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Chapter 3 (ITALY Rhapsody)

Is he living in a museum now? Hideji Takahashi stared at the scene out of the window blankly, his mouth could not close for a long time. A gorgeous spire building, arched ancient window type, the goddess statue is inlaid on the column of the promenade, and the wall is carved with ribbons. At a glance, you can tell that it is a time-honored monument-no museum in Kyoto is so magnificent!

Is there a fountain in a normal person’s home? No, only museums have this kind of fountain with marble and stone sculptures!

Will there be separate lanes for people and cars in normal people’s homes? No, only the Daguanfuxie can have this kind of lanes with a width of several meters.

Will there be a row of endless rooms in a normal person’s home? No, only luxury resort hotels have more than fifty rooms.

Hideji Takahashi poked his head out of the window, and for the third time he was able to see the rooms he could see for a few days-fifty! Although their family’s mansion in Kyoto also occupies a large area, fifty rooms are after all an exaggeration.

What kind of family has he provoked!

Hideharu Takahashi lay his head down in despair at the window and looked at this huge building that could open exhibitions. After he finished his dinner last night, the tranquilizer left in his body made him sleep deeply, so he didn’t have time to look at the house. I didn’t look at the risk, otherwise he would probably be scared to sleep all night!

He had heard that the mafia department in Italy was very rich, but he never thought that Dalio would be so rich that he had a thieves!

Hideji Takahashi rubbed the goose bumps on his arm, but he couldn’t help but turn his attention to his pearly white skin-his original delicate skin, after turning into a woman, was so slippery that he was slippery. Can’t put it down.

He sighed helplessly, and looked back at the modern silver and black design in the room-the layout of the room was cold and not in harmony with this elegant old house.

Eighty percent is the woman designed by Yuko Fujiwara who laughs coldly even after taking wedding photos!

Hideji Takahashi took the photo frame and couldn’t help but want to scratch his face. Who doesn’t seem to him, and why is he unhappily like the wife of the underworld brother?

Dejectedly walked to the bathroom, he sighed again at the black marble on the floor, provoke a family whose bathroom was magnificent, he was not sure that he had some chance of escape.

He lifted the toilet lid, fingers naturally extended to the pull button between his legs-empty!

No pants, no zippers, and no things under the zippers. He has nothing now! Gao Qiao Xiuzhi looked down at the feminine gauze nightgown on her body and cursed loudly: “Fuck your old witch!”

He raised his middle finger to the ceiling angrily, then raised his skirt aggrievedly and sat on the toilet, using an extremely uncomfortable way to resolve the excess water in his body.

Strangely, I don’t know whether going to the toilet is also the reason for the difference in personality between men and women. Men can easily solve their physical needs regardless of location, so they are easily impulsive; women take a lot of work to go to the toilet, so they consider things more. Many!

If he had known that one day he would become a woman, he would at least take a three-point full nude photo to commemorate the young and middle-aged period he “had”. Gao Qiao Xiuzhi looked down at the strange organ for three seconds. After the clock, he turned his face shamelessly, he felt like a pervert peeking at porn videos!

He quickly solved his physical needs, and Hideji Takahashi tried his best to avoid the beautiful reflection in the mirror, but couldn’t ignore the long hair that made his whole body wrong.

He shut the faucet hard and rushed to the door of the room with his long hair. He had to ask if Dario had already called his dad. Gao Qiao Xiuzhi turned the door and locked the door!

They actually regarded him as a prisoner, and this recognition irritated Takahashi Hideji. His movements were also uncharacteristically rough. He kicked the door with his feet, not caring about how ugly the elegant “she” was at this time!

“Open the door and let me go out!” Hideji Takahashi slammed the door hard, and the sound of bumps disturbed the quiet mansion at 7 o’clock in the morning. “Open the door!”

“What are you kidding me about early in the morning!” Dario Fu woke up in a low creaking voice, scared Takahashi Hideji’s whole person to the door panel.

Hideji Takahashi stared at Dario and walked out from behind a black curtain. There is a door behind the curtain.

He swallowed, his eyes could not be removed from Dario’s body. The lean brown body only wore a short nightgown, and his slightly messy hair made him wild and wild. Italian law should clearly stipulate that their men are not allowed to discharge indiscriminately in the morning!

Hideji Takahashi covered his chest and found his heart beating without a doubt! Did he become interested in men because of endocrine disorders?

“You… how did you get out of there?” Takahashi stammered.

“You don’t have to pretend to be so thorough. Our room is a group of connected suites.” Dario pursed his lips and leaned against the wall, looking at her facial expression that was far from calm and graceful.

“You have no right to imprison me here,” Hideji Takahashi barely squeezed out his voice under Dario’s gaze. Dario didn’t know that his way of looking at people would make people uneasy 7

“You are my wife, this is my house, why did you imprison it?” Dario slowly approached her, raising an eyebrow to watch her defensively jump back to the bed.

“I want to go back to Denmark!” Hideji Takahashi yelled at him.

“I have no time to accompany you back.” Does she still want to go back to the man in the restaurant? Dario’s good mood was completely destroyed.

“Otherwise, you can send someone to monitor me. I must go back to Denmark. I can’t stay here forever!” Hideji Takahashi was anxious, and his voice became louder. He shuddered at the thought of using this female body for the rest of his life.

“Unless I leave with you, I won’t let you go to Denmark alone.” Dario replied authoritatively, his eyebrows already raised dangerously.

“I’m not your wife!” Hideji Takahashi yelled, pulling on his nightgown irritably.

“Have you forgotten what I said yesterday? You are not allowed to say that you are not Yuko Fujiwara! … Dario took a leap and squeezed her hand. She must have not tasted the consequences of irritating him!

Dario caught her eyes tightly, tugged at her with one hand, and took the phone with the other and pressed the inside line.

“Mario, immediately book a special room at the Nursing Home in Naples, which is to be isolated from everyone and is heavily guarded-I want to make sure that she will stay there obediently.”

“I don’t want to go to the mental hospital.” Takahashi Hideji suddenly backed away, but Dario’s big palms tightened his waist tightly. Hideharu Takahashi’s eyes widened apprehensively. Dario is a devil at all!

He must have been a ghost just now to find him masculine.

“If you don’t want to go to the mental hospital, don’t do things that make me angry, understand?” Dario rubbed her chin with his fingertips, speaking in a gentle tone, but his compelling eyes were fierce.

Hideharu Takahashi nodded vigorously, speechless. He must escape from here! He is not Fujiwara Yuko, he may violate Daario’s taboo at any time, and then be thrown into a mental hospital for a lifetime!

“Open your mouth to answer my words. Dario commanded frantically.

“Understood.” Hideji Takahashi squeezed his fingers and found that his eyes were already filled with moisture——

Damn, why women cry so much! He lowered his head quickly, desperately trying to win the tears from his eyes.

Dario watched her biting her lip coldly. He swears that her eyes are full of tears! Is this Fujiwara Yuko’s new trick? It’s just that… when she pretended to be weak before, she still looked arrogant and ignored people!

Hideji Takahashi sighed, and his small face was pulled into a ball. Dad must be very worried about him now!

parents! Hideji Takahashi’s eyes suddenly sparkled, and he raised his head suddenly and held Dario’s arm excitedly.

“Where is my family?”

DNA, DNA can determine the parent-child relationship! As long as Fujiwara Yuko has parents, he can prove that he is not “her”! He really admired his genius mind one by one Hideharu Takahashi thought smugly.

“‘Your’ parents don’t live in Italy.” What the hell is she doing!

“Then when will they come back? Or do I have any brothers or sisters?” Takahashi looked at him expectantly.

“They only go to Italy two or three times a year.” Dario narrowed his eyes and looked at Fujiwara Yuko. “Also, you are the only child.”

“Damn it! Then if you call them to come to Italy, you say you found me! Okay? Okay?” Takahashi looked around and couldn’t find a phone; he stamped his feet with anger.

“No yelling.’

Dario clasped her shoulders and didn’t like her to become a woman he couldn’t understand at all. The unfamiliar Fujiwara Yuko upsets him!

‘I beg you one by one? “Takahashi Hideji’s tone softened, and his bright eyes looked up at this place with watery eyes. Alas! I didn’t expect him to be useful to this day of beauty.

His hand gently covered the back of Dario’s hand…

“Do this trick again? Every time you can’t get what you want, you use your body to exchange it. Why don’t you directly admit that you are Fujiwara Yuko!” Dario pinched her jaw, nothing With an expression, she looked at her lips that were biting white because of the pain.

Almost, he was fooled by her superb acting skills! And her pitiful look actually provoked his desires-he hadn’t touched her for a long time since seeing her selfish face clearly!

“I just want to make a phone call.” Takahashi said with helpless lips, pushing his hands hard against Dario’s chest, trying to push away his grasp.

“For a phone call, you would exchange the sex you hate the most for Quandario lowered his head and grabbed Fujiwara Yuko’s lips, punished her lips again, and captured her with a presumptuous hostility. The moistness in her mouth teased her smooth tongue.

Hideharu Takahashi found helplessly that his unspoken protest was swallowed by his pure masculine breath. He was not used to being kissed yet, and was terrified to find that when Dario was kissing him so hard, the pleasure actually attacked his body in positions. After he groaned, he gave up the struggle and enthusiastically wrapped his arms around Dario’s neck—the fiery desire flowed through the two of them…

“Sure enough, she has the ability to pretend to be so intoxicated.” Dario said in a dumb voice, staring at her eyes hazy because of passion.

Hideji Takahashi covered his lips and looked at Dario in a daze, completely shocked. How could he feel weak in his legs because of a man’s kiss? Not to mention that when Dario’s sturdy body was holding him violently, his pores all over his body were unexpectedly looking forward to further sensory contact. Hideharu Takahashi pushed Dario away hard, as if his head was forced to the corner. Like a little mouse, he scurried around in Dario’s room, just wanting to run away from this place——

He opened a small door one by one was the study room!

He rushed out of the study and ran to the other door, the bathroom!

He stared at Dario fiercely, unceremoniously stopping the widening smile at the corners of his mouth.

Hideharu Takahashi straightened his back and walked towards the last door. Staring at the delicate lily totem above, he tried to press down each petal, trying to hit the copper flower core with his hands.

Useless! The door panel was still closed tightly.

Hideji Takahashi puffed his cheeks and kicked the door angrily. What a ghost room! As abnormal as the owner. This lock recognizes fingerprints, except for me. No one can drive. “Dario walked behind her, and the doubts gradually expanded in his heart-when did her expression become so rich?

“What do you look at! Is it funny to make fun of me?” Takahashi gave him an angry look and started to pace the room.

“I have something to go to the company later, you stay at home peacefully.” Dario walked into the bathroom, leaving her behind.

“I don’t want it.” At the thought of being locked up in the room, he felt suffocated.

Hideji Takahashi roared and rushed to the bathroom to protest: “I don’t want to stay here!”

“In our house, women don’t have a say-especially a woman with a red apricot coming out of the wall.” Dario took off his bathrobe, revealing his unwieldy figure.

“You-shameless!” Hideji Takahashi blushed and screamed out of the bathroom.

It’s the same, but I don’t see it less!


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.” Hideji Takahashi covered the mouth of the maid who brought the lunch with a towel as gently as possible.

He tiptoedly changed into the shirt and jeans he had brought from Dario’s room, and took some cash and a map of Capri Island stolen from the study. Hideji Takahashi went out triumphantly, and slipped downstairs when no one was paying attention. Which way to go? This place is like a maze. Hideharu Takahashi walked through the two suspected banquet rooms, and finally opened the correct door and walked to an outdoor garden. After bypassing the two “small” lawns, the sharp-eyed Takahashi Hideji saw a gardener-dressed man walking straight to the right with a basket on his back, and he immediately followed behind him surreptitiously. Most servants will go through the back door! .

Success for the second time! When he rushed out of the back door smoothly, he took a breath of free air and looked at the surrounding scenery in surprise–

Kabuli’s December innocence is so beautiful. The grassland is full of small purple and yellow flowers, even the buildings are mostly painted off-white to match the beautiful bright flowers around-this place looks like a fairy tale-like wonderland, although he now has a good opinion of fairy tales. No!

It must be the accomplice of that stinky man! Hideji Takahashi grabbed the man’s eyes with his nails without thinking.

“Look clearly, it’s me!” Dario shouted in a low voice.

One by one, when he heard this sound, Hideji Takahashi’s legs collapsed and fell directly into his arms. Saved!

Dario buckled her slender waist and let her leaning against his chest. She was shaking like a patient with a high fever. Dario patted the delicate body that was hugging him tightly, unconsciously seeing her half-open chest and dirty handprints on her body.

He took off his coat and wrapped her shoulders, and violently said to Mario: “Tick off his hand muscles.”

Hideharu Takahashi hugged Dario’s waist and couldn’t understand the meaning of that sentence, but after passing by the man with gold-rim glasses for a second, he heard the wailing from the alley, that sharp The cry even made him have to cover his ears. He didn’t have the courage to look back and see how the man was treated…

Dario embraced Fujiwara Yuko and walked into the sun. He thoughtfully asked, “Is Kabuli Island fun?” How could she not know that this is where the lower class people buy and sell their bodies!

Takahashi Hideyo suddenly looked up at the clear expression on his face. Jiuren came in and out of his throat: “You have been following me?”

“Why don’t you help me!” Hideji Takahashi raised his fist and punched his chest hard.

“You didn’t ask me to help when you escaped, did you?” Dario frowned and caught her wrist. This woman’s fist is quite strong!

Hideji Takahashi took a deep breath, and a string of liquid he couldn’t control immediately flowed out of his eyes. He turned his head bitterly, and desperately lowered his head. How can Japanese men cry in front of others!

How could he be so unlucky! He doesn’t want to be a woman! He has a lot of experience to be a man! Why turn him into a woman? Hideji Takahashi’s tears flowed more and more, so much that his shoulders began to twitch involuntarily.

She is crying again! Dario stood in front of her in disbelief, looking at the figure trying to shrink himself into a ball. She looks so small!

“Are you tired?” Dario took the initiative to wrap her shoulders for the first time.

“I hate you!” Hideji Takahashi shook his hand away and glared with red eyes.

“On the day we got married, I knew you hated men. Darry smiled stinky indifferently.

Hideji Takahashi widened his eyes and looked at Dario. He intuitively said, “You must not hate her that much, otherwise you won’t look for her everywhere.

“I’m talking nonsense again-she’s you!” Dario stared at her, not admitting that his heart had begun to shake. The camera in the manor filmed her every move, and she really didn’t seem to know how to leave the manor. “You disappoint me so much, maybe you need to think about it alone. Mario, take her to Naples,”

“I don’t want to go to the mental hospital!” Seeing his determination in Dario’s eyes, Takahashi immediately hugged his arm desperately. “I won’t run away, it’s okay if I don’t run away!”

Dario looked at her still tearful face, but her resolute face had no room for compromise.

,’I won’t run away, really! Why can’t you listen…Ouch! “A sharp pain in the lower abdomen made Hideo Takahashi’s tears that could not be stopped easily after healed, and he squatted to the wall and pressed his stomach firmly.

“My stomach hurts,” Hideji Takahashi choked him, moaning his face to the knees.

“Mario, take her away!” Pretending to be again! Dario walked forward, not wanting to have much contact with her, she had already pulled out most of his emotions!

“I’m in pain…” Hideji Takahashi fell weakly against the wall, his stomach hurting so much that he didn’t have the strength to open his eyes.

“Sir, she doesn’t look right.” Mario glared at the dying woman.

Dario turned his head and wanted to scold her, but after a curse, he immediately picked her up and got into the car, prompting the driver to drive them to the nearest restaurant and asking Mario to find a doctor.

Dario put her on the bed carefully, but she powdered her cheeks and pointed at the bathroom with her eyes. Dario put her to the bathroom with a cold face, and closed the door for her by the way—

“Ah!” There was a scream from the bathroom, and Dario jumped up from the sofa. Someone is lying in wait,

“What’s the matter with you?” Dario rammed the door anxiously, anxious that he had little expression and his face was full of excitement.

At this moment, Hideharu Takahashi, who was sitting on the toilet, was staring at the blood pouring from under him. He felt that he was really dying.

He actually has the physiological phenomenon of a woman!

Damn old witch, she is too conscientious, and there is nothing less to give him!

Hideji Takahashi blushed and pulled the bathroom door out a small slit, not even daring to meet Dario’s eyes

“Hey one by one” he said quietly.

“What’s the matter with you?” Dario reached out and tried to open the door to check in.

“You… don’t come in! I… I just want to ask you one thing–” It’s disgusting, and his feeble voice sounds like he’s acting like a baby.

“What’s the matter?” Dario looked at her pale little face, wondering why she just yelled.

“I need something.”

“What?” Dario was taken by the shy expression on her face. She is beautiful one by one.

“I need hygiene–” Takahashi said, howling.

“Speak louder.” He rarely asked softly.

Wouldn’t he get closer? Hideji Takahashi glared at him quickly.

“I want a sanitary napkin!” After a loud roar, Hideji Takahashi slammed the door shut–

Dario was actually laughing!

hateful! hateful! hateful!

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