. It was the first time I saw so many expressions on her face in two years of marriage. It’s interesting!

Hideji Takahashi raised his fist, trying to punch him. But just as his left hand was raised, the man’s big palm pressed on his lower abdomen unceremoniously plunged into his muscles, forcing all the air in his body, and grinning in pain, trying to shed tears.

That’s it! I was not assaulted by those old men in Japan, but my chastity was not guaranteed in Denmark! The sense of crisis makes Takahashi Hideji a violent struggle, like a lamb eager to escape from a trap.

“Try to struggle again!” The man’s big palm was tied to the cold throat, and he watched with satisfaction that the people under him no longer resisted except for trembling.

Hideji Takahashi stared at the man’s merciless eyebrows panting, feeling humiliatingly that the man was pulling open his coat and pulling his cedar out of his jeans.

With a snap, Hideji Takahashi’s shirt was torn apart, and the white but non-feminine curve was exposed to the warm air in the car.

The black-haired man lifted his nose slightly, glanced sharply at “he”‘s delicate features and male chest, then walked away from “him” blankly, picked up the phone and quickly confessed a few words in Italian.

Hideji Takahashi desperately grabbed a spring coat to wrap himself, and stared at the bastard who drank nonchalantly with a vicious look!

“It’s a shame that this face was born on a man.” The black-haired man sculpted

“It doesn’t matter what my face looks like! No one in our country is blind enough to think of me as a woman!” Takahashi Hideji straightened up and tried not to lose his momentum. Is it his fault to be more “beautiful”?

The black-haired man raised his eyebrows and handed him a glass of wine.

Hideharu Takahashi snatched the glass and drank it in one sip when he raised his head.

“Cough cough cough…” The fierceness of the population made him cough hard. This whiskey is really strong!

“We Italian men will never be choked by wine.” The divine face looked at the opposite seat with a smile, and it has been a long time that no one can make him so happy.

“You… apologize!” Takahashi Hideji fiercely accused him, and the fear accumulated along the way completely broke out at this time. He has no regrets at all!

The black-haired man raised his eyebrows, his lips smiled like he was tolerating an unreasonable kid.

“Apologize!” Hideji Takahashi raised his chin and said persistently.

“Do you want me to throw you into the black street and make you a man’s plaything, or do you want me to throw you into the sea to see the legendary mermaid?” The threatening words slid out of the man’s mouth in a chanting tone.

Hideji Takahashi’s big black eyes were open, and before he could swear “an inexplicable pig”, the car stopped abruptly. The car door was opened in the next second, the gold-rimmed glasses dragged him out of the car, and after nodding politely at him, he stepped onto another black sports car and left quickly.

Standing in the middle of the road, Hideji Takahashi opened his mouth wide and looked at the two speeding cars innocently.

“The girl who ran away with his tail sandwiched!” He cursed bitterly, and exhaled at the same time. It’s okay!

The powerless feeling of being kidnapped gradually faded under the warm sun, and Hideji Takahashi weakly supported the wall and avoided the two bicycles. As the terrain turned a corner, the building in front of him immediately took all his attention.

Fort Ann Marie Palace is the residence of the Thousand Mai royal family!

The majestic vaulted building is built around the fountain. The magnificent momentum and classical and elegant stone pillars make Long’s mood very good, and the guards walking back and forth on the octagonal red brick square make his eyes brighter one by one.

Female guards!

A female guard with gorgeous facial features gave him a smile, and Hideharu Takahashi’s frowning face was immediately thrown back to Japan! If the Nordic beauty doesn’t mind that they may be the same height, what can he care about?

Under Hideharu Takahashi’s enthusiastic gaze, the female guard once again cast a wink from under the leather tube cap. The red uniform and sea-blue military trousers completely set off her young and slender figure.

It was a pleasure to be able to unarm the soldiers-Hideharu Takahashi responded to her from his most charming angle, and in front of her, took out a note and wrote down his hotel room number.

When he lost his toe and tied the note on the branch, he heard the strange sounds and exclamations coming from around him, and he glanced at the excitement-looking people strangely. In Japan, when you get a bad lottery, you always have to tie it to Murakami. Is this kind of thing worth their yelling?

Well, now go and see the most famous mermaid statue in Denmark! Before he was kidnapped, he happened to see the travel book saying that Fort Ann Marie Palace and the Mermaid Statue were not far apart. Hideharu Takahashi walked easily along the clean streets. Better than Denmark!

He frowned and recalled the mess he experienced in Rome the other day–Audrey Hepburn’s “Roman Holiday” really beautified Rome! When he was taking pictures in Rome, his mind was all about how to instruct the Italian people to clean up the trash. At least they shouldn’t let travelers step on the beer can with their left foot while walking in the park; they should step on the empty pizza box with their right foot!

The Italians are all broken! Hideji Takahashi thought of what happened just now, and couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows and pass by an ancient castle. He looked along the coast at the small one that occupies half a page of the travel guide, but is actually only 80 centimeters in size. Mermaid statue.

Hey, poor mermaid! Although the mermaid had met him back then, the situation would not have been so good. He liked women one by one, but he imagined that he had been worried about which woman he was. Women are the same to him!

After angering with his grandmother, he left the Cowherd industry. After maximizing his attractiveness to women, he began to get tired of this kind of laughter. He really didn’t want to settle down to work seriously, but he didn’t want to spend his time on women either. Maybe it’s really time to retire…

The somewhat tired Hideji Takahashi sat down on a hidden chair on the side of the road. Although it is not the peak season for sightseeing, a dozen or so people scattered on the entire embankment happen to occupy all the chairs.

He turned his face to one side and happened to see a gray-haired old woman looking left and right. Are you looking for a location?

“Mother-in-law, there is a seat here.” Takahashi Hideji said in English friendly.

The old woman walked towards him with her head down. He only saw her white hair and thin arms under her black coat.

After the old woman sat down beside him, she asked in a low voice, “Do you want to buy something?”

It turned out to be a seller! Hideji Takahashi raised his eyebrows and looked around. After he was sure that there would not be a swarm of hawkers coming up, he asked with a good temper, “What are you selling?”

The old woman raised her head, staring at him with her bare eyes.

Hideji Takahashi held his breath–

scare! How old is this mother-in-law? The wrinkles of Japan’s grandmother Ruijin and Yin are less than half of the white-haired mother!

“My treasure one by one” The old woman stretched out a pair of thin arms like wood, and a transparent test tube the size of an index finger was placed in her claw-like palm.

“What is this?” Takahashi managed to squeeze a smile at her, pretending to be a nonchalant expression-not hurting women is his principle.

“Tears of the mermaid.” The old woman said in Shaga’s voice.

“What is’Tears of Mermaid’? Drink?” Takahashi glared at the different shades of blue in the test tube. What a beautiful ice blue!

“Tears of the Mermaid” is the kind of magical transformation potion that the mermaid princess exchanges with the sea witch with her voice. “The old woman pointed to the mermaid statue in the distance and said.

Hideji Takahashi rolled his eyes unceremoniously. There are so many weird things encountered today! When you return to the hotel later, remember to sprinkle some salt on your body to get rid of the mildew.

“Mother-in-law, you should be talking about the fairy tale mermaid princess written by Andersen?” Takahashi Hideji raised his eyebrows, intending to see how nonsense she could be.

It was Andersen who happened to meet me when he was in a daze by the sea. He gave me some food and water, so I told him the story! “The Sea Witch said slowly.

“If you were that witch, why would you stay on land?” Takahashi Hideji asked with a smile.

“I have been banished to land for six hundred years! The king lost the little princess, and he just found a crime that the sea snake I raised had overreproduced, killed the creatures in the sea, and drove me out of the sea. The princess became an angel. Good thing, the king doesn’t want to think about whose contribution it is! The mermaid has a lifespan of 666 years, and I have 66 years to hang around on the land,” unless she puts the last bottle of “Tears” are handed over to humans, and she has a chance to return to the sea!

“You were driven away from the sea by the king, so you sell’mermaid tears’ here?” Hideji Takahashi laughed lowly, and directed at her too outrageous lies and such a serious attitude——

He bought it!

“Who else has bought’Tears of the Mermaid’? Has Andersen bought it?” he asked jokingly.

“Andersen didn’t buy it, but a guy named Da Vinci bought two bottles hundreds of years ago.” said the sea witch.

“Da Vinci bought two bottles?,” Hideji Takahashi bit his lower lip desperately, trying to keep himself from bursting into laughter.

“Yes, he drank a bottle and turned himself into a woman, drew a self-portrait of’her’, and then drank another bottle to change himself back, that self-portrait is called Meng Lisa!” Sea Witch Staring at his flushed face. Why is this human face so strange?

“One by one, one by one” Hideji Takahashi couldn’t help laughing finally, until he burst into tears. Mona Lisa is a self-portrait of Da Vinci after transgender! day!

“Okay! How much is this bottle of “Mermaid Tears”?” Hideji Takahashi raised his head and said freely after smiling enough. It’s been a long time since I heard such a wonderful story!

“This thing is not for sale! Have you never seen Andersen’s “Mermaid”? This is to exchange your most precious and important things for your favorite and most wanted things!” The sea witch thief smiled twice. Sheng, stuffed “Tears of Mermaid” into his hands. In fact, this man is the first in nearly fifty years to run away without seeing her.

Idiot! “In short,’Tears of the Mermaid’ only sells destined people, and you gave me a seat…”

When Hideyo Takahashi listened to the old woman’s words, suddenly a beautiful woman passed by him on a bicycle. His slender legs and soft double peaks made him unable to move the cords one by one.

The woman riding a bicycle turned her head and smiled to the ground, her long hair fluttering in the air.

It’s the female guard! Hideji Takahashi smiled with a white tooth, and immediately threw the “Tears of the Mermaid” back to the old woman, and immediately got up and waved to the beauty.

“Young man!” The Sea Witch glared at the distracted stinky man, pinching his arm with her claw-like fingers. She must sell him “Tears of the Mermaid”!

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” Hideji Takahashi returned to his senses and found that the old woman was staring at him viciously.

“Drink it.” The sea witch pushed “Tears of the Mermaid” into his hands.

“Don’t be kidding! Who knows if it is poisoned or drugged!” Hideji Takahashi wanted to put “Tears of the Mermaid” back into the hands of the old woman, but he did not expect that those thin fingers had great strength. , He just pushed the test tube back into his palm.

“I must give you things!” The sea witch glared at him.

“I’ll give you the money, you take the things with you!” Takahashi Hideji from his fashionable big backpack

In, take out the wallet.

“I don’t want money!” The sea witch squeezed his arm.

“Unless you drink half of it first.” He was glared by a pair of eyes without eyelashes.

Said perfunctorily.

The sea witch picked up “Tears of the Mermaid” and drank half of the can. Mermaid tears come to her

Saying it doesn’t matter at all!

One minute by one

Seeing that the old woman still abused his arm with a composure expression, and the female guard

Bing had stopped his bicycle, picked up the note he had tied to Murakami and waved at him.

Hideharu Takahashi quickly caught the transparent test tube, and he looked up and planned to drink it all in one go–

“Just drink three drops, otherwise your wish will be fully realized.” Sea Witch

Her eyes glowed and she explained that she was also very kind sometimes.

“Whatever!” Hideji Takahashi, who was anxious to leave, grumbled the remaining half of the bottle.

Drinking up, I didn’t find that when he raised his hand, a passport was moving from his unclosed back.

The bag fell out and was trampled under the feet by the sea witch.

“I’m done drinking!” It is salty, like salt water, 80% of which is pigmented


“Young man, what part of the human body do you like best?” The sea witch took his hand


“It’s hard to answer! Basically, as long as the face is good,

Flowing beautiful women, I like all their parts. “Takahashi Hideji happily picked

Raises an eyebrow, compares the curve of the woman with his hand, and at the same time does not forget to throw a smile at the female guard


“What part of yourself do you value most?” The sea witch smiled evilly.

Hideji Takahashi pursed his lower lip impatiently. In order to get out and leave as soon as possible, he deliberately pointed to his lower body roughly. “Of course it’s my male prowess!”

His eyes moved closely with the female guard. He will definitely have a chance to show his “prolonged talent” tonight!

“Mother-in-law, I’m leaving now! You keep the money for dinner.” Takahashi smiled lightly, blinking the long eyelashes that even women would be jealous of, absently put the money in the hands of the old woman, turned around and walked towards the female guard. go with.

Hideharu Takahashi, who hurried away, did not notice the sea witch’s weird and relaxed smile, did not hear the spell chanted by her mouth, did not see his passport being put into her coat, of course, he did not notice either To–

The legs of the sea witch have changed from human legs to fish tails!

“You humans polluted the ocean. I will take your passport and go back to worship my shrimp soldiers and crabs who were killed by you!” The sea witch jumped into a sea of ​​people in a hidden corner, taking Hideji Takahashi’s passport and the pile of useless. All of his bills carried people nautical miles.

I can finally go home! Thank you for that beautiful stupid man!

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